Today, I bring you an impressive list of JLab wireless headphones for some superb sounding music. Do try it and experience good audio experience.

JLab Audio JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Wireless Folding Headphones

Audio JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding JLab wireless headphones are for growing kids from ages 6 to 16. They have built-in volume regulators to prevent loud playback and is limited to 85dB to help protect the hearing of the child. These headphones are very comfortable and come with Eco Leather Faux Leatherâ„¢ Cushions and a padded headband for long listening comfort. The circular ear cups rotate 80 degrees and can be folded into a palm-size for storage. With the smooth-sliding metal adjustments and feather-light build children of all ages can easily use this pair of headphones.

Battery is slated for upto 13 hours of Bluetooth playtime, and is perfect for traveling or even listening to audio related to the academics.  Connectivity is simple as it can be paired with almost all Bluetooth devices instantly. The brand has made it easy for kids to use it and have all controls located on the bottom left earcup. The buttons include play, pause, volume up or down, forward and back without any frustration. Sound quality is good and it is mainly focused on clarity

JLab Audio Epic Air True Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Earbuds

JLab Audio Epic Air True Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Earbuds features meant for sports lovers. They have a large ear hook design built for activities like running cycling or working out in the gym and the ear hooks keeps the headphones on your head from falling. Each earbud has a power button to turn the headphones on and off. the touch-sensitive outside of the earbuds is used to control playback and volume. Tapping on the right bud will skip to the next track, holding down on the ear bud can turn up the volume, double tap on the left bud activates Google Assistant or Siri, and so on.

The Epic Air JLab wireless headphones has a well-designed charging case and is a bit larger than other charging cases. It has a great battery with a button to check the battery life and have cable slots around the case for the ear buds to charge. The charging case offers 30 more hours of battery life and when it comes to sound, the bass is nice and powerful and sounds a little more natural than anticipated. The subtle bass boost makes the low-mids sound good while the high-mids are well-tuned to deliver good audio in the vocals category. The Bluetooth 4.1 connection works well with the majority devices and is a good travelling companion too.

JLab Audio JBuds PRO Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

The JBuds Pro Bluetooth Signature Earbuds provide an amazing 6 hours of beautiful sound and bumping bass. These JLab wireless headphones are designed with Adjustable Tip Placement (ATP) to allow the earbuds to sit at different depths in the ear canal. And the included Cush Fins and extra gel ear tips give good comfortable feel while on the move. The Bluetooth enabled headphone and can stream music from up to 30 feet distance. So, you can actually work in your house, play outside or just move around without any wires hanging.

The finely tuned, high-performance titanium drivers deliver a clean, crisp sound for highs, lows and every range and the clarity is commendable thanks to the hi-fi noise-reducing design these JLab wireless headphones possess. The controls for play, pause, change tracks, and adjust volume are all available in the in-line controls of the headphones. It also has a built-in microphone and one can take or reject calls with just a click. One of the best affordable wireless headphones, these can be your companion for a long time.

JLab Audio Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones

JLab‘s Rewind Retro Wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones have the iconic foam-earpads that was popular in the 80s. Each earcup is a 36mm driver that delivers the audio and has a secure fit and provides a lightweight and comfortable feel.

The outer panel of the right earpiece has a button to control playback and calls, track navigation and voice assistance. There are no volume controls on these JLab wireless headphones but they includes an extra set of black foam earpads and a long micro USB charging cable. The wireless headphones have approximately 12 hours of battery life and are great to listen to intense sub-bass music without distorting. It has a very crisp sound happening with a higher-register percussion with some boosted presence of bass and mid lows. What we get is a much-sculpted sound that is rich and ‘bright’.

JLab’s Rewind Wireless Retro headphones recreates the ‘80s cool’ nostalgia successfully with its famous classic design. Do not miss out on this one; this one surely is a keeper.

JLab Audio Fit 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

JLab Audio Fit 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds is available in black, black/blue and black/green models. The exterior of this Bluetooth headphone is sweat- and splash-resistant making it a great companion for exercise. The earpieces fit in the ear canal and the cable has a loop to hold them over your ear with a cable that is semi-rigid and moldable for a very secure fit.

At the mid-torso connection point, there is an inline remote control and mic located along the right ear’s cable. The remote controls playback, call management and track navigation, depending on the taps on it. There are no volume controls and can only be adjusted at the sound source.

When it comes to sound, the lows are rich and powerful and are ideal for those audiophiles looking for a bass-forward sound. It has a crisp sculpted high frequency response with vocals sounding rich along with clear in high-mids and highs with plenty of treble and detail. Use them in your workout or while travelling; they won’t disappoint.

I hope you will like them, as they are the best affordable headphones available in the market. Stay tuned for more articles on different wireless headphone’s brands.