V-Moda has forayed into making some of the best headphone today. As compared to its earlier counterparts, the brand has really made serious efforts to bring out some of the best V-Moda Wireless Headphones in the market.

Audiophiles will have some serious time figuring out which headphones to go for they are clean, have superb styling and incredible sound with some special care taken to bass and vocals. I am super impressed by the brand not just for the product’s performance, but also with the quality and overall styling of the headphones. Creative artists have taken their effort to a whole new dimension and the brand has showed some serious commitment to the tackling some critical performance issues which earlier was cited as improvement areas.

Here I have picked a few of their wireless accessories that are bound to thrill the senses. Pick the one you like and roll with it they are meant to last long and give you some of the best music in your leisure.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Crossfade V-Moda Wireless Headphones are the flagship over-the-ear models from the brand and is identical to the Crossfade M-100; its predecessor.

In the sound department, the headphone has a good bass and treble with the midrange that sounds natural. Audio details are good for a Bluetooth headphone and they sound fairly open for a closed-back headphone. It has a rechargeable battery in the left ear cup which delivers 12 hours of battery life and can work unpowered as an analog headphone with the included wired cable. The single microphone that the Crossfade has is of very high quality and sounds pretty good too. Weighing 292 grams the headphone has metal parts too and comes with a protective carrying case.

Overall comfort is good and the battery lets us enjoy some of the best songs be it working out, travelling or if you are just out for a leisure walk, these headphones will not disappoint. Buy the Crossfade V-Moda Wireless Headphones, as it is certainly one of the best premium wireless headphones out there.

Crossfade 2 Over-Ear V-Moda Wireless Headphones

V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 Wireless headphone is a little more comfortable than its predecessor thanks to its new, thicker earpads. They also have an optional XL earpads that you can purchase if you are a fan of more cushioning. It has a new 50mm driver, more frequency response in wired mode and an increase in battery life of 14 hours. It weighs about 309 grams with the included standard aluminum shields and is really well built with a sturdy and a highly bendable “Steelflex” headband.

Speaking of sound quality, V-Moda has managed to increase the detail and clarity and improved the overall quality of the bass from the earlier models. The headphone manages to produce balanced sound with a slightly more dynamic treble and more bass energy, which is surprisingly a breather for a closed-back headphone. When I tested it the performance was nearly flawlessly with minimal Bluetooth hiccups and it paired and repaired without a problem.

So if you ask me should you buy it? Overall, I am impressed by the sound quality. And if you don’t mind the bulk, then it is one of the best wireless headphone out there that you can enjoy at home.

V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Forza Metallo V-Moda Wireless Headphones can be quoted as the most stylish wireless headphones out there. It does not score alone in the looks department but also sound amazing. The V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless have tough aluminum earpieces that adds a bit of weight; the small metal bullets attach to a flexible neckband using standard earphone cabling and for vigorous exercises you might want to use the supplied ear hooks for extra comfort and to anchor them firmly in your ears.

These V-Moda Wireless Headphones has AptX support, fast charging, dual microphones for clearer calls and a vibration motor in the neckband that buzzes when you receive a call. Battery life is up to 10 hours, and you can control the Forza Metallo V-Moda Wireless Headphones using the buttons that are built into the ends of each side of the neckband to change volume, switch tracks and play/pause.

The 5.8mm dynamic driver gives clarity to treble and the upper mids are excellent with terrific detail. Bass quality is excellent. A smart choice that you will not regret thanks to its style and performance this headphone is an excellent companion for your travels.

V-Moda Forza In-Ear Headphones

V-Moda Forza In-Ear Headphones have ear fins that are dark grey with twirled grey pattern of the reinforced silicon cable with three iOS compatible buttons and an inline mic on the right side. These V-Moda Wireless Headphones comes to in-ear cans with supple rubber fittings that make it a long-term wear companion for long listening sessions. It has a pair of 5.3mm drivers with something called as the “Modern Active Audiophile” performance – a techy way to say you are going to love every sound detail that this buds are going to throw. Bass is warm and the mids sounds present enough to complete a medium-sized soundstage and the causing the headphones to sound extremely dynamic.

The headphone is definably durable, water-resistant, and comfortable one available in the market today. V-Moda Forza offers an impressive blend of high-end audio quality, rugged sport performance, and ease of use, making them a cost-effective option for consumers.

Please check them out online and make your best call today. Look out for online discounts and warranty benefit for each items too. Enjoy Shopping! Also be sure to check our other blogs for more reviews on different wireless headphone’s brands. Cheers!!