Christmas is just around the corner and wireless headphones are always a great gift to ask for or gift to a loved ones. With a set of wireless headphones your possibility of use is endless. They’re perfect for gym goers, people who commute to work, or someone who just likes to listen to music in their home without disturbing the ones around them. Picking out the right wireless headphone can be tricky though.

Here we decided to conduct a list of some of the best over-the-ear wireless headphones that will make anyone happy on Christmas Day. Take a look at some of our top picks and decide for yourself which one is worth it to you.

1. Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling

These Sony wireless headphones cost a pretty penny but we can see why. The noise canceling feature is desirable to most, especially to students who are trying to concentrate on their work in a  busy space. The headphones come with an extra bass option, so if you’re really into music and hearing the bass these are the headphones for you. You can get up to 30 hours of batter life with these bad boys and they offer a 2Hz-20,000Hz frequency response.

The touch sensors makes it easy to pause, skip, control volume, or active the voice contrails that come with the headphones and they offer a quick attention mode for effortless conversations without having to remove the headphones. The Sony Wh-XB900N also comes with Alexa, Google Assistant and voice assistant.

2. Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Cowin E7 headphones offer professional active noise cancelling technology and helps significantly reduce noise for traveling, work, and anywhere in between. They come with a 40mm proprietary large-aperture drivers and offer a deep, accurate bass response. You will get clear and crisp sound with these headphones that will help you enjoy your music more. There is a built-in high quality microphone that will making calls easier.

The headphones come with professional protein ear pads and 90 degree swiveling ear cups. The ear pads are built for a longer and more comfortable wear for users and offer a lightweight feel when wearing them. With a 30 hours playback time, you don’t have to worry about your headphones shutting down during a crucial time. The headphones also come in a variety of colors, perfect for anyone who prefers a color other then black.

3. Beat Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats are always a great brand to invest in when looking at an over-ear wireless headphones. Today, Beats are owned by Apple so you can expect great technology and durability with your wireless headphones. These Beats offer a 40 hour battery life and are perfect for everyday use. They have a premium playback feature and offer a fine-tuned acoustics maximized for clarity, breadth, and balance.

The headphones come with an adjustable fit and comfort cushioned ear cups that make wearing them a pleasure. With a 5 minute charge you also gain a 3 hour playback time when your battery is running low. These Beats can take calls, control music, and activate Siri all with a touch of a button on the ear cup. The headphones come with a carrying case, 3.5mm remote Talk cable, universal USB charging cable, and quick start guide and card.

4. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

For Mpow their ultimate goal is to give their users a premium sound experience  and that is what the 059 have to offer. With an impressive sound quality, these headphones come with a high-fidelity stereo that benefits from the 40mm neodymium driver. They offer a passive noise cancelling featuring but they are not active noise cancelling, which could turn some people away from these headphones. The headphones come with a memory-protein ear cushion that helps for last comfort.

The battery last for 20 hours with a single charge. If you charge the headphones for ten minutes you get an additional 2 hours of playback as well. The headphones also work in a wired mode. This helps if your stationary for a while, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. The headphones come with a fordable design for easy storage and a portable bag so they can go anywhere with you.

5. Bose QuietComfort 5 II Bluetooth Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 5 offer three levels of world-class noise cancellation for a better listening experience. The headphones are Alexa enable and able to use your voice for music assisting and more. The microphone is noise-rejecting and great for business calls since it can offer a clear sound and voice pick-up. The audio comes with a balanced performance, regardless of the volume you play music at.

These Bose headphones come with a hassle-free Bluetooth paring. The include a personalized settings, access to future updates, and an app where you can personalize your settings. You can also down Bose AR with your iPhone or Android devices that will offer an innovative, audio-only AR experience.

Those are our top 5 over-ear wireless headphones that are perfect for any Christmas gift. All of these headphones come at a different price ranges. Each have their own features that may work for some and not others.