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If you’re like most people, you like to do a little research before buying new headphones. That usually means watching a few videos, hopping on a discussion board or forum, and reading a couple reviews.We’ve compiled a list of the

Beats by Dre - Best Beats Wireless Headphones  If you take a walk outside these days, there’s a very good chance you will see some Beats by Dre headphones hanging on someones neck or some people enjoying music in the streets or

The Age of Wireless Headphones Before jumping into the thought of How Wireless Headphones Work, let me tell you wireless headphones are the new norm. We’ve become so used to seeing wireless headphones that we’ve taken for granted all the science

The Best Budget Wireless Headphones Not everyone has the budget to spend a lot on headphones, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on quality cans. There are plenty of headphones that produce great sound, don’t break easily and,

Wireless Headphones with your Television There’s nothing like playing video games or watching TV in the comfort of your own home. With the right home theater setup, you can get the same visual fidelity and audio clarity as your local movie

Wireless Headphones and Exercise If you work out, there's a good chance you listen to music while you're doing it. There's nothing like listening to fast-paced, upbeat song to keep you going when your body starts to feel tired. Research

Mid-level Wireless Headphones Whether you’re a producer or musician, a dedicated audiophile, or just have some extra money to blow, the Mid-level Wireless Headphones up to $500 can offer a lot in feature set and audio capability. In this post, we’ll explore the

Everywhere you go, you’re likely to see at least one person with Beats headphones on. From athletes like Lebron James and Kevin Durant, to ordinary people going for a run.Beats by Dre has become renown worldwide for its iconic