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Hello people.

I am back with another review on wireless headphones. And this time I have chosen to look in to Sentry Industries Inc.™s products. I was bowled over by their products but the unbelievable part was the price – they are ridiculously cheap and keeps up with reputed brands.

Given its modest marketing and cheap price, I “had” to check it out. So here I am with the best accessories from the brand. Let’s dive in.

White Diamond Sentry Wireless Headphones

Sentry White Diamond Wireless Headphones is a cool over the ear wireless headphone. It is one of the premium-looking headphones from the brand and does not disappoint. The construction looks sturdy and is an excellent piece that blocks out most of the unwanted noise and also delivers impressive sound quality for the price. Pairing is instant and can be used with all types of smartphone without any latency issues.

When it comes to sound delivery the headphones delivers clear lows, mids and highs that complement each other without stepping over each other. The drivers are covered with soft padding that allows good comfort while wearing them in the long run. The memory foam on the ear cups provides a relaxed fit for an extended period of use. Though the headphone looks bulky, it weighs only 118 lbs. making it a very lightweight accessory from its category. Classical music and hip hop music are much sharper in these headphones and provide a great battery life. It comes with a built-in battery and charging cable and has a powerful mic that offers clear transmission of voice to the receiver on the other end.

Sentry Premium Pro Series Folding Retractable Wireless Stereo Neck Headset

Sentry Premium Pro headphones are great for listening to music on your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, iPad and other devices. It is compatible with most devices and features a folding headband and retractable earbud design. These headphones are made for great sound and listening to podcasts and tunes with Sentry Pro Series sound superb without any distortion. Connect your mobile or audio device through wireless Bluetooth technology and listen to your favorite music while the headphones rest on your neck as the retractable silicone earbuds fit comfortably in your ears and delivers superb quality audio for you to enjoy. It is a perfect accessory for office, gym, home, etc. as the headband can vibrate to alert you for incoming calls.

The entire package includes headphones, 3 additional pairs of earbud covers and a USB charge cable.

The silicon earpads pull out, retract for easy storage, delivers full and clear sound. This model of Sentry Wireless Headphones has a built-in rechargeable battery and microphone and the around the neck design is great for on the go. It comes with retractable buds for a sleek look when you are not listening and the folding design makes it great for traveling.

Sentry BT150 Bluetooth, Rechargeable, Ear Buds with Built In Microphone

The Sentry BT150 Bluetooth headset delivers incredible sound at an affordable price. It features full stereo sound and three sizes of soft silicone tips and comes with a no-tangle, flat, lightweight cable. The inline microphone and multi-switch helps to control your favorite music without touching your device. The sound is clean with crisp highs and a solid bass response.

The comfortable, ergonomically designed 10mm drivers have a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and the 80mAhrechargeable battery gives you a stellar 6 hours of playtime depending on usage. Listen to your favorite music without getting tangled in wires as these Bluetooth buds are great for Apple iPods, iPhone, MP3 player, iPad and other Bluetooth devices. The sound quality is incredible with noise cancellation and gives the on-ear headphones unparalleled stereo sound. Ideal for travelling or commuting to work daily, the Bluetooth headphones filters away ambient noise and helps you listen to your favorite songs without external hindrances. This also helps in having clear conversations on call without any distortions.

Sentry BT200 wireless Bluetooth stereo headphone with Mic

The Sentry BT200 is a premium range wireless headphone and holds most of the features you would find in the more expensive brands. These model of Sentry Wireless Headphones comes with a rechargeable battery, inbuilt microphone and two cables in the package- a 3.5mm male to AUX and a micro USB 5V DC charging cable. The BT200 has memory foam that surrounds your ears, along with an adjustable headpiece providing a relaxed fit for an extended period of use. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headphone that is not too heavy on the pocket then this could just be the one for you.

Pairing is fairly simply and can be connected to a single smartphone or any other Bluetooth devices instantly at a time. Calls can be received via a built in microphone and music can be resumed once the call is disconnected. The over-ear headphone has incredible sound with mids and lows with deep bass that provides a perfectly equalized audio output giving the best music experience. The headphone can be folded for compactness while storing or travelling.

The sound quality is great in these premium Sentry Wireless Headphones that deliver impressive audio mids and highs complementing with the lows playing clearly without stepping over each other.

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of the Sentry Wireless Headphones I tested. One of the important aspects of these headsets from the brand is that just like the lightweight headphones, they are light on your wallet. Meaning they have almost all the advanced features in an expensive brand and costs almost one third of their price. Keep in touch with my other articles on latest products and don’t forget to check these headphones. Until next time, peace out.

Stay tuned to get more articles on different brands.

SENTRY White Diamond Wireless Headphones
Sentry Premium Pro Series Folding Retractable Wireless Stereo Neck Headset (Black)
SENTRY White Diamond Wireless Headphones
Sentry Premium Pro Series Folding Retractable Wireless Stereo Neck Headset (Black)
Price not available
SENTRY White Diamond Wireless Headphones
SENTRY White Diamond Wireless Headphones
Price not available
Sentry Premium Pro Series Folding Retractable Wireless Stereo Neck Headset (Black)
Sentry Premium Pro Series Folding Retractable Wireless Stereo Neck Headset (Black)

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