It’s beautiful, and the experience of using an Apple product reflects that. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Google is considered the Android Apple. For how many sensors are packed into each housing, the earbuds are remarkably thin. While its Mentos-reminiscent appearance may not please all, it is discreet. They sit with the ear almost flush, which is something the majority of the competition has yet to achieve. Even still, the earbuds caused pain from rubbing against the outer ear after just an hour of wear.

Three sizes of ear tips are available to users, but the wingtips can not be substituted, which is a bummer, particularly for those with unusually large or small ears. This static wingtip design is not great for athletes, because the earbuds may not be as secure as they would with something like the Jaybird Vista to the outer ear. Each earbud has a touch-capacitive panel supporting playback, volume, and call control, as well as access to Google Assistant. The touch technology is excellent, and accidental taps are never registered, something we’ve run into while testing other true wireless earbuds like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. It also supports automatic ear detection, so playback pauses when the earphone is remove


Battery Life

It recorded six hours, eight minutes of playtime on a single charge from the Google Pixel Buds, exceeding the company’s specs by an hour. Fast charging is assisted here: in the case, 10 minutes yield 2 hours of playtime. The USB-C case offers a new 24-hour listening period, which ensures you can get a couple of weeks of at-home workouts in before backup. With the included USB-C cable or via Qi wireless charging pad, this takes about two hours to achieve.


We also checked its translation into Spanish. It worked and interpreted what had been said correctly, but the procedure was repetitive. Users have to download the Google Translate app and have it open when using live translations. Molina felt this defeated the purpose of live-translate integration of the earbuds; if he had to grab his phone anyway, why not simply use it?


With Google’s long-range wireless technology, Bluetooth 5.0 support allows the ‘buds’ to stay connected to your smartphone, even if they are three rooms away. Three rooms in my Chicago apartment are much smaller than three rooms in a suburban home, but a layer or two of the drywall does not interfere with communication in general. If you’re an outdoor runner, say you ‘re running on the neighborhood track, these are the earbuds for you: they will stay linked to the entire length of an American football field because there are less physical and electrical barriers outside.


To our surprise, only AAC and SBC are sponsored by the Google Pixel Buds (2020). The former performs unreliably which is distressing on Android apps. Seeing how these are supposed to be used with Android phones, in particular, Google Pixel phones, the lack of an Android-friendly, high-quality Bluetooth codec has me, and the folks at SoundGuys have been puzzled.


Initially, some users recorded the audio stuttered during playback of the Google Pixel Buds (2020). The firmware update is expected to be released in August, according to Forbes.

The Pixel Buds are easy to pair.

Anyone who has an Android phone can use the latest Google Pixel Buds right away by simply opening the case and activating Bluetooth on the chosen handset. A pop-up card asks permission to connect to the Pixel Buds, and you are ready to rock. Part of the process includes setting up Google Assistant support, so you can access by saying, “Hey Google,” or by a tap-and-hold of the touch panel.


It’s also simple to pair with an iOS device but not as seamless. To do so, open the charging case without removing the earbuds and hold down the button at the back of the case until the LED flashes green. Then go to your iOS device’s Bluetooth screen, and pick the latest Pixel Buds. You can remove the earbuds once they are connected and go about your business as usual.


Sounds fine on the latest Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds (2020) reliably reproduces audio with limited emphasis on bass notes, which is more appealing to general consumers; adds the further increase in music playback to which we have become accustomed to brands such as Beats and Jabra. Again this low-end amplification is subtle, so alert bass heads aren’t your ‘buds.’ Kick drums sound about twice as loud as male voices, which can make listening to your favorite singer in particularly cacophonic songs difficult.

Adaptive sound adjusts the volume levels automatically to your environment.


Isolation is not perfect, meaning visibility is just okay, but that is a function of the headset technically. Google included vents to ease the “plugged” feeling earbuds can create while keeping you aware of your environment. It’s a compromise between Apple’s nozzle-less style and a more traditional earbud layout. Knowledge advantages aside, when external noise — think subway rattles or plane engines — comes into play, audio quality instantly degrades. That’s because loud sounds make relatively quiet ones hard to perceive, making music “off.”


The microphone quality is excellent.

Google’s robust microphone system suits all vocal registers beautifully. Speech intelligibility can also be related to accelerometer voice recognition, which we have seen with the Apple AirPods Pro. Yes, the person on the other side would undoubtedly know that you’re talking from a microphone headset, but the background noise is effectively overlooked, which is a must-have feature when speaking.

Do you need to buy the Google Pixel Buds?

The new Google Pixel Buds (2020) should be obtained by Google Pixel users searching for the least resistance route. They may not be the best value true wireless earbuds on the market, but they’re a solid option that gives Google Assistant reliable hands-free access, secure fit, and modern design. Although live capabilities in Google Translate leave something desired, it is refreshing to see a company pushing new, exciting features. Finally, the AirPods have their primary Android competitor: the Google Pixel Buds (2020)


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