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After testing the Bose QC 35 ii, today, I am testing and comparing Sennheiser HD1 with Sennheiser Momentum wireless, brilliant headphones of 2018, to see which of the two is better. Before we start the comparison, here is some background

Ever since Apple did away with their headphone sockets, the demand for wireless headphones have risen. While the noise cancellation feature has now become a major pre-requisite of wireless headphones, the ones I am going to compare today belong to

There’s no denying the fact that wireless headphones may seem to cost you a fortune at times, but when you think of the freedom they offer in terms of mobility and a clutter-free musical experience, they are worth a shot.

Till some time back, anyone would discourage you from buying or using wireless headphones for the simple reason that the technology in terms of Bluetooth connectivity and ambient noise cancellation wasn’t that great. But that is now a thing of

Have you ever wondered why an updated model of a car or bike makes so much noise in the market in terms of advertisement? Logically, it may have some added features that are above the previous performance baseline of existing

Hello everyone!Today we are back here with an exciting headphone, or should we say headphones, from Sony and we will try to find out which one is better. We are talking about the Sony WH-1000XM2 and its upgraded version Sony

This is my take on Sony Vs. Bose wireless headphones comparison.The market is filled with numerous brands and that often makes it confusing for us to make a choice when we want to buy something. And the electronic market often

As the countdown to the biggest sale of the year has begun, there is a sales frenzy everywhere – both in online and offline brick and mortar stores. Arguably the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is the

USB has replaced the plug-in accessories and given a good way to use a single transfer medium for data. Now they can be used for chargers, making portability a cool thing when it comes to wireless headphones. Today I have