5 Times We Wish We Had Our Wireless Headphones With Us


We love wireless headphones. If you’re on this website right now, then you probably love your headphones as much as us. And you definitely know the awful feeling when you are out and about, and you realize that you have forgotten your headphones. We feel your pain. These are five of the times we really wish we had had or wireless headphones with us.


  1. On the way to work

Spending 30-60 minutes on a jam-packed train on your way to work is awful. Especially if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet. Throw in sniffling strangers and screaming toddlers, and you will be glad that you had your headphones with you either to blast up the music or cancel any noise. This is one trip you don’t want to forget your headphones for.


  1. When your boss won’t stop yelling

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to concentrate on your work when someone – may be a colleague or your boss – is yelling, um, talking loudly on the phone. This is the perfect time to subtly place your headphones on your head and easily drown out all background noises. Who knew productivity could be so easy.


  1. When your roommate is being, um, loud

Sometimes we don’t know what our roommates are doing in their bedrooms. Maybe they have the TV up loud or are on the phone or doing something else… anyway, when the going gets tough at home, it’s time to pop your headphones on and chill out.


  1. When you’re ready for a work out sesh

If you’re anything like me, then it’s already a massive struggle to get yourself to the gym in the first place. It’s even more disappointing if you realize you’ve left your headphones at home. That means no music for at least an hour or so. Who’s going to motivate you when you can’t have Beyonce or Jay-Z blasting from your headphones. Note to self-next time: remember your headphones!


  1. When you’re spinning the decks

So, you’re already to the DJ for the evening. You’ve got the perfect playlist curated and you’re already getting into the mood for a dance when suddenly you realize you’ve left the most important accessory at home – your headphones! This really is a tragedy. All musos know how important having your headphones is to be able to concentrate and really nail your set. Maybe time to phone a friend?


Let us know in the comments below! What’s the one time you regretted the most not having your wireless headphones with you.


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