If you are a fitness freak and fond of swimming and jogging outdoors in the rain, then you will need accessories that will stay protected from moisture. Today I have picked out some incredible waterproof Bluetooth headphones that will be your companion while working out or travelling outdoors, even in rough weather, literally.

H2O Audio Water Resistant Bluetooth Headphone

The H2O Audio is an incredible waterproof Bluetooth headphone that is completely submergible in water. Ideal for swimming and sports workouts this headphone has 10 hours of continuous music playtime and an 8 GB memory capacity for soundtracks. It comes with an IP rating of IPX8 and delivers really nice sound performance with improved bass performance. The Bluetooth does not work underwater but you can listen to songs from the memory storage and if you are using it above water then the wireless Bluetooth range is up to 30 feet.

The headphone has an ergonomic design for underwater use and the earbuds are attachable to underwater goggles or swimsuit. The sound of H2O Audio headphones has nice treble ranges, decent midrange and a good amount of bass response. You can crank up the volume levels without getting much distortion underwater and music genres such as electronic dance music, rock and hip-hop sounds very pleasant to hear even while swimming. The fully waterproof design enables the Bluetooth headphones to be submerged fully underwater and is ideal for swimmers who want to listen to music while swimming. In addition, comes with a 360 degree rotatable snap clip which attaches to your goggles and swim cap for a secure fit delivering good value for money and come highly recommended for swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones with Bluetooth 4.2

The Alpatronix is equipped with HD Bluetooth 4.2 for fast pairing and consistent wireless music streaming. The water resistant headphones come with premium audio drivers, deliver crisp highs, detailed midranges and deep lows, and have a built-in 8GB flash drive for music storage.

The Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones can be immersed into water at a depth of 1m for a period of 30 minutes, and are ideal for intense workouts, long distance runs in wet environments. The sound performance of the Alpatronix HX250 is amazing and the earplugs that come with the HX250 headphones, which keeps water out from the ears while playing. Vocal and instrumental performances sound very clear and have good audio output without any distortion even at high volume levels.

The HX250 headphones have an IPX7 waterproof rating and allows for HD stereo sound performance and high quality music transmission. The headphone mp3 player has playback controls for play/pause, increasing or decreasing volume and also to skip between soundtracks along with a  built-in microphone for taking hands free calls with the headphone.

The internal battery life lasts up to 6 to 8 hours depending on the volume and charges up to 1-2 hours and has a connectivity range of 33 feet. The entire package comes with the wireless headphones, charging cable, micro USB charging cable, adjustable strap, travel pouch, user manual and 5 sets of ear buds, omni-seal waterproof ear-tips and ear hooks for a secure fit.

HBUDS H1 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones with ergonomic design and amazing sound

The HBUDS H1s comes with IPX7 rating  which means the Bluetooth headphones are water-resistant with nano-coating and protects them from sweat and exposure to water. The headphones are not meant for swimming but work well for intense workouts and exposure to wet environments. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear and is designed to produce crisp sound with deep bass response and lower-end midrange frequencies.

It has Bluetooth 4.1 CSR for consistency and is capable of delivering up to 9 hours of continuous music playtime with a standby time of 250 hours. It takes up to 1.5 hours charge fully and comes with ear hooks for stability along with two pairs of memory-foam ear tips and a cord clip for a secure fit. The entire package comes with the H1 headphones, silicone ear-tips of multiple sizes, micro USB charging cable, user manual and a cord management clip for stability.

The sound quality is exceptionally nice with rich bass response, crisp highs and the treble ranges are clean and crystal clear without distortion even at high volume levels.

The sweat proof Senso ActivBuds Sports headphones with Bluetooth 4.1

The Senso ActivBuds are well-balanced Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones capable of delivering high definition sound through its improved acoustic drivers. It has an IPX-7 waterproof rating and are perfect for using in the gym or running and in sweaty conditions. The ActivBuds also features an ergonomic design with flexible ear hooks with gel flex silicone earplugs to provide an extremely comfortable fit and reducing ear fatigue, while providing decent noise isolation.

The battery life on the ActivBuds is a 8 hours of continuous music playtime and only takes 1.5 hours to charge. It also comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and delivers a good variety of functionality packed in a small and compact device with really good sound quality. The design of these Bluetooth headphones is minimalist and comfortable and the around the neck design reduces any interference that may impede movements while working out. These headphones are IPX7 waterproof, they are not meant for swimming or for prolonged immersion underwater. It also comes with noise suppression technology to reduce ambient background noise while working out or taking calls. Overall the sound quality on these headphones is on the slightly bass-heavy side, which enhances the beats in the music making it enjoyable and fun for exercises.

TaoTronics TT-BH07 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and waterproof design

The TaoTronics TT-BH07s comes with a IPX6 waterproof design and is perfect for intense workouts, sports and outdoor exercises with crisp sound performance and plenty of volume. It features Bluetooth 4.2 for quality wireless music streaming and the built-in magnets along with the around the neck design enables you to attach the two headphones together while not in use.

The sound quality of the TaoTronics TT-BH07 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones is crisp, clear and very well-balanced. It comes with a noise-cancelling feature and helps to block out ambient background noises for a comfortable audio experience. The bass on the TT-BH07s has a nice impact with solid and punchy thuds that are pleasant to hear.

These headphones are not suitable for swimming although they work perfectly well for sports and gym use. The headphone features the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for high quality music streaming and apt-X functionality allowing you to stream HD sound quality from compatible apt-X devices. The built-in battery provides a solid 6 hours of continuous music playtime on a single charge and it takes roughly 1 hour to charge up.. The entire package comes with the TaoTronics TT-BH07 headphones, 3 sets of ear tips, 3 ear hooks, charging cable and user manual.

Hope you like what I picked out. Do test them out and let me know which one you liked. Be sure to check our blogs for articles on different wireless headphone’s brands.