Talking on cell phones while driving distracts the driver and often leads to fatalities. Today, though automobiles come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free communication, it still does not ensure a private conversation, especially when you have company while driving. Although car headphones are not often recommended, it sure provides an optimum way for communicating while being on the move. And therefore many people opt for good Car Wireless Headphones for communicating while driving.

A wired headset is always a poor choice to begin with as it might get tangled with the car components. Other options include a Bluetooth or IR headset that can give you your desired privacy and a hands-free communication while you drive. If you are travelling with family and would like to indulge them in movies or songs without getting disturbed, then Car Wireless Headphones are an awesome choice for entertainment also. Here are a few headsets that you can consider while driving:

Plantronics Voyager 5200 – Bluetooth Headset

Let’s begin with Plantronics Voyager 5200, a Bluetooth Headset best suited for communication while on the move. This gizmo features an adjustable boom arm with four microphones with cutting edge noise cancellation and a proprietary DSP to cancel disruptive background noise like traffic or crowds. Powered by the unique WindSmart® Technology, this reliable piece of accessory boasts the ability to detect wind direction and react accordingly for clear audio.

The controls are well designed with the on/off switch on the back of the main unit and have smart sensor technology which detects whether the user is wearing the headset or not. So, if you are listening to music and decide to suddenly take off the device from your ear, it will ‘Pause’ the audio until you switch it back to play. This 0.71-oz.headset lets you use Google Now or any other voice control. Other features include a handy mute button with an audio reminder, smart sensors for taking calls and pausing music, and a charging case providing 14 hours of charge for this headset. All in all, a good Car Wireless Headphones for people who spend more time on their phones to get much of their work done.

XO Vision IR620 Universal (IR) Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphones

XO Vision IR620 Universal (IR) Infrared Foldable Headphones is one of the most budget-friendly headsets available for entertainment while travelling. These cans pack the optimum punch at a low price. They can be rotated and are foldable for easy storage. The pair comes with a power switch and volume controls and an automatic shutdown feature.

Suitable for both adults and children, XO Vision IR620 Universal (IR) Infrared Foldable Car Wireless Headphones is a good option to listen to the audio from the DVD player of the car. They are a great alternative to the costly OEM headphone often recommended by the car manufacturers and prove to be a great companion on long drives with family. The functions are pretty simple and does not disappoint; however the battery remains an issue as they run out at a fairly high pace. Still it is worth the audio quality and provides a good value for money.

Audiovox MTGHP1CA

Audiovox MTGHP1CA single channel wireless headphone is an IR compatible headset with a carrier frequency of 2.8 MHz for right channel and 2.3 MHz for left channel. One of the best value headsets, these pair has a robust construction and has built in volume controls on the cups. The foldable ear pieces makes the entire gadget compatible and the LED indicator light lets the user know when the headphone has been switched off automatically if not in use.

The over-the-ear design ensures that the audio quality of soundtracks remain clear with minimum distortion and distinct sound signature. You can keep children engrossed in their favorite shows and DVDs while on the move and this IR headset proves to be a great option to listen to your audio tracks while travelling.

Concept CDC-IR10 over the Head IR Infrared Wireless Stereo Headphones Earphones

Concept CDC-IR10 uses IR signal technology and proves to be a midrange headset that is compatible with all in-vehicle audio and video applications. It has a dual source adjustable headband capable of wireless as well as wired applications.

The copious cup design foam-padded earpieces offer superior comfort, sound isolation and noise cancellation. The entire unit is housed in a stylish IR-transparent ABS plastic with opaque styling with receivers capable of reception at 10 feet with 270-degree capture of IR signal. It is important for the user to note that this headset is only compatible with IR technology and does not work with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other signal types

Dr. Dre Studio Car Wireless Headphones

Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Headphones is one of the most expensive Bluetooth headset. So unless you are ready to spend lavishly, these luxury set of cans are off limits for the average driver. But for the audiophile who takes pleasure in savoring every note of music, this pair of headphone comes with unbeatable audio quality and performance. The dual-mode Adaptive Noise Cancelling shuts off the outside world and the Beats Acoustic Engine DSP lets you enjoy music at its best.

The on-ear controls can answer calls, skip tracks and adjust volume without having to reach for your phone or car controls. Capable of operating even at 30 feet, this headphone is not limited to just wireless functions. It also houses a RemoteTalk cable with mic-and-remote to be used with wired sources as well. The built-in rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of wireless operation which can be increased up to 20 hours with wired operations.

Wireless headphones are a good option to keep children occupied so that you can concentrate on your driving while you commute. The in-ear Bluetooth Car Wireless Headphones with microphone is suited for adults to have their conversations while keeping their hands on the steering wheel without losing the focus from the road, while driving. Some the above headsets are unique and have a great performance track record. Having said that, it is best recommended to drive safely and the use of such devices must be kept to the minimum, especially when you are driving and travelling with family and friends.