Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds Reviewed


When looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds, Bose is always a great brand to consider. Bose might not seem like a premium brand to make wireless headphones but their products can hold up against other big names like JBL and Sony. The Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds are a great set of headphones to consider when looking for a new pair. These headphones might be a little dated but they still are one of the best out of the market for a truly wireless earbud.

With the recently design upgrade and added technology to the truly wireless earbud, Bose has a great pair for you. These headphones offer amazing sound and the quality of them is strong. The headphones are compact and can easily go anywhere with you.

For wireless earbuds, the SoundSport are a little on the bigger side. The housing for the drivers are a little larger then other wireless headphones, which could get annoying. The drivers are stick out a bit more then other headphones, which could get in the way. The headphones come with wing tops that are included in the box to help give you a snugger fit. The fit can be a little better though. Even with the wing tips, the headphones can fall out if you aren’t careful.

The charging case that comes with the headphones features a magnetic seat so the earbuds can secure stay in. The charging case also come with a feature to press a button so you can check the battery of the case whenever you need to.

When it comes to sound, the performance on these headphones are excellent. The tilt has a slight warmth to it and the overall presentation is relax and laid back. The bass is great and offers an extended low and the impact won’t hurt your ears. The highs are also good and make a long listening session smooth and easy to hear. The open design does allow outside noise to creek in though. If you’re in a busy area, the external sound could interrupt your listening session.

The headphones don’t come with noise isolation, so you can hear your surroundings pretty easily. This is great for runners or people in the gym that don’t need the noise isolation feature though. If you want a headphone that is more noise isolation, you need to look towards the Sony WF-1000X or the Libratone Q-Adapt.

The charging case is on the larger side as well. With the charging chase, the headphones have a 15-hour battery life. The earbuds themselves last between four to five hours without the case, which is pretty standard for wireless earbuds. When it comes to making calls, these headphones hold up well. If you need to make a business call, you get crisp and clear audio. The sound is loud and your voice is able to be picked up even in busy areas without issues.

Overall, these headphones standup pretty well to abuse. If you’re a frequent gym goer and always on the move, these headphones will last with you.  Some downsides to the headphones is not having a noise isolation feature or a snug fit. Besides that being said, they’re a decent pair of truly wireless earbuds. The headphones also come with a hefty price tag, sitting around $200. Some rivals do offer a better truly wireless headphone for a better price.

The Sony WF-1000X cost less and can offer an adjustable noise cancellation feature. That could be a more ideal headphone to gym goers or commuters. If ambient noise doesn’t bother you though and you value great sound, the Bose SoundSport Free is a great option. Their battery life is amazing compared to other earbuds as well, which could be a plus in your book.

Have you tried the Bose SoundSport Free Earbuds? What are your thoughts on them?


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