We would ideally love some wonderful audio quality when we pick our headphones on a lazy Saturday afternoon and listen to some great music; or, may be, go on that business call with our clients. And usually we don’t mind spending that extra buck when it comes to choosing a good new wireless headphones.

So, here are few of the new launches in wireless headphones that you could put your hands on.

  1. Beats Skyline Collection

Beats has recently launched these amazing Studio 3 luxury range of Studio Wireless headphones in some delicious colors to suit your style. The headphones come with noise cancellation technology and come with W1 chip that helps Apple devices to connect to the headphones faster. Available on Amazon at around $350, these headphones are also decent enough for non-Apple users. They have an ultra-long battery life, some seriously good sound quality and attractive and comfortable design.

The headphones feature the iconic Beats sound with Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling and 12-hour rechargeable battery with Fuel Gauge. These have a range of 30ft, and the soft ear cups have an ergonomic bellow that creates a comfortable fit over your ears. These are also characterized by  a RemoteTalk cable, a hard shell carrying case and a USB 2.0 charging cable.

  1. Samsung AKG New Wireless Headphones

Samsung has unveiled the Y500 wireless headphones under the AKG brand at the IFA 2018. These are on-ear headphones featuring the “Ambient Aware” technology, which allows you to hear your surrounding sounds. Priced at about $150, the Y500 has a “Play and Pause Automation”, which gives it the ability to pause music when you remove the headphones. The headphone comes with an amazing 33 – hour battery life and takes about two and a half hours to charge. But, with a quick 5-minute charge, you can enjoy music for an additional hour.

The headphones have a multipoint connectivity, allowing you to simultaneously connect to and use two Bluetooth-connected devices. These come in four colors: pink, green, blue, and black. With the on-ear controls, you can control the volume and take calls. There is a certain amount of balance in the audio quality which gives you smooth, multi-dimensional tones. You can feel every layer of sound distinctly. The headphones come in a stylish and comfortable design, with a soft-touch headband and memory-foam ear cups. All in all, the headphones look as good as they sound.

  1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100

Plantronics has completely revived their headphone line-up with the Backbeat Fit 3100 true wireless headphones. Ideal for travelers, gamers and runners, these self-powered earbuds come with ear straps to keep them firmly in place when you are running or working out. The battery life is about 5 hours; but when you take the charge case along, it’s an additional ten hours. These ear buds are sweatproof, spill-proof and waterproof, and are available in two colours. From a price point, priced at a $130, they are quite affordable than the others in this list.

These new wireless headphones have an “Always Aware” feature which keeps you aware of all background sounds, so that you are safe when you are outdoors jogging. The design aspect is great too, with a soft, flexible and secure-fit earl-loop that provides comfort and stability -also during your most rigorous workouts.

  1. Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

The Jabra Elite 65T earbuds is as close as you can get to a pair of true wireless earphones. A decently long enough battery life, good sound quality and offering a perfect balance of fine design and great usability, these should be your next buy, if you are not looking for something over the ear. The design allows these new wireless headphones to sit comfortably in your ear, without falling off. The multiple sized ear gels ensure a customized fit. This set of intelligent earphones give you instant one-touch access to Siri, Alexa and Google Now.

You can also track your workouts with this one with its integrated motion sensors. Rated IP56, the Jabra Elite 65T new wireless headphones has a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust. Your calls and music wont drop out mid-way anymore and the earphones come with 4-Microphone technology for clear calls. The battery life is at 5 hours, and if you carry the charging case, it gives you a total of 15 hours of uninterrupted music/calls. The wireless range is up to 33 hours, and you can customize your music with the customizable equalizer.

  1. Audeze Mobius Wireless Overhead Headphones

The Mobius is Audeze’s first gaming headphone. Well musically, The Mobius has some nice party tricks to get your swaying. The surround sound is exceptionally well done in this overhead wireless headphone. And when you connect the headset to USB (currently the feature doesn’t work on Bluetooth, or with an Aux connection), you can unleash some of the most detailed, realistic and convincing headphone surround sound that you may have heard. The Mobius also comes with a Head-tracking mode; meaning, it senses where you are in space, and ‘moves’ the perceived source of sound every time you turn your head – and the result is intense to say the least.

This headset transitions between gaming, movies and music quite seamlessly. You will just be a press of a button away between two-channel and surround modes. However, it is advisable that you turn off the ‘head-tracking’ mode when listening to music. Coming back to sound quality, the instrumentation and detail is stellar with these. They also come with some decent EQ presets. Bluetooth pairing is easy and you also get couple of options to receive data. You also get access to LDAC streaming, which is a type of Bluetooth developed by Sony which allows for the sending/receiving of high-resolution files. The headphone has a built-in microphone, with a clear sound and minimal distraction. The mic arm is not only positioned anywhere, but is also removable when not in use. Priced at around $350, this one’s a worth a try, especially if you are a gaming fanatic.

The Wireless technology has become exponentially reliable over the last couple of years. And the makers of headphones have been effectively and efficiently utilizing this technology to give you a pristine musical experience. So, don’t wait. Grab one of these new wireless headphones and listen away!