The Danish brand Bang & Olufsen popularly known as B&O is world famous. They are manufacturers of quality headphones and electronic accessories and are rather known for their stylish and luxurious products. Recently, I got the opportunity to hear some good music on one of their headphone and it got my fancy for the good.

Today, I will be exploring some of their best wireless headphones and would urge you to try some of their gorgeous and mind-blowing products. So here we go:

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

The first on the list is the impressive B&O PLAY Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone. The Beoplay H5 are great headphones and influence Bang & Olufsen’s track record to entice the audiophile market. Always known to offer great sound quality, the H5 will not disappoint you.

Just like the wired headphone from B&O, the Beoplay H5 wireless abilities matches to produce incredible sound experience. They are minimalistic and has a pair of earpiece and a three-button remote housed in a well*built black casing gaining the H5 a premium touch. The earphone have AptX and AAC codecs to reduces the level of compression in audio files and can comfortably deliver CD-quality audio.

It has a 5-hour battery life in one charge, comes with a custom magnetic dock for charging, and can be used for all purposes – be it listening to music at home or while working out in the gym, running outside or while walking on a beach.

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

A true wireless Bluetooth earphone from B&O, the E8 buds are of premium quality. Although they may appear rather low-key and inconspicuous. They are sweat-resistant and have a well-crafted mix of aluminum, rubber, and plastic elements that gives it a good quality feel. The E8s comes with 4 sizes of silicone eat tips and provide superb noise isolation. The earbuds are magnetic, held in a small leather clamshell-style that can be carried around in a pocket. It uses a MicroUSB to charge it up and has a braided cord that hangs off the case.

The case of these B&O wireless headphones provides two additional charges on top of the E8s’ usual four-hour running time for a total of 12 hours. Three tiny LEDs on the case indicate battery life and works on tap based gestures to control music or trigger Transparency mode for letting in outside noise while walking on the street and other occasion as per need. The E8s turn on immediately when removed from their case. Pairing is east and B&O Play’s lets you customize EQ settings and save them as personalized customizations. Each earbud has a 5.7mm dynamic driver that produces balanced audio that is lively and warm with a wide soundstage. There is no noticeable audio delay when watching videos on phone or PC and even though the E8s connect to your phone over Bluetooth, the connection between the buds is handled by a technology called Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), which contributes to the lack of delay. Overall a good piece of tech that you would want to get your hands on at the earliest.

B&O PLAY H9i Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The B&O PLAY H9i are luxury wireless and noise-cancelling headphones from the flagship series in B&O’s range. It is an improvement on the existing H9 and has aluminum and leather with tough cowhide and padded fabric on the headband and super-soft lambskin on the earpads. The memory foam in the earpads is squishy and the ear cups can swivel 90 degrees for easy storage.

Battery life is 18 hours with Bluetooth, ANC, and upto 24 hours with a 3.5mm wired connection. There are proximity sensors and you can automatically ‘pause’ music when the headphones are taken off and resuming it when you put them on. It also has a Transparency feature which mutes music to allow external sounds so you can hear the outside world. The Beoplay H9i sound is superb and delivers a truly engaging performance with detailed sound.  It has huge, spacious performance with a wide soundstage and excellent stereo separation. They are nicely built with a powerful sound. Their noise cancellation is good; and the proximity feature is a neat addition.

B&O PLAY H8i Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

The B&O H8i are a set of premium headphones with a mix of leather, canvas and metal. The headphones look special and the attention to detail is quite noticeable. They are designed to be lightweight and weighs only 215 grams. The soft cushion on the ear-cups is made from genuine leather for comfort and use over long periods. On the left cup, you have a USB Type-C port to charge the headphones, a switch to turn on/off Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) as well as Transparency to listen to outside noises using the microphones on the headset.  On the right cup, there are three buttons- two for controlling volume levels and the third to play/pause, skip audio tracks, and, take and rejects audio calls.

The B&O Beoplay H8i has awesome sound with more neutral and balanced sound for a variety of songs. The treble levels could be a bit higher but the B&O app allows you to adjust the sound settings with an equalizer. In terms of battery life, the H8i comes has a 30-hour rating with noise cancelling activated and that can go as high as 45 hours with ANC turned off. Transparency mode works quite well and allows you to pause audio and listen to surrounding noise when needed and resumes audio when switched off. Charging times is a little over three hours the Beoplay H8i can connect to two devices at the same time- such as your phone and your laptop.

Well, you must try these gorgeous wireless headsets from B&O. They won’t let you down. Stay tuned to find more articles on different wireless headphone’s brands in our blog.