Insignia Systems, Inc. is a US based company that manufactures good quality electronic products (like Insignia Wireless Headphones). The brand is known around the world for its affordable options and quality electronic products with loyal customer following around the globe.

Today, I have picked out a few good wireless headphones from the brand that I had tested out myself. These are among the best quality sound accessories with an affordable price and perform better than many pricey ones in the market. Do check them out enjoy.

Insignia Mini Bluetooth Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Insignia Mini Bluetooth Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones are lightweight and perfect for fitness enthusiasts. The wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth to any smartphone easily and has a sweat design. The ear tips are soft and can easily fit into the ear canal providing a tight fit. Moreover, the ear hooks keeps the headphone in place without the fear of falling away.

The Bluetooth headphones shut away ambient noise and provide a good sound experience. Working out in noisy gym or outdoors without losing concentration and at the same time experiencing a good quality audio is one of the prominent features of this headphone. When it comes to sound, the audio delivery is exceptionally clear with all the notes registering at a very good intensity. The highs and lows are consistent and the bass is sufficient to create an enjoyable experience. Overall, this headphone is one of the most affordable options on the list with good sound quality.

Insignia NS-WHP314 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphone

Are you on a lookout for wireless headphones for your TV set? Then Insignia NS-WHP314 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphone is the one for you. Made from good quality plastic, these headphones have excellent design and crisp audio delivery. For extended listening duration, the over the ear design provides plenty of ease and the padded audio drivers gives comfort to the ears without any fatigue. The headband has enough tension to keep the headphone in place and the fear of falling is averted.

The headphone works on Radio Frequency technology and has a transmission range of 45 feet. It comes with a docking station to recharge and at the same time provides a storage place for the headphone. The RF headphones is lightweight weighing only 1 pound making it a great option for listening to your favorite audio indoors.

The lithium ion battery gives you 8 hours of usage time in one single charge and proves to be a good companion while playing to video games. The sound quality is notably crisp with bass on the boomy side. The package includes AC adapter, RCA audio cable and a 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cable too.

Insignia NS-CAHBTOE01 Bluetooth wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones

One of the best Bluetooth headphones from Insignia the Insignia NS-CAHBTOE01 Over-the-Ear Headphones gives a premium quality look to begin with. The over the head design has a strong headband, which gives you enough grip to hold the headphones around your head. The audio drivers have sufficient padding of soft material that cups your ear with the right pressure. Made for long use, it is commendable to see the headphones works easily without inducing fatigue on your ears. The headband also has sufficient padding to maintain comfortable position.

The sound quality of these Insignia Wireless Headphones are awesome. Comparing it with Beats SOLO 3, the Insignia NS-CAHBTOE01 Bluetooth wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones delivers the same audio quality minus the big price tag. Though they may look plain, you will be happy with the awesome sound delivery and crystal-clear sound from this pair of accessory. The highs and lows are clear and do not distort the sound in any way. Both pop music and classical music lovers can enjoy their music on this headphone.

Built for everyday use, the Insignia Bluetooth headphones are meant for people on the move. These Insignia wireless headphones prove to be a great option for people commuting to work daily or taking a leisured walk. Though it is a wireless headphone with ample on the head grip, it is not recommended for sport lovers to use this headphone while performing rigorous exercises. Overall, this is one of the best wireless headphones offering from the brand that you must get your hands on,

Insignia In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Insignia in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds are really lightweight and easy to use. The sound quality is great because the unique shape of the earphone heaps to provide a more concentrated sound delivery without any distortion. Additionally, they fit perfect into the ear canal without the fear of slipping away even while running.

The noise isolation of these Insignia Wireless Headphones is good but it still filters an ambient sound, which in a way is good with these earphones since they have a loud bass. So when you are out on a crowded street or subway, these earphone will give you great music but also keep you aware of your surroundings, for instance while crossing the street in a crowded are without losing track about the background noises.

It comes with a USB charger to charge the headphone via the in-line remote control on the headphone. It also has in-ear skins that can easily for the earphones for providing a grip in the ear canal for people who are paranoid about slipping earphones too. Overall, the product is good and affordable.

If you are looking out for good quality wireless headphones that are affordable, then Insignia is a brand that does not disappoint. Insignia Wireless Headphones are great way to enjoy music and give a long run. Hope you people test the headphones, which I picked out for you, and enjoy them first hand.

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