The Groov-E SoundBuds wireless headphones are simple and stylish wireless earbuds that are easy to wear but also look good. True wireless headphones that come with a good price but also great sound are hard to come by. We put the Groov-E SoundBuds to the test to see if they are worth the price but also how well they fit into different lifestyles. Continue reading on to get our thoughts on the Groov-E SoundBuds.


For most wireless earbuds, the design is an important feature. The earbuds are pretty straight forward and similar to a lot of wireless earbud competitors. The buds are matte black and they have a small LED right that flashes when the headphones are in use. The design isn’t overly complicated and for the most part, they look good and work well.

If the feeling is important to you, then the Groov-E might not be for you. They feel a little cheap and the charging case even feels cheaper. This doesn’t mean that the product that was used is cheap or not as good as others, but we feel they could be a little better made. The charging case holds a 10-hour charge which is nice to have when your buds are running low on battery. The charging case does have a “charging” button that needs to be pressed to get the charging process started though.

The nice thing about the charging case is how it shows the charge you have in the headphones. The headphones go from 100% and lower depending on what percent. Once they’re placed in the case you can see the percentage. The case and earbuds are light in weight. The case is small enough for easy transportation and they won’t feel weird in your pocket.

Wings and Buttons

The headphones don’t come with any wings but they have a secure fit. If you’re doing rigorous exercise you might have some issues but that’s about it.

As for ear tips, you do get three options. The earbuds also have action buttons on both buds. The buttons have the same purpose so it doesn’t matter which headphone you use. The buttons allow you to play or pause the music or answer/drop calls. You can also press the button to access your phone’s voice assistant like Siri or Google. You can skip tracks with a double click or have a set volume you like.


The headphones connect via the right earbud, then the buds will connect to each other. The connection is very strong but the earbuds also are on the lower end of the price point. The Bluetooth isn’t the best quality and you occasionally get music cutting in and out.

The balance and sound are clear and good though. The higher notes occasionally have issues and you may have some scratchy voices. With mid-range frequencies, the earbuds do relatively well and it doesn’t seem to have any issues. When it comes to podcasts or radio, the headphones pull through and give off a clear sound.

Overall for budget headphones, the sound is decent but there nothing to throw a party about. When looking at purchasing these headphones you might want to consider that.

Battery Life

The battery life for the earbuds alone are four hours of playback. That may seem really low but for wireless earbuds that is standard. The charging case can give you an additional 10 hours of playback if the case is 100% charged and ready to go. Overall you can get around 14 hours of total playback time with a few factors added in.


The price for the Groov-E SoundBuds is pretty desirable. Coming in at around $40 for the headphones, it’s a nice price for wireless headphones. With that being said, you’re not going to get great sound or quality with these headphones because of the price. We’ve talked about the poor sound quality and that could be because the price is a little on the lower side.


Overall, these were not our favorite headphones that we’ve tried. They are great when it comes to price and style  but that’s about it. The sound quality isn’t the best and the material feels cheap. If you need a headphone to just get you to and from work or through a gym session, these will do. Check out our other reviews for headphones that are similar to the Groov-e SoundBud wireless headphones that might work better for your lifestyle.


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