1More True Wireless ANC: Review


1MORE is a high ambition brand. Though there are plenty of little-known Chinese brands offering real wireless heads for the global public at budget rates, 1MORE ‘s attention is on the giants of true Wireless Heads, Apple and Sony.

The Apple AirPods Pros are priced by around £ 60 ($50) on the True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones and feature a list matching Apple’s omnipresent noise cancellations.

The aptX Bluetooth 5.0, two active noise cancellation levels and a password feature (to filter ambient noise into headphones), plus a hybrid dual-driver configuration, all featured in a premium kit.

1MORE’s on a task to show that it’s not just another headphone suit. The True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones are just a shame that they struggle to live up to their claim. The items from 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ears have all the accessories you would like and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Version 5.0 of Bluetooth
  • 1 hour charging time
  • 32ohms Impedance
  • Wireless 10 m range
  • 6 hours battery life (ANC off), 22 hours (including case)
  • Measurements (hwd) 3 x 1.8 x 2.8 cm.
  • 7.9 g (each) Weight

The inside cover features a stunning illustration of schematic designs of the earpieces and their case, and the inside box consists of seven different earpieces of silicone and four different pairs of O-hooks for comfortable fitting.

We downsize the advanced tips and find the fit as similar as any real wireless earpiece we have tried. Really, we hardly feel them in our ears. They’re too cozy.


1More True Wireless ANC

Pros Cons
Big, comprehensive and dynamic Low noise cancelation
Premium building and packaging Treble disjointed, irritating
Comfortable and comfortable Lack of weight and bass power
Excellent tone Connectivity requires trouble solving often
Can be used in either ear as single earbuds Often fussy fit
Good selection of earbud controls No ability to fit two devices simultaneously


Battery Life

The USB-C charger (head phones also compatible with Qi wireless chargers) is supplied with a quick 15-minute charge of two hours of juice. There is also a string pouch for all these extra tips and hooks as well as a premium metallic case.

The battery life is 5 hours or 6 hours without ANC-around one hour more than the AirPods Pros but 1 or 2 hours lower than the Sony WF-1000XM3. The 1MORE scenario also has an additional 10 to 13 hours depending on whether you are using ANC. 1MORE reports around 22 hours from the whole set-up, without ANC, until the charger itself needs power.

The case is much bigger and heavier than the AirPods Pros but still falls into your pocket comfortably. The case also feels protective – the deck snaps with solid magnets are shut down and well-made. The battery status is given with a little LED on the front of the case: when the lid is open (or charging) it lights up red to indicate low, orange to medium or green to indicate the battery.

1MORE once again opted for the true wireless flagship product and dual driver configuration with its own patented ANC solution.
The proprietary balanced armature driver of the business manages high frequencies, and a more conventional driver uses the lower frequencies.

Built Of The Headphone

The Bluetooth 5.0 chip of Qualcomm is aboard. However, aptX HD does not support driver integration, design and engineering with regard to sound quality and performance. The relation never wavers and the 1MOREs without fuss, each time they are removed from the case. During our tests.

Each panel has two ‘buttons‘: one sensor forms the complete elliptic top surface of the bud (with noise cancelation profiles toggling) and on the far edge there is a small physical button.

An index finger is easy to find without knocking the buds out. A single click can change the volume (right to raise, left to decrease) and three clicks on one of the Bud’s flames.

It does not take long to get used to them, both when listening to music and when calling. We use these controls instead of accessing the telephone, which definitely does not always apply to all wireless earbuds.

The 1MORE Music app should be downloaded. In this example, you can check that your headphones run the latest firmware, adjust the ANC levels on the app, access the headphones button functions through a mini-guide, and check for each bud the battery percentage.

1MORE points out that the software is already well-designed, so without any EQ settings, you can simply use the software to turn on the auto-off feature and choose your desired level of sound cancellation.

Sadly, noise cancelation is low. No noise is effectively suppressed, whether we are choosing ANC level 1 (appropriated for air or high-speed trains) or level 2 (proposed for noisy streets).

The 1MOREs fail to conduct all the noise cancelation exams, ranging from air conditioning fans and general noises to road noise and radio 4. Moreover, both modes produce an eye-catching feel and incorporate some audible electronic fumes, which more advanced competitors like the AirPods don’t like.

In addition, modes for noise cancelation have an egregious impact on sound quality and initially apply an overwhelming bass boost when the mode is selected before the overall balance is reached, which is actually very thin and bass light.

All this means that the noise cancelation is even worse than needless and is better kept off. The 1MOREs are at least good in isolation because of the excellent fit, but it is difficult not to be frustrated when we pay for a main feature that is not ready to scratch.


With noise cancellation and noise passage, we are sending Tidal the 2016 remaster of Volume 1 of The Traveling Wilburys. The vocals of Bob Dylan are spacious, expressive, accessible and informative, with delicate shades. Rickenbacker 12-string riffs of George Harrison are textured and three-dimensional in harmonics.

The level of attack 1 MOREs also impresses us: the humorous and conceptual essence of the song is exposed through the care for dynamic specifics through the vocals, as every singer picks up the mic in the home studio of Dylan.

The hectic fester skank of Lethal Bizzle is well-suited to the pace and snap of the 1MOREs, but with tonality problems. These bass notes have a strong initial impact, but there is a lack of weight and substance which make it all a bit lightweight. In the meantime, the triple is isolated from the rest of the frequency spectrum and projected too far. It is not bright, but distracting, pulling your attention from the whole track and becoming very irritating over time.

With regard to dynamics, punch and transparency, they fit Apple’s AirPods Pros more than just one other, but this tonal mismatch makes 1MORE less readable in general. The Sony WF-1000XM3s are the acoustic benchmark for real wireless headphones at this price and are now available at a lower price than 1MOREs and are much better.

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