Aikela X10 Review: Controls, Battery, Fit And Style


Today we are going to talk about the Aikela X10. What are its controls, battery life, style, fit, and sound. As I was trying to check online regarding this product. I have noticed that this brand which is Aikela is not anymore new to the market. While searching in amazon. I was able to find out that there are more than just 1 type of earbuds.

Pretty much, just to clarify. This brand is really new to my ears. So After checking the internet and Amazon. I was able to come up with this information that I would be able to give additional details regarding this brand. With this review, This can also be useful to other music lovers and as well as buyers to check what this brand has installed for us. So try to read from bottom to top. This might be your wireless earbuds in the near future.


The X10 utilizes touch controls, and they work well, surprisingly. The functions are user friendly; one play / pause press, two skip taps, and volume lock. I overcorrected my intended volume sometimes, but overall I was satisfied with the touch controls. They’re not great, but Aikela does a better job than that of the competition, also for price.


The battery has an ability of quick charging. It has a very useful quick charging case and once fully charged. The Aikela X10 can be operated for 3 up to 4 hours.But the best part is, the charging case packs a very large size of 42 charges.


The case is large, more about the size of the palm of my hand. Not very comfortable with pockets, but it can be used to control other devices such as your phone. Then you’ll have plenty of energy left over for the earbuds with the amount of power it can hold.

An IPX7 waterproof rating means, while you probably won’t need to, you can immerse the earbuds in water. But waterproofing is adequate to withstand any weather or exercise conditions.

In mono mode, you can use the earbuds one at a time, and you can pair them simultaneously with two phones. Such earbuds are NOT successful noise-cancelling, either. For phone calls, the Bluetooth chip can decrease some ambient noise, but almost all true wireless earbuds do that.


The fit feels relaxed and light, but stays on the looser side. I usually find that during a workout, earbuds that do not have any stabilization are at risk of falling. And unfortunately, with the X10, this is the case. Regular use and mild exercise should be good, but they’ll probably be knocked loose by something more extreme, like Strength training or sprints.

Sound Audio

In order to balance things out, the X10 has a chunky-sounding bass that is not overwhelming, and some high-end. I won’t trust the medium variety, however. The instruments and voices can sound far away, or squished a little bit. Also, the X10 doesn’t get as loud as some of its rivals, which is bad news for listeners who want to blow up their music. The sound is reasonably balanced overall, with good bass.

Aikela X10

Pros Cons
IPX7 Waterproof Only 3 hours of battery life
Charging case Packs 42 more charge Chunky Sounding Bass



The charging case could be the X10’s most effective selling point. It holds a large amount of power, and can be used for all of your devices as an external battery. Plus, the USB-C cable means that you can easily recharge.

The touch controls are well controlled, the waterproofing is excellent, and while the sound didn’t blow me away, it wasn’t bad either.






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