Best Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones in 2020


Bone conduction headphones allow you to listen to music instead of through your eardrums, through the bones in your skull. This is a wonderful technology for individuals with hearing loss that can listen to music for the first time in a long time. Bone-conduction-headphones are also a great invention for those trying to protect their hearing, or for everyone who requires hearing aids.

It’s not a modern technology-it ‘s the same way that Beethoven found his way through his masterpieces. For individuals, the first time they listen to bone conduction headphones, it can be a little odd.

It is an unusual feeling to be able to hear the crack of gravel under your feet when listening to your favorite new song. When listening, the best bone conduction headphones allow you to be privy to your surroundings. Bone conduction headphones would be enjoyed by everyone who works out in public, works in a busy workplace, or has kids running around that they need to keep an eye on.

Aftershoks AS600PK-BR Treks Titanium

When listening to music, bone conduction headphones keep your eardrums free from injury, preventing the hearing loss that conventional headphones can cause. At all times, they keep you aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. A reflective strip on the back to warn drivers and other road-dwellers to your presence when out at night has these unique bone conduction headphones.

The battery life of 6 hours keeps you working without a charge on several workouts. Great communication and sound quality are provided by Bluetooth 4.1. Exceptional comfort makes these headphones with bone conduction ideal for long-term use. For a longer period of time, sweat-proof nanocoating will maintain the consistency of your bone conduction headphones. To suit your specific style, choose from three different color schemes.

  • 6-hour lifespan of the battery
  •  Luminous and vibrant style
  • High quality of sound
  • Reflective band of defense
  • 4.1 Bluetooth 

Aftershoks AS650MB

The Aftershokz Air AS650 MB’s, coming in at a marginally lower price point than the number one pair on our list, are comparable to their relatives. These Aftershokz headphones give the same 6-hour battery life, Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity, and they are 20 percent lighter than any other headphones for bone conduction. These Aftershokz headphones have a great sound quality compared to other bone conduction headphones of this type and will allow you to listen to outside noise and music at the same time.

For long term use, they are extremely comfortable. You’ll enjoy feeling the pound of the pavement under your feet if you’re a runner. Wearing these ensure that you can be mindful of your climate. These Aftershokz headphones on the bone conduction headphones also have one-touch button access, so you don’t need to reach your phone to manage calls and songs. Also, the voice and music clarity is satisfying.

  • 4.2 + Bluetooth
  • The 6-hour lifespan of the battery
  •  Easy
  •  Bottom price point

Aftershoks AS650SG-BR

These headphones for Aftershokz Air bone conduction are suitable for someone who is looking for a little extra protection at night but still needs great sound quality. To warn drivers behind you, they have a reflective strip on the back. At night, they can be viewed up to 500 + ft away and blend nicely throughout the day. They’re 20 percent lighter than their Aftershokz Treks Titanium counterparts, and you can wear them with a 6 hour battery life in the long term.

Compatible with IOS and Android devices, Aftershokz Air has wireless Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity. Non-bone conduction headphones in your ear while running can be distracting and uncomfortable. These remain right in place and provide a world of difference in terms of comfort for workouts. For a pair of headphones that allow outside noise to creep in, the sound is also fantastic.

  • Easy Band
  • Reflective
  • Battery life of 6 hours
  • Lighter by + 20 percent

Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones

Vindonn uses bone conduction technology, like the others on this list, which makes it perfect for people who have hearing loss, use hearing aids, or just want to know what’s going on around them while they’re out and about. They also have a lightweight build, which means when you wear them, they won’t weigh your head down, making for a comfortable fit.

The lightweight nature, however, doesn’t mean that they’re not stable. They wrap around the head, on the contrary, boasting a healthy fit, making them perfect for sports, dancing, or any other physical activity-not just for hearing loss. Each headphone for bone conduction is also sweatproof, which is IP55 rated. For a workout where you are sweating, or if you happen to get caught in light rain, this form of rating is perfect. These wireless headphones for bone conduction also have a microphone, which is perfect when you need to take calls-you don’t have to interrupt your day to do it.

  • Includes a microphone
  • 6 hours of life for the battery
  • A IP555 sweatproof ranking
  • The excellent sound quality of bone conduction

VJJB Bone Conduction Headphones

These headphones for bone conduction were made using Bluetooth V5.0.0. This means that for all your devices, from Apple devices (such as iPhone and Mac) to Android devices, and Windows, they support the multipoint pairing.

Both a multi-function button and a tactile button are part of these bone conduction headphones. You can play and pause music with the multi-function button, as well as answer and end calls. So, if you’re listening to music using your headphones, or making those crucial calls, you can do it all at the touch of a button. The physical button makes it simple to turn on and off the computer. There, you can also find a USB charging point, too.

These bone conduction headphones deliver a long battery life of six hours, not unlike any of the other options on this list, in terms of charging. For long listening sessions or super long phone calls, this battery life is excellent-you never have to worry about running out of charge.

The VJJB bone conduction headphones use a versatile, titanium construction in terms of design, meaning any bone conduction headphones can bend 360 degrees.

  •  Sweatproof and safe
  • Battery life of six hours!
  • Contains a button with multi-function
  • Links to a large variety of devices

Bonein BN-702

Most people who use headphones for bone conduction would want supreme comfort, high-quality sound, and a bit of style mixed in. With the BN-702s, Bonein gives you all of that and more. They are also fitted with technology that prevents the external leakage of sound from your headphones. That implies that you can turn them up a little louder and not think about the music distracting people around you.

Battery life of 11 hours is very convenient. It is also the highest on this list, which, when it comes to battery life, makes these bone conduction headphones the best. To secure your bone conduction headphones when facing the elements, they have the requisite one-touch button function, and a sweat and waterproof nanocoating. These will do the trick if you’re looking for a stable, comfortable pair of bone-conduction headphones that are perfect for exploring the outside world. 

  • An 11-hour lifetime of batteries
  • Awesome convenience
  • Sound of high quality
  • Access to wireless

Tip from the Expert:

Be sure to verify your new bone conduction headphones’ compatibility with the system you are using. There will be no problem setting it up and heading off to the races if they are compatible. You will not have the ease if your bone conduction headphones are not compatible. To make sure everything will fit together, prevent disappointment by pre-checking.


A great breakthrough is bone conduction headphones. As they encourage people with hearing impairment to listen to music again, some people’s lives are real bright light. Bone conduction headphones are also a safe choice for those who are aware that normal earbuds can cause eardrum damage, wireless Bluetooth, or not. For all of us to enjoy, there are some incredible choices out there. It is up to you to find a pair of headphones for bone conduction that suit your style and desire. We hope you are guided by our top ten list along the road to pleasant listening.


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