Buying wireless headphones? 10 things to know before you buy

Thinking about buying wireless headphones but not sure which pair to choose? It’s so important to do your research before you drop your hard-earned cash on a pair. Wondering where to start? We’ve rounded up 10 of the most useful articles to help you in your search. Good luck!


  1. Considering whether to buy USB wireless headphones? They’re super convenient, combining the microphone and headphone in one. Perfect for gaming and other uses. Check out some of the best USB Wireless headphones here
  2. Still unsure whether you need wired or wireless headphones? Read on to discover the key differences here –
  3. Into gaming? Here are some of the best wireless headphones out there for gaming especially for PS4.
  4. On a budget, but don’t want to skimp on quality? We’ve done the research for you to discover some of the best wireless headphones between $100-$500. You can thank us later. Check them out here –
  5. Need a mic attached to your headphones? Whether it’s for conference calls or gaming, here are four of our top picks. Take a look here –
  6. Need your headphones to sync easily with Apple products but don’t want to splash out a ton of cash for the Apple brand? We’ve got you covered with this roundup of headphones –
  7. A Sony fan? Whilst there are lots of great brands out there, who could blame you for wanting to stick with one of the most reliable brands of headphones. Here’s a roundup of some of the best Sony headphones out there right now –
  8. Or perhaps you’re stuck on the question of whether to go for Sony vs Bose? Given the confusion that lots of people have when it comes to picking the best brand out there, this article is a must read before you make your purchase –
  9. Looking for a slick wireless rechargeable headset. We’ve done some research for you and found a few top picks that you are sure to love. You can see the full list here –
  10. Maybe you’re not actually by headphones for yourself, but for your kids? Kids know better than us what’s cool, but it’s also important to look after them. Here’s some great wireless headphone picks with cool features like controlled volume to protect their little ears –



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