Best Gaming Earbuds in 2021


Searching for traditional gaming headphone alternatives? Tired with ear gaming headphones with poor audio quality? Need a guide to the right gaming earbud option? No doubt that both mobile gaming and computer gaming has been a wonderful way of enjoying our quarantine.

In our digital world, there is growing and increasing demand for digital technologies like wireless earbuds that is a suitable choice for gaming. Even though day in day out new technological advancement pop up, investing in getting the best fit noise isolation earbuds with quality audio latency has become a major task; partly because of the many alternatives and the difficulties in catching up with all updates! 

Almost all people look for key features like active noise cancellation, sound quality, excellent battery life, and many other key features in wireless earbuds when it comes to gaming. The market for gaming headsets have become more than ever competitive – there are many brands offering different earbuds for gaming. Not only are the many options for gamers confusing but one has to get a compatible earbud for gaming that works best for mobile devices, android devices or any other device for gaming.

Just like touring in a new environment requires a tour guide so do the market for ear gaming headphones. The right gaming earbud option will only add up to your happiness in gaming and increase your chances of winning. Do you remember a moment where you are stressed and thinking of enjoying a gaming game yet experience a poor audio quality, ambient background noise, or acoustic noise in a loud environment; I bet you! you would for a second wish for a noise canceling pair of earphones. How about a situation where you are playing an online game with your friends that require group discussion but your microphone clarity and microphone quality is poor?

How did you end up in such a situation; was it a result of not making a solid choice or your lack of awareness of perfect headphones?. If you are looking into solving such a problem or preventing such a forthcoming mess then the earlier you prepare ahead of such a situation the better. Whether it is Amazon brand or its alternative brands you need a guide to help you through such a decision to obtain a quality earbud.

It is for this reason why you need a step-by-step guide to help you in making the best choice to boost your gaming experience. More often than not there are gamers who are of the opinion that if they grab a pair of earphones from a well-known brand by default they will enjoy an amazing gaming experience. 

While this may be true for some gamers, there are many other gamers that are in search for high-class wireless gaming earbuds, ear headphones or wired gaming earbuds that delivers higher value in reducing ambient noise and background noises. Many mobile gamers that  may not require game pads require a pair of earbuds with touch controls and adjustable controls.  

Before this article we communicated with some experts in the markets, read many reviews and tested some of the best gaming earbuds for mobile gaming and all for forms of gaming. We found out that users complained about lack of one or many of the following features. The features below are of greater relevance and importance to game players – if you have gaming in mind because of fun, entertainment or the desire to be  professional take the following features into account when you are looking for the best earbuds for gaming.

Best qualities to look for in gaming earbuds:

  • Active noise cancellation – noise cancelling pair of earbuds
  • Excellent battery life – long hours of battery
  • Affordable all-round gaming earbuds-affordable gaming earbud
  • Traditional gaming headphones alternatives
  • Sound isolation pair of headphones – external noise elimination in noisy environments
  • Superior microphone quality
  • Ear gaming headphones with touch controls
  • Higher audio performance in both quiet environment and noisy environments
  • Standard earbuds that offers premium sound
  • Maximum comfort with amazing sound performance and performance ratio
  • Budget gaming earbuds that comes with extra bass
  • Pair of gaming headphones with lightweight design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with 16-bit aptX LL codec or ptX adaptive codec
  • A good sound profile
  • Earbuds with balanced sound

Since you already know some of the great qualities you are looking for we have provided you with in-depth information about an excellent choice pair of gaming earbuds with a good price range, excellent mic quality, etc. we have brought you some of the top performing gaming earbuds.

Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro 


  • Design and comfort – it has effective and a practical design. It is good looking and really comfortable to use. It has a transparent plastic shell with metalic nozzles and  faceplates
  • Ergonomic design and noise canceling – The cavity is created using extensive cochlea data. It’s been genetically molded to suit your ear like a pair of custom earbuds. It will stay safely in the ear even after intense exercise. It’s also comfortable to wear for a long time. It can effectively isolate noise to 26dB due to the unique nature, providing a better experience when listening to music.
  • PCB Frequency Dividing Board – The PCB board is included to ensure that all of the drivers are fully utilized, resulting in a smooth, sensible, and informative musical experience. The ZS10 Pro has a bright resolution and complex low frequency. It represents the cohesion of balanced armatures to the fullest extent possible.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship – the cavity is made of imported resin, while the faceplate is made of 304 stainless steel. The two distinct materials are not only stylish and gleaming, but they are also functional and long-lasting. The detachable 2-terminal gold-plated cable provides a complete upgrade, and the limit groove safety design significantly reduces the likelihood of the terminal breaking, extending the interface’s life.
  • PCB frequency divider board – the PCB board is included to provide a full replication of all drivers, resulting in a smooth, sensitive, and informative music experience. The ZS10 Pro has a low dynamic frequency and excellent resolution quality. It represents the cohesion of balanced frames to the fullest extent possible.

 What users like about Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro ?

+ It has a big, deep bass that makes it a fun

+ It is very comfortable in terms of its size and shape

+ It is very affordable

+ It has a practical design

+ It is a great choice for the price

+ It is very durable

+ Using them for longer hours is still comfortable

+ It can be transformed into wireless earbud

+ It offers warm vocals

+ The presence of multiple drivers makes the sound range optimizable – this boosts the overall sound quality 


– Its aggressive sound may not be suitable for everyone

– It comes with minimal accessories

– It is a bit heavier when compared to its older models

– Some people find the buds bulky and heavy

HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds

Its comfortable design with customization in audio pieces gives it a comparative advantage over many gaming earbuds. HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds provides an immersive audio quality in terms of comfort. The HyperX Cloud Earbuds have a standard frequency response range of 20 – 20,000Hz and offer bass-heavy audio with enough highs and mids to provide a well-rounded gaming experience.

It has a 14mm neodymium driver that covers the audio spectrum and produces surprisingly good bass.  When compared to traditional music-focused earbuds, the mids have been boosted slightly, and the lows have been slightly boosted to avoid overshadowing the overall game sound. You’ll be able to distinguish between sounds coming from different directions, and voice communication will be clear. It comes along with a wide range of sound.


  1. Optimized for Handheld Mode – the 90-degree angled cable connector, tangle-free cable, and travel case make portable gaming fun.
  2. Signature HyperX comfort – patented silicone ear tips in three sizes that conform for maximum comfort and fit.
  3. Immersive gaming audio -with enhanced bass and crystal-clear lows, mids, and highs, HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds improves your gaming experience
  4. Slim in-line mic for game chat and phone calls – in Fortnight and other Switch games that use in-game communication, the in-line mic allows you to connect and collaborate with your team. Simply press the multi-function button to answer calls1 and access streaming media.


+ The overall quality is great

+ It delivers the value for the price

+ It offers a detailed sound quality

+ It has an amazing microphone for in-game chat

+ It is cool to wear especially in terms of comfort

+ Tangle-free cord that is thick and smooth.

+ Quality gaming audio is delivered by powerful bass and consistent tones.


– No dedicated volume control

– It is not suitable for music

– Some people consider it expensive

Razer Hammerhead Pro Gaming Earbuds

Are you looking for a portable gaming earbud that is durable, and has an amazing design with excellent quality and sound performance? Razer Hammerhead Pro Gaming Earbuds is designed to provide you a good taste in listening while enjoying your game.

It comes along with a built-in microphone and delivers a great deal of call control. A great distinguishing feature is that it supports both music listening and gaming.  With its 60ms latency, it provides mobile gamers an extra advantage of increasing their reaction time and gives you the edge. Gaming Mode would also help people who stream videos from their phones or tablets because it effectively removes audio-visual lag.

When the case is charging, the LED indicator glows red, and when it is fully charged, it glows green. When unplugged, the LED emits an orange glow to indicate a low battery and a red glow to indicate near depletion. It has a companion game that makes using it fun – you can also easily activate gaming mode for low-latency streaming and switch between previously paired devices using the app.

Two flanged earpieces are also included with it – together with the additional pairs of silicone flap, Razer Hammerhead Pro Gaming Earbuds are really comfortable to use. It has precision-tuned 9mm neodymium drivers. It is audible and sounds relatively well when moving to the omnidirectional microphone. The Hammerhead Pro V2 is also an option in the Hammerhead series. The Pro V2 can power your volume and mic, and has a dynamic driver of 10 mm.


+ Its passive reduction makes it preferable to gamers. Some gamers prefer Razer Hammerhead Pro Gaming Earbuds to Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds for this reason.

+ It has a Bluetooth 5.1 connection

+ It endowed with customizable touch control

+ IPX4 water-resistant rating

+ Its metal-reinforced hinge has a magnetic connection to the lid – it connects the hinge to  the rest of the case, which makes it intact even when it falls.

+ Together with a companion app, gamers are able to control many features from the touch panels

+ It has a great workable ear detection capability

+ It is highly responsive – such that when you remove them from your ears it pauses playback and putting them back in your ears resumes the playback

+ It is comfortable to wear in the ears – it provides a comfortable fit throughout long gaming session. 

+ The impressive aluminum body of their aircraft makes them very lightweight and long-lasting.

+ It is able to block external sound and separate ambient sound from music and game audio.


– It takes longer time to charge

– Some users are not satisfied with the mic quality

– The fact that its lacks volume adjustment control from the earbuds makes it disappointing for some customers

– There is no volume adjustment button and an off button for gaming

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds in-ear gaming headset is designed for multi-platform support to fit on any platform, no matter where you play! Their larger shape and detachable boom microphone gives them unique looks. A volume slider and a mic on/off switch are located on the front of the controller. It has an i- line mic and multifunction button that can be used when answering calls. The Turtle Beach Battle Buds feature a detachable boom microphone for excellent recording quality.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds has a good microphone performance , and the boom microphone that separates your voice from background noise. Battle Buds are the ideal combination of in-ear comfort and great sound for anything from road trips with Nintendo SwitchTM to Battle Royale on Xbox or PlayStation at home to mobile gaming on your everyday commute.

When you’re on the go, use the removable high-sensitivity boom mic or inline mic to be heard loud and clear. With a multifunction inline controller that includes master volume control, mic mute, and a multifunction button for supporting devices, you can play for hours in full comfort and control. They are compatible with PC, mobile devices and console platforms.


  • Microphone design – removable unidirectional microphone and built-In inline Microphone
  • Inline controls – Master Volume Wheel, Mic Mute and Multifunction Button
  • Speaker Frequency Response – 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Crystal clear chat – When your team wants you the most, a removable high-sensitivity, unidirectional boom mic picks up your voice loud and clear.
  • Lightweight and comfortable – With three sizes of interchangeable ear-tips and stabilizers for the perfect fit, you can play for hours.


+ Turtle Beach Battle Buds is an affordable option

+ Turtle Beach Battle Buds has a detachable boom microphone

+ Customized convenience interchangeable eartips

+ 3.5mm connection for multi-platform compatibility

+ Multi-function inline controller – master volume control, mic mute, and a multi-function button (on compatible devices) are all at your fingertips with the inline controller.

+ It is very portable


– Terrible for music listening

– audio quality is not that stellar for the price range

– the boom mic’s high sensitivity may not be favorable for Xbox Live voice chat users

– The inline control may prove disappointing

– It creates discomfort after 2-3 hours

Sony MDR Earbuds 

Sony MDR Earbuds provides an outstanding 12mm dome drivers that keeps its ahead of its alternatives. Long-term comfort is ensured by the lightweight build and hybrid silicone earbuds. Sony MDR Earbuds guarantees a rich tone with a deep bass due to their MDRs.


+ It comes along with comfortable hybrid silicone earbuds

+ It is light in weight

+ It has a high-energy neodymium magnetsö which delivers powerful sound

+ Integrated microphone and smartphone playback control


– Lack of volume control

– Sound quality from the mic is not excellent

– Despite the “tangle-free” nature, the cord tangles.

Beats UrBeats3 Earphones 

Are you lookıng for an accurate and neutral sound in earbuds for gaming? Beats UrBeats3 Earphones  is your best choice – it has a smoother and more consistent frequency response.In addition to their balanced treble range, Beats UrBeats3 Earphones clears ambient noise. Another cool feature about them when gaming is that they do not leak too much audio. 

Your partners in online games will not have difficulties hearing your voice clearly; thanks to their in-line mic.


+ Provides a custom fit for maximum comfort and noise isolation.

+ With a built-in microphone, you can take calls and control your audio.

+ It has ergonomic style that is ideal for all-day comfort

+ It has superior bass that makes music enjoyable

+ A tangle-free experience is ensured by the flat cord and earbud magnets.

+  Effective noise cancellation – this is especially true if you grab a good ear tip fit

+ The price delivered a good range of earphone that is durable and provides a great sound quality


– For non-bass-heavy songs, it’s not the clearest.

– Its plastic control makes it disappointing

– Line noise can be a problem for users who are constantly on the move.

– When the cable is touched, it rustles incessantly, making it difficult to hear the music.

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