Christmas has passed and for the holiday you may have received a cool pair of wireless headphones. The downside is those headphones aren't Bluetooth capable, making them unable to connect to your devices. Instead of being upset, grab a Bluetooth

Christmas is just around the corner, and everybody loves getting a great pair of wireless earbuds are a gift. Wireless earbuds make the perfect gift because they work for anyone. Regardless if you're commuting, a gym junkie, or just like

With the weather getting colder, it means the cold season is here. The best way to keep ourselves healthy and safe from germs is to clean everything you use routinely. That includes cleaning your wireless headphone earpads, especially if you

Black Friday is here. Our favorite shopping day after the feasting is upon us, which means deals. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to pick up a special gift for yourself. Maybe a pair of wireless headphones you've

Winter can be a brutal month for some. If you have to walk to work or school in the cold it is especially bad. The best thing to help combat the cold is a nice warm pair of earmuffs. That

Christmas is just around the corner and wireless headphones are always a great gift to ask for or gift to a loved ones. With a set of wireless headphones your possibility of use is endless. They're perfect for gym goers,

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When you're looking for an excellent waterproof wireless headphone, the IPX rating is something you should take into consideration. What exactly is the IPX rating you ask? Today we are going to break down what an IPX rating is. From

Our seasons are changing, which means an end to summer and a welcome to the rain. Some people enjoy spending their time outdoors or walking to work but this also means there is a chance that their expensive headphones could