If you are tired of spending workouts tethered to a string and frustrated with all the hassle that comes along with wired headphones, then we are happy to announce that there is a solution to your problems.

Considering research done on productivity and music (https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/surprising-results-about-wearing-headphones-and-productivity), we are well informed that listening to music while engaging in any activity increases productivity!

However, finding both functional and comfortable wireless headphones for physical activities is difficult. Therefore, taking into consideration the main problems that those who regularly go to the gym while listening to their favorite soundtracks face, we made a list that helps you choose the right fit of wireless headphones for you.

  1. Anker SoundBuds Curve

With memory foam tips that provide isolation from external sounds and battery life of 12.5 hours of music, these are a perfect match if you are looking for the budget-oriented headphones that can suit you well during your workout sessions.

It takes 1.5h for them to charge, and their range is roughly 10 meters.

Since they are also water-resistant, sweating will no longer be a problem. And, because they don’t enter the ear at the usual depth of penetration, Anker SoundBuds Curve headphones are very comfortable to wear in every occasion.

The main downside is that if you are into more vigorous and hardcore training, you may experience them falling out of your ears. On the brighter side, some of the top comments on Amazon say that “given the price, it’s a no brainer pick.”



  1. Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4 is a proud owner of IPX7 certification, which means that they are one of the most sweat and weather-proof earphones.

They come with extra bass energy and power, which comes in handy during gym workouts. With the companion Jaybird MyTune app, you can customize the entire EQ settings.

They don’t have a specific noise-canceling feature, but you can passively block out noise by raising volume without bothering people nearby.

The versatile design of X4 provides you with a secure and sports-oriented fit. If you aren’t particularly a fan of hooks, you can remove them entirely. These headphones come with three sizes of fins and four pairs of tips, two of which are silicone and the other two comply foam.

The battery life of these headphones is around 7 hours, and it takes 1.7 hours to charge them. Make sure to turn them off when finished with using them because they don’t have an auto-off timer feature.

Finally, there’s no need to worry about sound skipping while completing your workout since connection strength won’t drop until you go beyond around 9-meter range.



  1. Beats by Dre Powerbeats3

Perfect for all different types of exercises, featuring up to 12 hours of battery life, Powerbeats3 are specially made for the gym and other types of workouts. The quick charge feature gives you about an hour of battery life in just a five-minute charge.

Forget about pausing your workouts since they have secure-fit ear hooks that provide you with comfort and security. Therefore, if running is your type of warming up, then you may be at rest since the ear hooks will keep them away from falling off.

Powerbeats3 headphones won’t disturb your workout with sound skips regardless of whether you keep your phone in your pocket or on the nearby bench.

These wireless headphones are sweat and water-resistant, so you won’t worry about damaging them while pushing that gym session to the next level alongside a bumping bass beat that Beats is well-known known for.



  1. Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless

Equipped with StayHear+ ear tips, SoundSport Free headphones provide you with one of the most secure and comfortable fits. They come with 5 hours of playtime battery life of clear and energizing sound. However, they are not noise-canceling, so you will undoubtedly be able to hear your surroundings.

The important notice here is that battery life depends on the volume of the sound, so you may want to consider how loudly you are playing your music.

Their plastic carry case acts as a charger and provides an additional 10h of battery life, so remember to put them back in it after you are finished with the workout.

These headphones come with a Find My Buds feature, so if you happen to lose them, the app will show you their location.

Since these headphones are sweat-resistant, make that workout count and push yourself as hard as possible.



  1. Jaybird Tarah Pro

Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones are designed with feedback from athletes themselves, and it really shows.

Thanks to the Jaybird App, you are provided with high-quality custom sound experience due to fully adjustable EQ. Tarah Pro comes with an exclusive Personal EQ feature that tunes the audio, so it perfectly fits your hearing.

Even though they are Bluetooth headphones, the sound never disappears unexpectedly or feels lacking. Jaybird has managed to achieve the perfect balance between sound isolation and being aware of your surroundings.

The cord of Tarah Pro is covered in woven material, which makes it far more comfortable to wear around your neck and keeps the cord from sticking to your skin as you sweat.

Fast-charging battery provides you with 14 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge. Moreover, they only require 5 minutes of charging to give you almost 2 hours of playtime and around half an hour for 7-8 hours of battery life. Another interesting feature that these headphones possess is an accelerometer, which turns them off if you haven’t moved for 15 minutes.

These headphones have an IPX7 rating, meaning that they are water and sweat resistant and that you can even swim with them, but only for 30 minutes and on 1m depth.

The interchangeable rubber ear tips are designed to firmly stay in place during the most vigorous gym sessions but remain comfortable regardless of the amount of time spent wearing them.

If you are a fan of High-Intensity Interval Trainings, then you certainly won’t struggle with them falling out.



Here is a summary:

Stay tuned for further updates, and of course, enjoy your workout with your favorite pair of wireless headphones!