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The Best Beats Wireless Headphones You Can Buy

The Best Beats Wireless Headphones You Can Buy

Beats by Dre - Best Beats Wireless Headphones 

If you take a walk outside these days, there’s a very good chance you will see some Beats by Dre headphones hanging on someones neck or some people enjoying music in the streets or on the walk with headphones that has the famous and familiar “b” logo . The brand has become so popular, that the red “b” logo on each of their headphones has become iconic worldwide. Anyone planning to buy a wireless headphone think of this brand first. That raises the question what are the Best Beats Wireless Headphones you can buy?

There’s a reason for Beats’ popularity. The first is design. Beats look stylish, with the distinct logo standing out from a crowd of boring and bland headphones. Another reason is the sound profile. Beats are known for their bass-heavy signature, something various producers and EDM/Hip-Hop listeners can rejoice in.

With this in mind, which Beats headphones are the best? First, let’s take a look at our criteria.

Key Points to Consider

Build Quality – Beats headphones have had varying levels of build quality, with some of the cheaper models using some really light plastic. While some of the materials have improved over each iteration, we selected the headphones that demonstrated the most durable design.

Audio Quality – Beats are known for their booming bass-lines and kicks, but the newer, more refined models have tweaked the bass to be slightly more leveled with the mids and highs and taking out some distortion that the earlier models had.

Battery Life – The aux port is officially gone, long live the aux cord. In its place, Bluetooth will allow headphones to connect wirelessly. While you don’t have to worry about tangled cords anymore, you will have to make sure your headphones stay charged. We chose the models that lasted the longest.

Additional Features – The more you pay for headphones, the more features you’ll get. That’s why some of Beats’ higher-end models feature some awesome addons, like sound cancellation and an inline microphone.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the best Beats wireless headphones you can get in 2017.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

About the Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones

The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are Beats’ most balanced entry-level headphones in their lineup. In terms of design, the Solo3 is almost identical to the Solo2. It has the same beats logo and the same glossy finish. The headband still wraps over your head, and while it doesn’t feel as tight anymore, the hard plastic still seems breakable. The earcups are made of a soft leather which is great for sound isolation, but not so good for sweat and hot days.

Build Quality

The Solo3s are made of hard plastic and leather. The headphones are designed to collapse and fold for additional portability, but I sometimes found my hair getting stuck in the fold. In terms of the actual design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better-looking set of headphones. But in terms of durability, the Solo3 is a fingerprint-magnet waiting to break and twist if not taken care of.

Audio Quality

Best Beats Wireless Headphones always have an emphasis on the low end. Basslines and drum patterns sound more punchy, but in some tracks we tried, they completely devoured the mids and highs too. In some tracks, detail and texture were lost due to the overpowering bass. While the Beats did a good job of isolating the sound from the background noise, it still leaked a lot of the music into the public space. Something to consider if you wanted to wear these on your morning commute.  

Battery Life

The Solo3’s battery life has improved considerably, going from 12 hours on the Solo 2 to an incredible 40 hours of charge. This is due to Apple’s new W1 chip, which helps manage power and syncs with devices faster. You can also get a couple hours of battery life just from 15 minutes of charging.


Beats did a great job of upgrading the Solo 3 Wireless, but it still has some ways to go in developing robust materials and a expertly balanced soundstage. These headphones are great for everyday use due to its portability and style, just remember that this one is for the bassheads. 

Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones

About the Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones

Looking for something with a bit of a lighter profile? Maybe something you could run or work out with? Then the Beats Powerbeats 3 are your choice. They’re two Bluetooth earbuds with hooks that wrap over your ear, connected by a cord that you can wrap over the back of your neck. Similar to the rest of Beats’ latest lineup, the Powerbeats 3 rock the new W1 chip from Apple, making syncing and charging more convenient.

Build Quality

Because the Powerbeats3 is a lot smaller compared to its Beats cousins, it’s a lot more robust and durable. Aside from the ear hooks, there aren’t any parts that bend or fold, just the cinch that keeps the earbuds together. The key is finding silicone tips that fit your ears best. Once you do, you’ll quickly realize that the fit can be comfortably secure- perfect for running or doing workouts with a lot of frantic movement.

Audio Quality

This may sound like a big statement, but it’s one we stand by- the Powerbeats 3 is possibly the best set of earphones to come out this year. In our tests, the songs we heard were rich and warm, and even with the thumping low end, felt balanced and controlled. While other Beats headphones were too bass heavy, this one feels just right.

Battery Life

I was worried I’d have to keep running for the charging cable with how loud the headphones got, but these lasted a surprisingly long time. Beats promises up to 12 hours at moderate volume, and an hour of playback after just a 5-minute charge. This should be great if you’ve forgotten to charge your headphones before your morning run.


If you want something lighter and cheaper than Beats’ other offerings, the Powerbeats 3 delivers a compact experience that showcases some of the best sounds that wireless headphones can offer hence one of the Best Beats Wireless Headphones. With Apple’s new W1 chip, connecting to your phone is convenient again, as simple as “plugging in the aux,” only now you just need to wait three seconds before it pairs automatically. Sure, not much has changed since the previous iteration, but for the price point, you can’t beat it.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

About the Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones

Finally, we have the Beats Studio3 Wireless, Beats’ premium consumer headphone line. These headphones look a lot like the Solo3, except a little chunkier and with Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling. The Beats Studio3s are also one of the most expensive Beats headphones. Let’s take a look if it’s worth the tag.

Build Quality

Compared to the Beats Solo3, the Studio3 is a lot more robust and far more comfortable. They’re still made of plastic, but they don’t have that cheap, glossy feel that their other lines have. It’s worth noting that these headphones are a little big, so if you have a small head it may feel somewhat awkward. In my experience, it felt a lot better constructed than the earlier models.

Audio Quality

For the price tag, the audio quality has to be impressive. And thankfully, it is. The Studio3 provides some of the widest and most detailed soundstage. These cans really bring out the most minute notes and instruments in a track. The low end has the typical Beats signature, but the mids and highs were given enough space to breathe. The Studio3 also comes with noise-canceling technology, which from our tests performed extremely well. Park sounds and train noises were drowned out in the background, letting us concentrate on Lorde’s new music.

Battery Life

The Studio3’s battery life depends a lot on the noise-canceling feature. If you can live without it, you should be able to reach 40 hours, maybe more. Even with noise-cancellation, you can still expect to get about half that amount. This is the third set of headphones with Apple’s new chip and it clearly helps in the battery life department.


The Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones are one of the the Best Beats Wireless Headphones that money can buy. With a crisp and detailed soundstage, more durable materials, and active noise-canceling, the Studio3 make the price a very tempting offer. If you’re after the best sound and build quality, it may be worth investing the extra money.

The Verdict

After testing numerous Beats headphones from previous lines, these three are among the Best Beats Wireless Headphones you can purchase today. In my personal opinion, the Beats Powerbeats 3 would be my headphone of choice. Why? Because of the design, the build, and the price point. I don’t like spending too much on headphones, and I like to use headphones for gaming or for running, so the Powerbeats give me everything I need for just the right price.

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