Black Friday is here. Our favorite shopping day after the feasting is upon us, which means deals. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to pick up a special gift for yourself. Maybe a pair of wireless headphones you’ve been eyeing? We all know wireless headphones can come at a hefty price tag. Luckily, some of our most beloved brands are having a sale where we can snag a set.

We’ve created a list of some of the best Black Friday deals. These wireless headphones are perfect for noise-canceling or using in the gym. Take a look at some of our favorite deals and score a pair for yourself. Remember to act fast, and there is only a limited amount in stock.

  1. Beats Studio3 Wireless

Beats are a great pair of over-ear headphones. They are great at noise-canceling, and due to their high technology, and they usually come at a high price. Their sound quality is superb and has a battery life that can last through your most grueling commutes. They are equipped with Apple’s W1 chip, making Bluetooth pairing effortless as well. If you need a reliable set of headphones for business calls, these stack up well against competing models.

The Beats Studio3 are currently $70 off from their original price tag, making them $210. It’s still a large price for headphones but better than $350.

2. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150

These earbuds are known to be the right wireless earbud. The open design lets ambient noise in, a safety feature for runners. They offer improved sound quality from their earlier models and have fantastic bass. The Plantronics are equipped with sustainable drivers, giving them quality sound. The headphones do come with significant charging cases, though, so keep that in mind.

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150 retail for $120 on Black Friday, making them $30 off of their normal price.

3. Sony WH-XB900N Extra Bass

These headphones offer a comfortable fit for long-time wearers. They come with a USB-C charging cable and provide a great battery life. Sony included a useful noise-canceling feature in the WH-XB900N, as well. If you need headphones for calls, these work well but not as well as other brands. Sometimes the bass can be preponderance, but if you don’t mind that the sound quality is excellent.

Currently Amazing has these bad boys on sale for $140, almost $100 off of other retails.

4. Beats Powerbeats Pro

If you’ve wanted Beats, then snag these up. They offer fantastic sound quality and have a better battery life then AirPods. If you’re worried about a snug fit, these bad boys won’t move when they’re in your ear. They have fast pairing and excellent wireless connectivity. If you’re an iOS user, then you can also use Siri with them via voice-recognition. They have physical buttons so you can control playback, pus their call quality is excellent.

They will be on sale for around $200 during Black Friday. That is $50 off the original price tag.

5. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 6100

These headphones are a reliable pair to get your hands on. They are designed for gym goers but also perfect for everyday use. The headphones offer an adjustable fit and are IPX5-rated water-resistant. They have a sweat-proof design, one of the reasons they are great for the gym. The 40 mm angled drivers make sound quality exceptional, and they have noise-isolating ear cups. The Plantronics offer an “awareness” mode making them safer to wear in public. The battery life lasts 24 hours, great for commutes or long workouts.

The headphones typically run around $180 but for Black Friday they will be lowered to $130.

6. Klipsch T5 True Wireless

Amazon is offering the Klipsch T5 True Wireless headphones for a great deal. The earbuds have an excellent sound quality with detailed natural sound. The mids are punchy, and they offer a defined bass. The design might not be for everyone since you do need to secure them in your ear snugly so they don’t fall out. Their carrying case is small and sleek, great for your pocket. They offer a USB-C charging cable, as well. With an eight-hour battery life, you don’t need to worry about running out of juice. The case will give you an additional three hours on the go. The bus supports both AAC and aptX and is water-resistance.

Amazon is offering $50 off of these buds, now on sale for $150.

7. Jabra Elite 85h

If you’re looking for a sizeable noise-canceling headphone, these are it. They have a reliable sound quality and fantastic battery life. They come with a USB-C charging cable, making it easy to charge when you’re not wearing them. For long term wear, they are comfortable and convenient. Their features include one-button access to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri voice assistants. They also offer a top-ranked call quality with customizable sidetone options.

The Jabra Elite 85h typically run $300 but are on sale for $200.

8. AirPods 2nd-Gen

Doorbuster deals are the whole point of Black Friday. Walmart is offering the 2nd generation Apple AirPods for a stellar sale. These AirPods have a few upgrades from the previous version. The first is an always-on voice recognition system. They also now come with a wireless charging case option, which is excellent for people on the go, for instance. If you need to make a call, these wireless pods will get the job done both indoors and outdoors. Their H1 chip makes it easy to connect fast to all your Apple devices, and they have a rock-solid wireless connection.

They will be on sale for $129 at Walmart and $139 on Amazon.

Here are the top wireless headphones for 2019. They will all make unusual gifts to yourself or a loved one. Each comes with its unique features and price point. Which headphone are you excited to get your hands on?