PC Wireless headsets or  Wireless headsets for computers is usually different from normal wireless headsets because of their construction and their intended use. Usually they are built for indoor use and are built for comfort and a no noise / little-noise zone.

Following are a few notably good quality wireless headphones that can give a good life and audio experience while being used with computers in an office or at home.

Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Mic for PC, Tablets and Smartphones

Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset from the international brand is a highly recommended product and comes with an array of features that provides superior audio quality and comfortable design as compared to other computer wireless headphones in the market.

Logitech H800has a nice design comes in an attractive black color and connects wirelessly to any PC, smartphone, and tablet via Bluetooth with a range of 12m. It has laser-tuned drivers with built-in equalizer which gives rich sound and the noise cancellation technology is absolutely incredible in this accessory. This wireless headset comes with adjustable padded headband and ear cups that are sculpted to provide extra comfort. The rechargeable battery allows the user to use them for almost 6 hours of powerful audio experience and also receive calls.

Last but not the least, the sound is great with refined highs and mids and the audio does not sound boomy with bass. The output is clear without distortion and the headphones comfortably fits while working in an office or house. Since such headphones are restricted to professional use, taking them to the gym or any outdoor activity is not recommended. The design is simple and made for office use. And therefore, Logitech H800 is a convenient-to-use and good quality product.

MixcderMS301 Wireless over Ear Headphones

Mixcder is the American global audio specialist and MS301 headphones are one of the notable wireless headphones from the brand. The premium looking headphones have aluminum alloy shell with a smooth glossy metal finish for the ear cups and absorb any unnecessary vibrations. It has adjustable headband made of stainless steel, can be folded compactly and is padded for comfort.

The right ear cup has the On/Off and volume controls with a 3.5mm headphone socket which provides the option to use them as a wired set while the left cup has a micro USB charging port. The MS301 is equipped with 40mm ultra large-aperture backed dynamic drivers with advanced APTX-LL that provides an incredible bass, a detailed midrange, and extended treble. For fast pairing it has latest Bluetooth 4.2 and APTX-LL technology, the MS301’s provide transmission and crystal clear, smooth sound without any latency.

The MS301’s 500mAh battery gives over 18 to 20 hours of music play or talk time and a standby of an impressive 2200 hours. With the noise isolating headphones, bass is quite prominent and the voice quality is exceptional for receiving calls as well.

Mpow 059 over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth Over-Ear is an incredible PC wireless headsets that has a good control scheme and a long battery life. The ear cups are well padded and the headband feels lightweight. The control scheme has basic functions like skipping tracks, call/music and volume controls and the buttons are also placed out on the right ear cup.

The headphones have a foldable design and come with a carrying pouch to protect them against impacts, drops or water damage. The design of Mpow 059 is reinforced with a metal frame over the plastic coating of the headband and ear cups which gives increased strength under physical stress.

The Mpow 059 has a heavy and consistent low-end sound with good bass and slightly muddy mid-range without distortion and the Soundstage performance is sub-par. Best recommended for office or home use, these wireless headphones can connect to any Bluetooth device by pairing the accessory with the device. They have a sufficiently adequate audio for most casual listeners and can be rated as average for critical listening.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Gaming PC Wireless Headsets

Corsair Void Pro RGB is a comfortable wireless headset and is legendary for its dynamic sound, alongside a superb microphone for communication. It is a good improvement over its predecessor and the audio system is elegant with a well-rounded design. Built from good quality plastic, the Void Pro feels lightweight and is strong. They are available in 3 variations – namely, analogue, USB wired variants and wireless model. The top section of the Corsair Void Pro RGB has a thick, matte plastic expandable headband padding of thick memory foam covered with a soft-touch fabric.

This PC wireless headsets  have thick metal pillars/ reinforcements that add sturdiness and rigidity to the frame and the plastic sides has illuminated RGB logo lighting. There are two buttons and a dial to adjust volume, change EQ profiles and mute the microphone.  It also has a micro-USB for charging and a self-muting mic when not in use. The earcups can also be rotated 90 degrees. The microphone has a flexible stem that can be molded to any shape, with a black mesh pop filter covering the tip. The Void Pro PC wireless headsets have 16 hours of battery life and offers a maximum range of 40ft of wireless listening experience. As a gaming-orientated product the Void Pro RGB handles games rather well and provides a great clarity of sound while playing games. The onboard microphone has a much cleaner vocal pickup with significantly less nasal tone to recordings.

Adjustments to the EQ and RGB lighting can be made via the company’s CUE software. The software offers adjustments to the microphone listening levels and even enables real-time audio monitoring. All in all, the Corsair Void Pro RGB is a great gaming PC wireless headset that can be used wirelessly at all times and a great option for premium range quality for gamers.

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