Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro: Review


Once in a while, it appears to be like wireless earbuds are dominating. What once seemed like a niche product aimed at techies who didn’t know a thing about sound quality has soon become a mainstream proposition. As the innovation has improved, so has the sound quality – and simultaneously, costs have descended. No big surprise, endless individuals are cutting the string and going really remote. 

Apple’s AirPods Pro are the absolute best evident wireless buds you can purchase. However they currently have a new rivalry from Bose. The hello-fi sturdy’s Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a top-notch pair of commotion dropping buds enveloped by a smooth plan. 

Bose, the titan of dynamic commotion abrogation (ANC), has, at last, delivered its hotly anticipated QuietComfort Earbuds. At first declared in the mid-year of 2019 under an alternate name, at that point postponed, the QC Earbuds have demonstrated to merit the pause. However, while Bose was taking a shot at them, Apple shocked everybody and beat Bose to the punch by almost a year with the AirPods Pro, which offers the absolute best solid quality and ANC abilities we’ve gotten with a totally sans wire pair. 

Of these noise-canceling wireless earbuds, the Apple AirPods Pro is likely the most well known, having been delivered following the accomplishment of the first AirPods – yet since their dispatch in 2019, bunches of different brands have been getting in on the activity, including Bose. 

Bose had just become well known in the domain of commotion dropping earphones with its much-adored QuietComfort arrangement, and its most recent headphones, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, continue in that custom by getting best class ANC to its remote buds. 

Both the AirPods Pro ($249/£249/AU$399) and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ($279/£249/AU$399) are entirely competent sets of clamor dropping headphones at comparable value focuses – yet which ones would it be advisable for you to purchase?

Battery Life of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

Essentially all obvious wireless headphones have frail battery life. Most commonly lasts five to six hours for every charge, with the case holding around three full charges. 

The AirPods Pro generally get 4.5 hours with ANC on, or 5 hours with it off, and an extra 19-20 hours in the charging case; however, these numbers will fluctuate with your volume levels and ANC utilization. 

Clamor undoing is a battery drainer, so it isn’t unexpected to hear that neither arrangement of earbuds gives protracted recesses. The QuietComfort Earbuds keep going longer on a full charge, giving you about 5.5 hours when considering ANC, high volume, and weighty streaming. The AirPods Pro is more limited at 4.5 hours, which is baffling since the AirPods 2 is evaluated higher at 5 hours. 

Speedy charging is something you’ll need to take a gander at also while picking a model, as the AirPods Pro produces 1 hour on a 5-minute charge, though the QuietComfort Earbuds gets you 2 hours on a 15-minute charge. Unmistakably, Apple’s buds energize all the more rapidly. However, this is still less incredible than Beats’ Fast Fuel innovation, which juices up the Powerbeats Pro with 4.5 hours on a 15-minute charge and ought to have been coordinated into the AirPods Pro. 

Apple’s charging case is a lot more modest than Bose’s, yet it houses a more compact force: 24 hours. This likens to 5 additional charges. The QuietComfort Earbuds case holds 18 hours for around 3 additional charges. Crunch the numbers, and you’ll see that the AirPods Pro guarantees more expanded play. 

Both charging cases are remote and work with any Qi-ensured remote chargers. The advantages and disadvantages of each model essentially counterbalance one another.

Audio Performance of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

Bose is more known for its sound than Apple, and the QuietComfort Earbuds convey sonic goodness. They gloat a comparative recurrence bend to the Bose 700 that produces adjusted sound with a lot of detail and fresh midrange. 

Bass is decided on playful R&B tracks like Mary J. Blige’s “You Bring Me, Joy.” The kick drums and low pitch guitar supplement Mary’s lighthearted and cheering songs. Jazz works of art as Tyner McCoy’s “Quest for Peace” are considerably more resounding, with an incredible goal that brings each instrument upfront. The melodic piano and sax play just sounds so spotless and exuberant. 

The AirPods Pro is an expert with music either, giving audience members perfect, warm solid to appreciate playlists in a hurry. Lows are strong on high-energy tracks as day Green’s “Maniac,” which replicates the guitar riffs and perpetual greetings cap conflicts shockingly well, while the vocal courses of action on Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy In New York” are mitigating with an overpowering tone. 

Apple has likewise added spatial sound to the AirPods Pro’s munitions stockpile, a sweet redesign that is accessible in the current iOS 14 updates. This new element makes a theater-like encompass sound experience that inundates the audience to cause them to feel more like they’re a portion of the true to life activity occurring on the screen. It’s noteworthy and furthermore works with a modest bunch of substance stages, including Apple TV+, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. 

We’ll give the edge to the AirPods Pro here, essentially on the grounds that they offer a more fresh, exact sound mark—however, honestly, the two sets shape the sound to a prominent degree. The Bose model dials up the lows and low-mids, preferring a more extravagant sound mark, while the AirPods Pro actually conveys strong bass profundity, yet additionally brings a more brilliant, more clear stable. 

Which one you lean toward will involve taste, and since nor is exact, this doesn’t involve great taste versus terrible. The individuals who like a more etched, bass-forward sound mark will incline toward the QuietComfort Earbuds, while the individuals who need bass profundity supplemented by clear, fresh detail in the highs will probably support the AirPods Pro.


Apps and Special Features of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple doesn’t get enough kudos for incorporating the AirPods into its sensational iOS biological system. Being able to get to highlights that work overall iDevices without the require for a friend application is more or less common sense, and the AirPods Pro has an adequate number of highlights directly out of the container that keeps on developing with each new iOS update. 

The previously mentioned “Hello Siri” work and spatial sound are heavenly increases that make a commitment with your iPhone more fun, particularly the last when watching recordings. Another significant update presented in iOS 14 is programmed exchanging, which lets clients trade between sound sources effectively as long as those iDevices are matched to a similar iCloud account. Other striking highlights incorporate improved battery the executives and Audio Share to share sound between two sets of AirPods or Beats earphones. Here are some other cool AirPods Pro deceives worth looking at. 

We actually need Apple to give us a movable EQ and we keep on holding our breath. Meanwhile, there’s the alternative to change the sound in the iPhone settings with 20 distinctive presets. The QuietComfort Buds offer zero customized sound. You can mess with the sound settings in Spotify, yet this is something that can be applied to any match of remote earbuds. 

The Bose Connect application carries a modest bunch of highlights to the QuietComfort Earbuds, for example, a slider to physically change commotion abrogation. There are likewise flips for ANC, on-ear recognition, voice help, and voice prompts. The application’s greatest element outside of movable ANC is Self Voice Mode to let you hear yourself stronger on calls. 

The Bose buds do make them think the AirPods don’t, however, and that is an application. Fire up the Bose Music application, and you can change the clamor scratch-off settings and deal with your Bluetooth associations (there are no flexible EQ settings, as you may already know). 

The QuietComfort have a couple of different stunts at their disposal, including an element called “Self Voice calling mode.” It permits you to hear your own voice in the earbuds, so you can regulate your voice and not yell down the line. Sharp.

Design of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

Tastefully, the two are unique. Apple’s are, for the most part white bends and gleaming completions – normally Apple, all in all. Bose’s are somewhat starker in their mechanical plan, with an ovular look and more quieted colors – Triple Black or a beige Soapstone are your alternatives. 

Both have silicone tips that tunnel into your ears to wait during development, and both come in three sizes, so they ought to have a general fit. 

The Bose buds are bigger and heavier than the AirPods (8.5g every versus 5.4g) and accompany a chunkier charging case that is double the size of Apple’s. The Bose case has a mechanical catch as opposed to an attractive attaching, which means it’s a smidgen safer and won’t spill the buds when dropped. 

Like to overcome the components? Both these remote in-ears are appraised IPX4 water-safe. That is not a huge deal; however they’ll withstand sweat and the odd downpour shower. 

Possibly it’s simply us, yet we’re a little over the mark white-just look of the AirPods. It’s a piece iPod promotion around 2003, and those stems won’t be for everybody. That, and the reality the Boses come in more shading choices, give this round to the QuietComfort Earbuds.

The Call Quality of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

These are the two of the top calling headsets out there. Which is the prevalent model? The QuietComfort Earbuds. Bose’s mic cluster is a wondrous thing, bringing the lucidity and freshness that everybody wants when noting calls, and it makes an extraordinary showing of shutting out outside sounds while visiting in uproarious conditions. Talking with three unique customers and my significant other, they all idea I was talking straightforwardly from my cell phone. 

The AirPods Pro awards outstanding call quality as well. The buds produce clear-sounding brings in any climate and have incredible breeze obstruction for visiting in drafty conditions. The H1 chip likewise gives the buds half more talk time, which is grip since battery life is fair. However, in the event that there is one thing that Bose’s earbuds improve, it is shutting out high-recurrence sounds.

Price and Value of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro

When looking for the best remote earbuds, it’s a matter of which pair offers the most value for your money. Nonetheless, you’re seeing two models that fall inside the extravagance value point: $250 and over. This settles on the choice considerably more troublesome. 

In the event that it is simple to use with strong dynamic commotion dropping, highlights, and iOS usefulness that you need, at that point, the $249 AirPods Pro is the best approach. In the event that it’s flexible, top tier commotion undoing and call quality, seek after the $279 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. Simply recall that either venture comes including some built-in costs. 

At $250 for the AirPods Pro and $280 for the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, the two sets are among the priciest you’ll discover in the genuine remote domain. Does one model offer more benefits than the other? We’re calling this one a tie.

Pros and Cons of the Apple AirPods Pro 

Pros Cons
Strong audio performance Expensive
Quality active noise cancellation No on-ear volume controls
Secure in-ear fit ANC and EQ aren’t adjustable
Hands-free Siri access


Pros and Cons of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Pros Cons
Best-in-class noise cancellation Expensive
Rich, crisp, balanced audio Sound signature isn’t for purists
The transparent listening mode can blend with ANC mode Bulky case
Secure fit


Side-by-Side Comparison of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Apple AirPods Pro
TYPE In-Canal In-Canal


Final Verdict of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro 

Both the AirPods Pro and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds sit serenely among the best evident remote earbuds you can purchase in 2020, yet in case you’re searching for top tier commotion undoing and sound quality, the Bose earbuds are likely your smartest choice. 

Saying that the AirPods Pro is so all around imbued into the Apple environment that we’d suggest buying them in the event that you as of now utilize an iPhone or iPad to tune in to music – and their new auto-exchanging highlight implies they’re extraordinarily simple to utilize while exchanging between gadgets. 

They likewise accompany the advantage of Spatial Audio, which settles on them the most ideal decision on the off chance that you need to utilize your earbuds for watching motion pictures. Also, they do don a more extended battery life than the Bose earbuds, and a sleeker charging case (the two models’ charging cases can be changed remotely, so there’s nobody upmanship to be had there). 

Neither of these remote earbuds comes modest, yet the AirPods Pro is somewhat more affordable than the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – in this way, in case you’re on a severe spending plan, Apple’s earbuds will work well for you. Additionally, will undoubtedly be limited over Black Friday, though the more current Bose earbuds are most likely too new to even think about seeing any emotional value cuts.


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