How to Bass Boost Headphones?


Headphones are fit for making bass hints of stunning quality despite their moment size. That is because headphones don’t work on the outside as amplifiers do; all things being equal, they push the air straightforwardly into the ear trench toward the eardrum. Likewise, they block the opposite end part of the way or totally so practically no air can get away. That implies that headphones are especially proficient at creating bass. 

What’s more, headphones produce punchy bass sound depending on bone conduction. This means they send sound vibrations that reverberate in body cavities and the bones of the skull. Those vibrations are excessively low for the eardrums to get on, however, the cerebrum sees them effectively. Given how headphones radiate sound, it is not difficult to reason that in-ear and over-ear headphones are the best bass supporter earphones. The former sits straightforwardly in the ear canal and pushes the sound waves directly to the eardrum, while the last layer on the head around the ear and uses bone conduction for their potential benefit. That implies that on-ear headphones need both of those particular properties and are not the best fit for tuning in to bass-hefty sound.

If you’re here because you wanted to know how to hear the bass better on the songs you listen to, you’re not the first one who wanted to know.
World-renowned rapper and producer, Dr.Dre went as far as making the Beats headphones, better known as “beats by dre”, so that the users can have the same ethereal experience that can be felt at the studio when listening to their favorite songs.

Ways to Bass Boost Headphones Based on Your System

There are a few things that you can do to upgrade the bass sound propagation on your headphones. Albeit the distinction will without a doubt be perceptible, it will not be intense. So if you are just searching for a bass-rich encounter on your headset, consider getting one explicitly intended for super-low bass sound generation. They make certain to make any basshead work to the beat!

For Windows:

1) On the bottom right of your screen, locate the arrow pointing upwards.
2) Hover to the arrow and click it to find the volume icon(It has a speaker Symbol).
3) Right Click on this volume symbol icon and go to playback devices.
4) A graphical user interface (Screen) will appear for Playback Recording, Sounds, and Communication.
5) Right-click on the highlighted box indicating speaker and headphone on the Playback Tab.
6) This takes you to a window that has 5 tabs in total
(General, Levels, Enhancement, Dolby Audio, and Advanced)
7) Click on Enhancements and select the checkbox for Bass Booster to boost the bass for your headphones.
8) Hover on to the Apply Button and click on OK for the changes to take effect.

Bass Enhancement on Realtek HD Audio 

Note that bass upgrade settings likewise exist in sound drivers from makers other than Microsoft, like Realtek HD Audio Drivers. The means shift marginally from the ones examined previously. 

Stage 1 

On the off chance that you have Realtek HD Audio, follow a similar system portrayed above to open the Sound Settings and the Properties window. 

Stage 2 

Under the Enhancements tab, check the Equalizer box. 

Stage 3 

At the base piece of the window, change the Sound Effect by choosing Bass from the Setting drop-down menu. Snap Apply. 

Stage 4 

Snap-on the circle’s button close to the drop-down menu on the off chance that you need to change the recurrence range physically. A little Graphic EQ window will open where you can utilize the sliders to help the bass however you would prefer. Hit OK to save the progressions on all windows.

For a Mac
Just like Windows, the famous Mac with the apple logo has its settings for boosting the bass and overall sound preference according to what genre you’re listening to on your headphones. This can easily be done if you use the features present in the iTunes equalizer.

Simply go to your iTUNES>WINDOW>EQUALIZER or just use (OPTION/CMD) on your keyboard to reveal the equalizer. There are 20 existent presets to use as default from the iTunes equalizer. However, you can always manually adjust the equalizer to have your custom preset. Additionally, you can tweak the settings on the Sound Enhancer to improve the quality of your music.

If you’re still not satisfied then simply get an amp. Amp is short for amplitude. It’s a device that increases the amplitude of the electrical signals passing through the sound systems in place. An amp is a versatile device that can be plugged into the loudspeaker or into any electronic musical instrument to enhance its productivity. Think of the amp as a large battery with a powerful enough capacity to allow for loud volume that surpasses your current setting.

Bass Enhanced Headphones
These headphones are designed for the sole purpose of enhancing the bass output and are usually very easy to obtain. You could also consider getting bass-enhanced headphones that can give you the elite sound experience you’re looking for more often than not. These are all guidelines for improving on the existing system you have. Something that works for you might not work for another person and vice-versa, but you already know that.

Download headphone bass booster mobile apps on the [App Store(Apple)/ Play Store( Google)]
There is an array of applications with unique visualizers and electronic DAW’s that can be used while playing your music. This process is entirely cost-free and even though you might consider this as an option. You should know that it will only be as good as the application is optimized to provide.

Here are a few other things that might be stopping you from boosting your headphone bass: A dedicated sound card, a good media source player, or your Ear Wax.


We are glad to say that our dearest earphones have brought about the ideal result since the time we changed the sound settings. While exploring how could be dealt with fix the issue in Windows, we likewise figured out how a similar issue could be tended to on Realtek and Beats, and the MacBook. So we incorporated those fixes in the article as well. Ideally, the directions we gave above assisted you with bringing those thumpy bass sounds on your earphones. Since you know how to bass lift earphones, you can pause for a minute or two and make the most of your number one music.

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