How To Get Your Bluetooth Wireless Headphones To Work


Let’s face it; sometimes technology can be hard, especially in today’s society. Technology is coming with less information, and trying to connect one piece of technology to another can be mind-boggling. Wireless headphones can be a pain to pair to your phone, television, or gaming console. Although some wireless headphones state that they can effortlessly pair to your devices via Bluetooth, that isn’t always the case. Wireless headphones are popular today because it gives the person the ability to be free from wires and move about their day without worry.

A wireless headphone connects to your devices by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR (infrared) signals, depending on the device you’re trying to connect to. Devices with Bluetooth technology can connect and exchange data over a short distance using radio transmissions. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth also allow you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Any product that features Bluetooth technology has a small computer chip inside it that holds the Bluetooth-enabled products, like a cell phone or headphones. When they’re near each other, they connect, or pair. Due to this technology, you can use your wireless headphones without wires.

Today we are going to dive in a and do a step-by-step guide of how to pair your Bluetooth wireless headphone. This can help make your life a little simpler, and you can get on with your day a lot faster.

Connecting to a television:

Start by making sure your base is plugged in, and your headphone batteries are fully charged. Place your headphones and television close to each other to ensure nothing is blocking the signal. Turn your headphones on then go to the settings on your TC and turn on Bluetooth. Find your headphones under the Bluetooth devices on your television. Once you choose the correct wireless headphones, you should be able to hear your TV through them.

Connect to an Xbox:

There are two methods to connect your headphones to your Xbox. The first method is connecting without Bluetooth Capability.

First, make sure that your headphones are charged. You can do this by plugging them into the USB port on your console and letting them charge. Turn on your console and the headphones. Once everything is powered up, push and release the connect button on your console. Within 20 seconds, press the connect button on your wireless headphones and hold for two seconds. Your headphones should be combined, and you can hear sound from them.

The second option is connecting headphones with Bluetooth.

First, plug your wireless headset into the console to install the latest headphone drivers. Make sure you’re connected to Xbox Live to do this step. Charge your headphones by plugging them into your Xbox. If you charge your headphones via your Xbox, they will most likely automatically connect. If they don’t automatically connect, turn on your console first and switch the headset so it is on Bluetooth mode.

Press the power button for two seconds until it flashes green on your Xbox. You should hear a start-up sound and when you hear that, press the connect button for two seconds. After you release the button, press and release the connect button on the console within 20 seconds or the connection will not happen. The green lights will flash three times to let you know the connection was successful.

Connect to a PS4:

The first step to connecting your wireless headphones to your PlayStation 4 is registering them to the PS4 via Bluetooth. To do that:

1. Go to the XMB menu and select Settings.

2. Select the Accessory Settings icon and find the option that says Manage Bluetooth Devices.

3. If no current Bluetooth device is registered on the PS4, you will have the option “The Bluetooth device has not been registered. Do you want to register it?” Click yes, and if the pairing is successful, the device will show up on your screen.

4. You will see “To register (pair), you will need to prepare the Bluetooth device. For information on preparing the device, refer to the instructions supplied with the Bluetooth device.”

5. Click “Start Scanning” on your screen. Make sure your headphones are in pair mode so your PS4 will recognize the device. If the pairing were successful, it would show on your screen, and you can hit the X button to continue.

6. You will be prompted to enter the passcode or security key that was provided with your wireless headphones. Use the keyboard on the screen to enter your code. Once everything has been entered, a message will appear that the device has successfully been registered.

7. Go back to the “Accessory Settings” menu and find the “Audio Device Settings” menu. Select “Input Device” and when the new list opens, look for the proper microphone input that corresponds with your wireless headphones. Once you find it, select it by pressing the X button.

8. Select “Output Device” to select your headphones. Once you’ve gone through your options, click X on your wireless headphones to select them. You should now be paired and ready to use your wireless headphones.

Connect your wireless headphones to your iPhone:

Find the settings menu on your iPhone and click the “General” button. Hit the “Bluetooth” option and slide it to turn the function on. Your iPhone should find the device once it is enabled and should show the device name on the screen. When it does, hit the “Pair” option so your device can sync. You might need to enter your phone’s password for this to happen. Once everything is entered, hit “Connect” on your iPhone to complete the setup. Your headphones should now be appropriately paired.

There you have it, simple step-by-step guides on how to pair your wireless headphones to your television, gaming console, and iPhone. If you are still having issues, contact the manufacturer of your headphones for more assistance because all headphones are unique and each manufacture is different. Always make sure your headphones are charged before trying to pair and make sure nothing is blocking the Bluetooth wireless signal while attempting to pair. If you’re wondering what headphones to purchase for your television, check out our post here.


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