Wireless headphones can be cheap or they can be very expensive. So today I have picked out some premium range best wireless headphones under $200. Do check them out – especially the bone conduction headphone below.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphone is one of the premium quality wireless headphones that are priced under $200. The uniqueness of this headphone is that it features the Apple’s W1 wireless chip. The Beats Solo3s has improved Bluetooth range and battery life over its predecessor with a lightweight build, collapsible cups, and admirable audio performance with an emphasis on bass. Apple’s W1 chipset combined with Class-1 Bluetooth gives an outrageously long-ranged, reliable connection, even when there are a couple walls and angles.

The cans keep sound from leaking and are perfect considering there is no distortion. Music, regardless of genre, just sounds extremely good on the Solo3. The Solo3s does a commendable job of equalizing volume across the frequency spectrum with an emphasis on heavy, thumping bass. Charging them is easy via a USB cable, and the quick charge times of five minutes gives roughly three hours of juice. you can also use the 3.5mm audio cable that comes included in the pack. This was our number one choice among the best wireless headphones under $200.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones model is equipped with a special sport version of the StayHear tips that is different from the StayHear tips included with Bose’s earlier in-ear headphones and they are not interchangeable. The earpieces are somewhat bulky but have a smart design as the cord remains stable, even while running. The reason these headphones are one of the best wireless headphones is because the sound quality is very good for an in-ear sports Bluetooth headphone. The headphone is sweat- and water-resistant, an inline mic  and remote that lets you skip songs, adjust volume, and take and make calls.

If you don’t use the headphone for a certain amount of time it automatically powers, which is a good battery-saving feature. When you turn on the headphones, a female voice alerts you how much battery life is remaining and with which devices you are paired. Battery life for the SoundSport is rated at 6 hours, which is great for this type of small headphone. The wireless headphones comes with a simple neoprene carrying case, and a battery case that give three full charges, or up to 18 hours of battery life. Please note that this battery case is not inclusive in this pack and has to be purchased separately.

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock

The Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones weighs only 8.1 ounces proves comfortable even after a long evening of listening to DVDs. A built-in volume control in these sets lets you crank up the action, while a transmitter control lets you fine-tune the reception. The transmitter base serves as a charger for the headphones’ included pair of AAA nickel-metal-hydride batteries, and you can place it near your components or mount it on a wall. The sound quality is excellent with detailed resolution with fair bass power and definition.

The transmitter turns on and off automatically with sound input, while the headphones have an on/off switch with a comfortable 100 feet range. Considering most people are going to use these at no more than 25 feet away to watch TV or listen to music at their desks or as they walk around the house, the range is quite extraordinary. The headphones are light, comfortable and have soft cushions— and they sound great and among the best wireless headphones in this price range.

AfterShokz Trekz AS600OB Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

After ShokzTrekz AS600OB headphones are named for the band of titanium alloy that connects the two transducers and are bone conduction wireless headphones. It is surrounded with a water resistant polymer to keep out sweat. They have three buttons: Power and volume up (the same button) and volume down are on the underside of the device behind the right ear along with the micro USB charging port, while the larger and easier to reach multifunction button sits on the outside of the left transducer.

The multifunction button of this headphone controls pretty much the common actions, like answering calls and skipping tracks. The volume control buttons handle the more advanced uses, like changing the equalizer or checking the battery status which a decent 6 hours. These headphones sit over the ear and wrap around the back of a user’s neck. Despite being non-traditional, the sound quality is clear, and even rich to the point of bordering on bass-heavy. The basic equalizer is a nice touch to tone down some tracks, since the vibration of hours of hardcore music can lead to a headache. When it is loud you can still hear the world around you, when it’s low you can still hear your music even though it’s not actually in your ear.

Bluedio U (UFO) PPS 8 Drivers Over-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Bluedio U (UFO) PPS 8 Drivers Over-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are well-built with quality materials and design choices that can withstand daily usage. On the left ear cup of these headphones, you’ll find the aux port, while the right earcup houses the volume and playback controls, as well as a microUSB port. The Bluedio U UFO headphones are overall very comfortable with plenty of padding. If you are a bass fan, then you will be quite happy with the selection of bass on these headphones. The low-mids, are very pronounced with clarity with good high-mids and high-end. They offer 25 hours of battery life and can  connect to your device via Bluetooth 4.1 with a standard connection of around 10m or 33ft.

The Bluedio U UFO headphones’ sound quality is up to par but the headphones get a little warm though you will find them comfortable at all times and they look quite nice. Not to mention the fact that the bass is thick and juicy! This was our last pick but is one of the best wireless headphones.

That’s all for now folks. Check them out and do enjoy your music with freedom. Do follow our blog to get more articles on wireless headphones.