How Are Wireless Headphones Made?


Yes, we all love listening to loud music. Some love bobbing their heads to some old school gangster rap others like banging their heads to some crazy metal gore, whatever the case is, the volume at a maximum is optimal. However, have you ever wondered how these headphones are made? Sure, there is a wire that connects both the earplugs to an auxiliary which then connects to a device, preferably a PC or a mobile phone, and eureka! It works. 

The problem now is, everyone knows how a wired headphone is made and honestly, it is getting quite outdated. Does anyone know how a wireless headphone is made? No? I did not think so. Well, this article will help you understand the mechanics, features, comparisons, and the in-depth analysis of wireless/Bluetooth headphones. If you did not know at the start of this, you will be the end, so brace yourself and let’s jump right into it.

The Origin of Wireless Headphones

At the point when Apple eliminated the earphone jack from the iPhone in 2016, numerous buyers were justifiably terrified. How could they possibly do this to us? Today, countless remote earphone choices utilize Bluetooth to interface with your cell phones and are more advantageous than conventional wired earphones.

However, this was not the origin of the wireless headphones, in no way Apple was the first team to design the first wireless headphones. It was actually around the 1960s when the first idea of the wireless headsets popped up as a brainchild of this universe and it has a very colorful history.

Toward the beginning of the 1960s, headsets utilized via airline pilots were so massive and bulky, that many preferred using handheld mouthpieces to impart. The distress of the oversized headsets and inconvenience of handheld microphones, particularly in complex fly planes, incited United Airlines to start a quest for lightweight headsets.

Courtney Graham, a United Airlines pilot himself, alongside his companion and individual pilot, Keith Larkin, chose to make a headset that was both tough and light. The two pilots wound up connecting two transducers, as utilized in portable amplifiers, to a headband. The plan was submitted to United Airlines who endorsed it and thus, the modern headset was born.

It was only until 1999, the Bluetooth version 1.0 was invented, and around the year 2000, is when the first mobile phone with Bluetooth pairings was released. Remember when you were younger and everyone around was wearing those Bluetooth earphones for one year, and only those people in specific would seem super official? Yes, that’s the level of intensity a wireless headphone has shown. 

The True Features of the Wireless Headphones

The first thing you should know is that there are various types of wireless headphones. A wireless headphone lets you ramble free, listening to music, or taking a telephone call. There are largely 3 different technologies that make this possible. They are as follow: 

Infra-Red Wireless Headphones

Infrared Wireless earphones use infrared innovation to send sound signals. From the source component to the earphones/headphones itself, the IR is answerable for making sure about safe sound quality. Contrasted with different sorts of earphones, infrared remote earphones need a clear and unhampered view between the transmitter and the beneficiary. The infrared light sign is touchy that it needs to stream unhindered. 

You may feel that IR earphones are the least durable earphones contrasted with different remote wearable sound gadgets. With regards to distal sound insight, IR earphones render a horrible showing against every single remote earphone. Yet, on the off chance that it’s given its direction, you may have the best sound experience contrasted with Bluetooth and RF earphones.

Infrared transmission’s great sound creation is an expert for IR earphones. Joined with the benefits of remote earphones, you may have the best rearward sitting arrangement involvement in this sort of earphones. IR headphones have a lower risk of deterrent. This quality suggests that you may have a superior strong encounter the extent that the sound transmission separation isn’t undermined. Likewise, IR distant headphones with battery-controlled batteries may have a strong ability to keep the headphones working. They consistently prop up for around 20 hours.

Ultra High-Frequency Headphones 

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) earphones permit you to access a larger range of sound than Infrared headphones and can be utilized to tune in to music without facing any issue. UHF is an incredible alternative to use with more seasoned tech that does not accompany Bluetooth or different remote choices. They come in cost-friendly models 

Additionally, this advancement of innovation is viable with nearly anything. It tends to be matched up with PCs, tablets, ipads, mobile phones, PCs, radios, CD and MP3 players, and TV sets. It is known for its productive low force utilization. This earphone naturally rests if there’s no stability in the earphone for 3 minutes. The best part? It consequently awakens once it recognizes sound. 

Remote earphones may appear to be threatening from the outset. Taking into account that we’ve become used to the problem that wires may bring, remote earphones seem, by all accounts, to be more helpful and cost-productive. Whatever kind of remote earphones you may pick, it’s important to consider your way of life before spending your well-deserved dollars.

Bluetooth Headphones

Last but not the least, Bluetooth earphones are the newest expansion to the group of wireless earphones. Most of them usually give a decent harmony among cost and quality. These are your most ideal choice in case you’re sharp with cell phones which have Bluetooth capacity. 

In case you’re intending to purchase a couple of Bluetooth headphones, you should consider picking one of the 3 sorts of Bluetooth headphones.

In-ear earphones 

In-ear earphones may come in comparative looks. They’re minimized and stuffed with trend-setting innovation. The distinction among each pair lies between the cost and the ideal preferred position they can offer. 

In case you’re biting the dust to have a couple of in-ear Bluetooth earphones yet have a restricted spending plan, stress no more! For just $50 underneath, you would now be able to make the most of your definitive Bluetooth earphone experience.

On-ear earphones 

On-ear earphones or known as ‘supra-aural’ earphones are appealing to individuals who favor compact headphones yet aren’t happy with in-ear earphones. They’re likewise a compact option in contrast to the bulkier over-ear earphones. 

In case you’re on the chase for a decent pair of in-ear earphones that cost $25 underneath, has it for you. 

Accessible at $23.49, Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headphones offer you its 40mm huge gap driver units and CSR chip. This model gives quicker stable transmission speed, lower inertness, and better sound information.

Over-ear earphones 

Over-ear earphones or ‘circumaural earphones’ are a favorite for their agreeable fit. A few models have progressed highlights like noise cancellation and hi-fidelity sound. While over-ear earphones aren’t profoundly compact, they’re known for working admirably at giving disconnection of your preferred music over other noise. 

Remote over-ear Bluetooth earphones are accessible at for just $19.99. Highlighting its most recent Bluetooth 4.1 innovation, this model gives inconceivable sound quality and clear high pitch. With 20 hours of playing time, you can appreciate tuning in to your preferred music all you need! 

How Do Wireless Headphones Work?

The popular foundation of wireless innovation is Bluetooth. Thus, we should begin with it. This remote tech associates gadgets inside a short-range by the method of radio waves without the assistance of any links or wires. The innovation is used to send and receive data between Bluetooth-empowered gadgets like PCs, tablets, cell phones, and so on. Subsequently, it requires a blending handshake so such devices are synchronized with one another. In Bluetooth earphones, they pair legitimately to your telephone which gives you a sans wire insight. Contingent upon models, Bluetooth headsets have a scope of up to 32 feet. 

How is the sound or the music communicated from the cell phone to earphones? The appropriate response is using a codec. Codecs are programs that pack information for quicker transmission and afterward decompress it again upon gathering. The codec packs the advanced sound sign on your telephone. It is then communicated over the air directly to your earphones. Sound players and headsets both have sound codecs. You simply need to ensure the two gadgets you have to uphold the equivalent codec to work appropriately. 

Then again, remote earphones not running on Bluetooth utilize two different alternatives: infrared and radiofrequency waves. Both require a base unit, a section that interfaces the remote headset to the source gadget. Connectors and dongles are instances of a base unit. These associated with the gadget inside or remotely are still without wire. 

Making of  Wireless Headphones 

Wireless earphones are made by a mix of hand and machine strategies. The inner speaker arrangement on the earphones must be wired first before being set in the earphone packaging. This is commonly done in a mechanical production system way with a few laborers being answerable for a little aspect of the cycle. One laborer may wire the speaker design into the headset while another might be answerable for simply collecting the pieces of the pre-shaped packaging. 

Most earphone housings are made by machines to set aside time and cash. The external housings of most earphones are made of shaped plastic and along these lines are made by a lot of molds at the processing plant. 

After a couple of earphones has been amassed they are tried in the production line. These days the testing is finished by a PC. The PC program sends sound waves through the earphones to test the recurrence reaction.

Final Thoughts

Technology is changing due to the rapid advancement of our planets and soon there will be no wires at plane sight. Therefore, switching to wireless earphones can be considered as a progressive move, interesting. Technology has evolved so that you can now wirelessly charge your wireless devices, yes it sounds confusing, but that’s just how it is. So please, throw away that old wired up jack you have and make the future, now. 


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