Headphones That Only Work in One Ear: Review


The name on-ear comes from the way that their pads sit on, instead of over, your ears. This implies they’re more conservative and can go with you without occupying bunches of room in your sack. But on the other hand they’re greater and the vast majority discover they’re frequently more agreeable to wear for significant stretches than in-ear earphones.

The explanation you’d pick this style of earphones over the other two is on the off chance that you travel a great deal, drive, and like to tune in to music and digital broadcasts while you do or you’re a home audience who needs a tad of commotion dropping without the greater part of over-ears. It’s a triumphant mix, truly, and a structure factor that we’ve tried widely throughout the long term.

Keeping that in mind, and to help you choose an incredible pair of on-ear earphones, we’ve assembled a rundown of our top of the line on-ear earphone surveys, so you can do all your exploration and make a buy in one spot. The best on-ear earphones (additionally called supra-aural earphones) are an incredible center ground alternative between massive over-ear earphones and humble earbuds. For most people, they’re perfect.

Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset

One of the most powerful and savage tigers out there in the universe is probably the vicious Royal Bengal Tiger. This wireless bluetooth headset boasts and embodies the blue reflection of a real beast. The lightweight and ergonomically crafted Blue Tiger Elite Headsets have virtually zero road noise, helping you focus on multiple activities at once just like a tiger would before it goes hunting or like Tiger Woods before he takes a shot.

There are a number of things to enjoy about the Blue Tiger Elites. Namely the superior Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows for crisp connectivity and overall clarity, compiled with an amazingly long battery life of 34 hours. Every single one of these headsets are equipped with a tastefully engineered High Performance speaker that will always deliver. If you’re concerned about wearing this headset, don’t be too worried because the Blue Tiger Elites are considerably elite and have added in adjustable headbands with padded earpad cushions to allow for extended periods of comfort.

Features of the Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Stay associated: Take calls, tune in to GPS bearings, or tune in to music while you stroll with this remote headset with Bluetooth 4.0 innovation to effectively combine with your gadget. 

Howdy FI PERFORMANCE SPEAKER: Delivering clear and amazing sound through a superior speaker, the earphones join new advances with brilliant designing for a dazzling exhibition. 

NO ROAD NOISE: Reduce the clamor of your truck’s motor and passing vehicles, the commotion undoing innovation of the headphone and receiver allows you to hear and be heard out and about 

Throughout the DAY COMFORT: The adaptable headband on the headset has a flexible fit, and a cushioned headset gives padded solace even on the longest positions. 

34 HOURS OF TALK TIME: This expert driver headset has a battery that runs as hard as you do. The durable battery presents to 34 hours of talk time and 600 hours of reserve time.

Pros and Cons of the Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset



Easy to use Quite Fragile
Well designed
Good value

Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset

Much like the name suggests, the Plantronics Voyager 104 was built for that picturesque you versus the world moment outside. The wireless headset allows for maximum movement and mobility because it literally has no wires. Run free and wild with the Voyager at your service, and if you sweat then don’t sweat it because this headset is equipped with a state of the art P2i nano coating which protects your headset from sweat, water and dust.

Interesting thing about the Voyager 104 is that it only takes a couple hours and a half to charge fully, after which you can use it for the entirety of the day with no hassle.The Plantronics Voyager runs on bluetooth and has easy on ear controls that work even when you’ve got gloves on. Apart from that, each of  these headphones come with a memory foam padding, which is sure to guarantee a degree of comfort that anyone who sleeps on a memory foam pillow can easily imagine.

Features of the Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset

Experience perfectly clear sound with the lightweight Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth headset for drivers. This remote headset is constructed sturdily enough to deal with regular use while the innovation itself joins the absolute most recent highlights for earphones. The delicate leatherette ear pad and cushioned headband help to lessen foundation clamor while sitting easily against the ears so clients can obviously hear guests on the opposite end. 

Regardless of whether you’re in the truck or need to take a refueling break, you’ll have an agreeable fit, high strength Bluetooth headset with as long as 24 hours of talk time on a solitary charge. Making the Voyager 104 ideal for long days at work. 

Approaches the street are more charming with the Plantronics Voyager 104’s clamor dropping mouthpiece so clients and guests on the opposite end can carry on a lovely discussion without overabundance foundation commotion. The headset additionally has a flexible headband and bendable mouthpiece so it can suit precisely the position it needs to be worn serenely. 

At long last, you’re covered with a one-year progressed substitution guarantee for significant serenity. That implies one year of our help: if our group verifies that your Plantronics Voyager 104 is blemished, we’ll transport a substitution that very day and cover the shipment cost to do as such.

Pros and Cons of the Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset



Comfortable Could be louder
Battery lasts upto 2 days 
Excellent boom

BlueParrott C400-XT Bluetooth Headset

If you’re someone who likes birds, I think it’s important to know that Parrots usually dominate along the shades of green. However, some of these parrots such as the Hyacinth Macaw and the Pacific Parrotlet have undergone mutation and developed a shade of blue. Just like the BlueParrot C400-XT bluetooth headset have innovated from their prior models and introduced a jaw dropping new design which supports Bluetooth and NFC technology. Which means you can pair it with your device with a touch. The headsets are Dust-proof, waterproof and hold up quite well in extreme temperatures.

Quite like a parrot you can talk all day with these headsets because they have 24 hours of talk time, and that’s every time you charge it. The BlueParrot’s VoiceControl function allows hands free answering for all calls on the go and also has superior noise-cancelling for optimum clarity of sound. The headsets have also incorporated a car charger, and 2 extra leatherette ear cushions for your convenience. You can wear this dynamic headset over your head or behind your neck which allows for an extensive versatility in your choice of apparel.

Features of the BlueParrott C400-XT Bluetooth Headset

The C400-XT is certainly not an excellent headset. The emphasis here is on capacity and clarity. All things considered, it seems like a significant part of the inside hardware is incorporated into the blast mic itself and not the headset, which causes the work to feel off-kilter and base weighty—like an oscillating brush appended to a truly lightweight headband. 

The blast mic has a froth windscreen and the earpad has a froth pad. The tip of the blast arm can be bowed and calculated to an exact spot, and BlueParrott suggests setting it at the edge of your mouth. The fit isn’t frightfully agreeable—you feel genuine tension on the non-mic side of the headband, which may push you to select one of the included necklaces all things considered. Shockingly, the pieces of jewelry, which really fit behind the rear of your skull, are similarly awkward, particularly in the event that you wear glasses. The assembler isn’t something we can envision wearing throughout the day, paying little heed to headband or jewelry decisions. 

At the highest point of the cumbersome blast arm, there’s a force button, an or more and less catch, and a catch with the BlueParrott logo, which handles quieting. Its capacity can be changed in the free BlueParrott application, where you can dole it out to quiet, speed dial, voice notices, and different choices. In the wake of matching, which is a snappy cycle, I unintentionally fueled the headset down while setting it on my head, so watch where you hold it—the force button is anything but difficult to coincidentally tap. 

The BlueParrott C400-XT is a Bluetooth headset intended for use in boisterous conditions. At $139.99 it isn’t modest, however, its noise-dropping mic conveys great clearness. All things considered, its monaural (single-ear) plan makes it difficult to hear guests in noisy conditions, and it’s one of the most un-agreeable headsets we’ve tried in ongoing memory. It’s a specialty item, without a doubt, however on the off chance that you work in a loud setting, the mic’s presentation could make the less alluring parts of the C400-XT’s plan worth managing.

Pros and Cons of the BlueParrott C400-XT Bluetooth Headset



Superb mic clarity The design seems at odds with loud workplaces since one ear is always exposed.
Solid battery life Uncomfortable headband and neckband.
The noise-canceling boom can be bent and angled Clunky build.

Rand McNally DRIVE 210 ClearDryve 210 Convertible

Virtually, anyone who has had an exhilarating experience with headphones would have heard of the Rand McNally headsets. These headsets have been molded into a true masterpiece through complex engineering and years of dedication, helping them achieve a high end finished product with exceptional audio..The Bluetooth availability in the Rand McNally allows you to tune in to your favorite genre of music, motion pictures and shows altogether or even live radio from your cell phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-empowered gadget.

The headset features adaptable padding ear cups. Moreover, the headbands connecting the piece are developed with breathable, oil-safe materials for all-day comfort. The DRYVE was  designed for predominant quality and toughness. Not only that, the convertible remote headset is built to last and also accompanies a one-year maker’s guarantee.With over 20 hours of talk/playback time, the ClearDrive 210 will be a long lasting companion, allowing you to tune in for more everyday.

Features of the Rand McNally DRIVE 210 ClearDryve 210 Convertible

The ClearDryve 210 is an excellent convertible headset with clamor dropping innovation. Highlighting very good quality, matte dark equipment, ClearDryve 210 consolidates outstanding sound with advantageous remote capacities. 

ClearDryve 210 can consistently progress from a better remote mono headset than a couple of top-notch earphones. Just eliminate the head cushion and trade it with the subsequent ear cup for a total change in a flash. Tailor the ideal fit utilizing the flexible headband and bendable blast mic. 

ClearDryve 210 conveys fresh, clear considerations regardless of the climate. A double amplifier attempts to sift through 90% of foundation commotion so guests just hear you, not the clamor. What’s more, for better tuning in, actuate commotion crossing out to kill undesirable surrounding clamor through the ear cups. With 20 hours of talk and listening time. 

ClearDryve 210 allows you to encounter excellent calls, longer.ts top-notch sound. To further improve the listening experience, sound evening out settings are accessible. Switch between the five presets depending on the kind of sound you’re tuning in to.

Pros and Cons of the Rand McNally DRIVE 210 ClearDryve 210 Convertible



Active noise cancellation Not stylish enough
Premium Stitching
High-quality boom microphone


Rand McNally DRIVE 100 ClearDryve 100 Mono Headset

This futuristic looking headset looks straight out of a 90’s Sci-Fi movie depicting the future. Featuring an array of technologies such as noise-suppression, dual microphone and 20 hours of talk/playback time. Moreover, there is no hassle with wires dangling about because these Headsets are Bluetooth operated.

The earpads are filled in with plush memory foam and the rotatable mic outlet allows you to wear the McNally DRYVE 100 on either ear at ease. Users can choose between 5 different settings of sound equalization for the desired experience that is best suited for you.

Features of the Rand McNally DRIVE 100 ClearDryve 100 Mono Headset

Rand McNally as of late appeared with new ClearDryve remote sound system earphones for business transporters. The three new gadgets convert into mono headsets through the expulsion of one earcup, giving adaptability to over-the-street drivers. 

The three new ClearDryve matte dark, 2-in-1 remote earphones/headset models incorporate the ClearDryve 220 with rich over-the-ear cups; the ClearDryve 210 with delicate on-ear cups for a lighter fit; and the ClearDryve 100 with a delicate on-ear cup and padded head cushion, which additionally changes over into earphones with the acquisition of a subsequent ear cup. 

Created by Rand McNally specialists and originators, working together with sound specialists, the gadgets block as well as wipe out more than 90-95% of surrounding sound. The ClearDryve highlights include: 

ClearDryve is without link with an inherent battery-powered battery offering over 20 hours of talk time, over 500 hours of backup time, and over 20 hours of music playback time. Controls on the gadgets empower drivers to accept calls, skip melodies, and change the volume without contacting their cell phones. 

A removable earpiece transforms the superior sound system earphones into mono headsets (220 and 210 models). With the slide of a catch, ClearDryve’s dynamic commotion abrogation kicks in to block out encompassing clamor while tuning in to music.

Numerous receivers drop in-taxi commotion, empowering clear two-way correspondence. The gadget’s sign handling eliminates most in-taxi commotion from the amplifier. The flexible blast receiver swings far removed when not being used and can be quieted. 

Pros and Cons of the Rand McNally DRIVE 100 ClearDryve 100 Mono Headset



Calling & Music Listening Functions
High Quality Premium Protein Leather Ear-pads And Headband
Wideband Audio Capable

Jabra PRO 9460 Mono – Professional Wireless Unified Communication Headset

This lightweight contender can go head to head against any of the headsets available in the market today.The Jabra PRO 9460’s features are exquisite and unique when it comes to High Definition Audio complete with advanced noise cancelling and intelligent voice adaptability technology.

The most attractive feature is probably the touchscreen display that greatly enhances communication capability just like smartphones replaced the earlier buttoned devices. Travel great distances with the Jabra Pro and rest assured knowing this headset has got you covered.

Features of the Jabra PRO 9460 Mono – Professional Wireless Unified Communication Headset

The Jabra PRO 9460 has been compared to having a second pair of hands – or a collaborator – that is the amount you feel the new Jabra 9460 wireless headset makes the performing multiple tasks nature of current office life feel. 

Promptly getting the attention with its striking great looks, the Jabra PRO 9460 headset sits on its charging base close to a LCD contact screen. This permits you to effectively flick between the entirety of the specialized gadgets in your office. 

In addition to the fact that it fulfills the work of a DECT headset to your work area telephone, however the Jabra PRO9460 additionally interfaces through Bluetooth to your cell phone, and associates with your PC simultaneously. The protected ‘commotion power outage’ framework, wideband sound, and unrivaled solace make the Jabra Pro 9460 the ideal working apparatus. 

The Jabra Intellipower guarantees you of negligible energy utilization, and the remote reach is up to 100m. The Jabra Pro 9460 audit satisfies a few models of the advanced office, not the least of which are the fundamental necessities – a cordless headset for cell phone, work area telephone and PC – and it looks extraordinary!

Pros and Cons of the Jabra PRO 9460 Mono – Professional Wireless Unified Communication Headset



Touchscreen Display The earpiece doesn’t fit comfortably
Noise Canceling Microphone
HD Voice


Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset, Mono – Telephone Headset

Based on its composition and making, the Jabra Engage 65 mono might as well be everyone’s basic preliminary headset. Before you go ahead and impulse-buy headsets that people have recommended to you, you might consider giving this one a try because it sure is a head-turner.

As far as mono headsets are concerned,  The Engage 65 mono is nothing short of a beast and that’s due to the dedication of the engineers who have run hundreds of hours worth of tests ensuring that these headphones remain a viable option for you.

If you’re someone who expects a certain level of privacy when you’re engaging in a conversation with your peers, then this headset is best suited for you because it is equipped with something known as patented blending. Yes, and this also uses a 256-bit AES encryption to ensure a certain degree of secure comms at your arsenal.

The Engage 65 has a fast charging option which enables you to fully charge it in just under 90 minutes. And also, if you wish to make a quick run to grab some snacks and come back to your workstation then don’t bother taking the headphones off because they remain connected to your desk about 500 feet away through the DECT wireless connectivity. Therefore by all means, you can engage in your daily life at ease with these premium headsets by Jabra.

Features of the Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset, Mono – Telephone Headset

The Engage 65 mono would be my goto headset. I state goto on the grounds that I’m at present utilizing the Engage 65 Stereo. My office isn’t sufficiently uproarious to warrant the double headphones, yet it is ideal to tune in to music in surround sound. The Engage 65 mono is a beast. You have 13 hours of talk time, 490ft remote reach, and a phenomenal commotion dropping receiver. This headset is the trade for the Pro 9450. You can interface it to 2 gadgets, a work area telephone, and a PC. In case you’re in an enormous office, you don’t need to stress over obstruction. 

You can have up to 120 of these headsets not afraid of obstruction. This is the most secure remote headset available. It utilizes Patented blending. 256-digit AES encryption. 128-cycle authentication. DECT Security Level C. The Engage 65 is likewise truly agreeable and light 57g. Another helpful component is the underlying occupied light. Associates/clients at this point don’t need to figure whether you’re on the telephone. 

Practically equivalent to the 65 Mono, gauges somewhat more 83g, sound system (2 headphones). With this, you will get up to 490ft or meandering reach, and 13 hours of talk time. The touch screen base is likewise a cool element. You can handle or change the fixing on the base! The genuine advantage of this headset is the latent commotion dropping that is given by the double ears.

Pros and Cons of the Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset, Mono – Telephone Headset



Can connect to 2 devices Talk time is decreased to 9 hours

Logitech Wireless Headset H820e Single-Ear Mono Business Headset

The Logitech H820e is one of the most intelligent headsets in the market that you could find today. Alongside sporting their enterprise quality audio, these headsets have an inbuilt LED indicator that lets people know when you’re on a call and even when you’re not.

The H820e has a superb range of 300 meters which allows for additional mobility around your workspace. Now whether you’re on a call or watching cat videos on the internet, each of these headsets use acoustic echo cancellation technology on par with a noise cancelling microphone to max out the effect of crisp audio and simultaneously ensuring that there isn’t any noise leakage that might put you in jeopardy.

To elicit even further, this headset was ideally built for the cliche busy business people with an affinity towards the overall efficiency of their work. To allow for this to happen, the H820e offers upto 10 hours of battery life every time it is charged fully so you can effortlessly continue to go about your schedule and make ends meet without having to worry about that.

Features of the Logitech Wireless Headset H820e Single-Ear Mono Business Headset

The Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e is another item in Logitech’s scope of business peripherals. This item arrives in a plain earthy colored box with little exhibition it is intended to do a work, and do it well. The Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e is for occupied workplaces and call focuses – where administration is fundamental – for talking on the telephone or over the web utilizing VOIP. This implies that sound clearness, just as solace for the wearer, is a main concern.

Similarly as with different items in Logitech’s business line, this headset has a straightforward yet proficient looking plan. It is light and agreeable to wear and is effectively customizable, which is significant when the client will be wearing it for extensive stretches of time. The mouthpiece blast arm can be placed into the ‘up’ position when not being used; a straightforward element that can in some cases be disregarded by less expensive headsets.

The Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e is a costly headset, however it offers phenomenal voice and sound quality. The plan is light and agreeable to wear, just as looking proficient, however it’s somewhat greater than different headsets because of the binaural plan. Catches for changing volume and accepting calls are remembered for the headset, which is helpful, and the remote innovation gives you greater adaptability when utilizing the headset.

Pros and Cons of the Logitech Wireless Headset H820e Single-Ear Mono Business Headset



Nice design Expensive
Comfortable Bulky compared to mono headsets
Excellent audio quality

BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

The BlueParrot C550-XT bluetooth headset have sincerely worked closely with innovative technologies and have made more than an arm’s length in terms of advancement from their prior models and have introduced a jaw dropping new design, this behemoth of a headset which is surprisingly light but somehow also supports Bluetooth, NFC and voice control technology. Which means you can pair it with your device without even having to touch it. Just ask the Blue Parrot to do something and it will. Try saying, “Hello BlueParrot, How can I get rich?”.

It is truly a marvel to look at and use when you’re looking for an entirely different hands-free experience. Not only are the headsets Dust-proof, waterproof and durable in extreme temperatures, the BlueParrot boasts upto 24 hours of talk-time per charge and is extremely comfortable so you can actually wear it all day long and not strain yourself.
If the BlueParrot headset could talk like an actual parrot, it would say, “Stay relaxed, I’ll get the job done”

Features of the BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

The 5.8-ounce B550-XT has a to some degree stout form however feels light and agreeable. The earpad is a cowhide like material with adequate padding; it’s a circumaural cushion, yet little enough to feel like a get between an on-ear and over-ear earpad. The headband has huge cushioning, and presses against your head delicately, utilizing an adaptable silicone cushion. All things considered, the tension on your skull—especially in the event that you wear glasses—can feel somewhat close on occasion. Moving the headset around lightens the strain. At the point when you locate the correct plot for your head’s shape, the cushioning constantly takes into account an agreeable fit. 

The headset can be worn with the earpiece on the left or right side—you flip the mic over the top to make this conceivable. The blast reaches out from the ear cup. The gooseneck-style blast takes into account the exact position of the mic, which is covered by a cushioned windscreen. Underneath the screen, the mic is a bi-directional electret with a recurrence scope of 150Hz-6.8kHz 

BlueParrott keeps the on-ear controls straightforward. The B550-XT has a BlueParrott button, just as a force/blending button underneath it, and committed in addition to/short fastens for volume. The BlueParrott catch can be appointed to different capacities utilizing the partner application. The force button serves as the call answer/end catch, and it will likewise gather the voice collaborator on your telephone.

Pros and Cons of the BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset



Excellent mic clarity with solid intelligibility even in loud situations. Expensive.
Comfortable. Apps could be more useful.
Can be controlled by voice using an app.

Beyerdynamic DT 252 80 Ohm

Beyerdynamic’s DT 252 is a very unique earphone. It is actually incomparable when it’s pitted next to some of the most prominent headset brands out in the market. It is lightweight and wireless and is a headset that you can mindlessly work with. The incredible quality of audio makes this headset appropriate for countlessly versatile applications in transmission and recording studios.
In practice, one of the most important elements in telecommunication technology is neodymium. Neodymium is generally merged with different elements such as iron to make super strong permanent magnets. These headphones use exactly that. The neodymium magnets that are present inside of the Beyerdynamic DT 252 helps achieve a very balanced overall sound.

These headsets have amazing noise cancellation and are designed by German engineers for your maximum comfort. All in all, it’s a prodigy in the world of single eared headsets and it helps you achieve that state of solace when you’re looking to unwind with the highest quality headsets available in the world today.

Features of the Beyerdynamic DT 252 80 Ohm

Beyerdynamic’s DT252 earphones are an incredible pick for both transmission and studio applications. Because of their single-ear plan, you can at present hear the common acoustics of your voice and what’s happening in the room – an element numerous entertainers like, as it will in general improve inflection. Obviously, the DT252 shut unique earphones likewise make incredible “signal” earphones for DJ applications. There’s a 1/8″ to 1/4″ connector included with the earphones, so you’ll have the option to utilize them any place you need. Thick, happy with cushioning guarantees you can utilize your DT252s during long live or recording meetings. 

The single-ear plan of the Beyerdynamic DT252 earphones loans itself well to communicate and DJ signaling applications. Albeit, numerous studios like to load up on the DT252s, as performers (singers, specifically) often prefer to hear their common sound in the room so they can mix all the more successfully and imaginatively with different artists.

Pros and Cons of the Beyerdynamic DT 252 80 Ohm



Lightweight, low-profile design Feels very flimsy
Single-sided, detachable cable
Closed single-sided dynamic headphone, 80 ohms



There’s an interminable determination with regards to earphone configuration, however you’re fundamentally picking between cushioned over-the-ear earphones or cozy in-trench headphones. Both have their benefits, however for this gathering, we’re zeroing in on the over-the-ear and around-the-ear plan of customary earphones. 

You ought to likewise consider how convenient they are. Most matches crease up to fit in a pocket or little pack, and some are so light you could fail to remember you have them on you. Look at your choices from the best-chose earphones on one ear we could discover!

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