Motorola had been trying really hard to enter the wireless accessory segment. Earlier attempts led to poor product manufacturing and the brand didn’t stand much credibility until recently when they came out with product of stellar performance and functionalities. And today we are going to discuss about the best Motorola wireless headphones available in Amazon.

I had the opportunity to test a few of their wireless headphones and listed out a few below, which stood out for me. I hope you will also find them great if you are on a look out for a wireless device.  Without much ado, please check them out and choose the best that suits you.

Motorola S11 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The  S11 Motorola wireless headphones uses an over-the-ear design and has earbud stems that can be pulled up and down. They also swivel a bit and the headband is flexible for greater stability. Attaching the smallest ear tips available can create a tighter audio seal and therefore is ideal for listening to music during workouts at the gym. Controls are minimal with only a power button and volume rocker on the right side, a multi-function button on the left and a covered micro USB charger port on top. The device weighs less than 2 ounces making it lightweight and comes with a moisture-repellent coating. Overall, these headsets feels sturdy and well suited for the rigors of repeated workouts at the gym or outdoor running.

The S11 Motorola wireless headphones also can pair with Bluetooth-equipped phones to function as a traditional hands-free headset for both making and receiving calls.

The S11 has excellent sound with plenty of midbass punch, and a reasonable amount of low-end extension. Vocals sound clear overall resonance is warm with less-than-crisp highs, and an upper midrange. There are four equalizer modes and for the dual-mic design aids in noise suppression—one mic captures spoken  sound, while the other tracks ambient sound, which the integrated DSP chipset then cancels out. Overall, it is a great device and a long lasting one too.

Moto Pulse S505 On-Ear Motorola Wireless Headphones

Moto Pulse S505 Wireless On-Ear Headphone is an on-ear with a headband that is flexible and coated all around with a breathable, mesh fabric. The band is very wide-set, so most head sizes should fit comfortably inside. The Pulse’s headband slims down on the sides and transitions into a ring of metallic-painted plastic with ear cups attached to a sliding mechanism that gives them some wiggle and sizing flexibility. All of the  controls are located around the right ear cup with the micro USB port and built-in microphone placed on its bottom side, while four buttons wrap around its side for play and pause, volume and a power button that can also be pushed down to pair to new devices.

The headphones deliver an incredible experience when it comes to sound quality. The bass has enough boom with a decent amount of life to it and offers full sound with distinct mids and highs.

Moto Pulse has an impressive battery life of 18 hours and the phone call quality is superb with a mic that can pick voice clearly. The wireless headset offers universal support working with Android and iOS and any devices with Bluetooth capabilities. They have a range of 60 feet and the signal from the cans operates distortion-free even through several walls.

Motorola SH001A VerveOnes+ Smart Earbuds

The Moto VerveOnes+ have an eye-catching two-tone black and orange teardrop design with a circular button on the outside. There are contact points built into the surface of the ear buds for charging the internal batteries when placed inside the carrying case that comes with the package. Once these earbuds are placed in the ears, they are easy to wear and very comfortable.

Connecting the Moto VerveOnes+ is relatively easy but make sure to read the user manual and follow all the instructions. The pair only has a single button on each ear – i.e. to start or stop the music while a long press takes you to the EQ preset settings.  They fit well in the ear easy to re-adjust while moving, thanks to the absence of any wires.

These IP57 certified earbuds are sweat-proof and waterproof even at a depth of 3m for up to 30 minutes. The VerveOnes+ feature integrated dual microphones for taking and making calls and they are compatible with both Siri and Google Now. The audio feels well defined with plenty of bass and sharp treble for such small buds and the VerveOnes+ can manage 12 hours of music playback. Overall, these Motorola wireless headphones are a great marvel for listening to audio outdoors.

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The Motorola S305 has built in A2DP for streaming Bluetooth stereo music and has a built in AVRCP functionality for remotely controlling the audio options. On the right speaker, there are controls for volume on a rocker switch near the Power button.  On the ring located on the back face of the right speaker, a call button for initiating voice dialing, phone calls or answering a phone call and across the circle from the Call button is the Play/Pause button.

The design of these Motorola wireless headphones is comfortable with soft ear cups on the ears giving comfort to wear them for extended periods. The microphone of the Moto S305 is located at the bottom of the right hand earpiece and has a good quality stereo headset with loud and clear sounds while calling. The mids and high frequencies are pretty good with a punchy bass and the vocals sounds clear providing an enjoyable experience. Lastly, the Li-ion battery gives 6.5 hours of talk time and 96 hours of standby time on one single charge.

I have picked out the best Moto wireless headphones for you in the above list. Do test them out and let me know your experience too. Also check our blog for other brands and best list articles on wireless headphones.