iLive Electronics are a great brand known for innovative design technology for speakers and iLive Wireless Headphones. The company, Digital Products International, Inc. was founded in 1971 and iLive is the flagship brand vehicle for the enterprise. Known to have more than 45 years of experience, the company focuses on bringing latest in technology at affordable prices.

Packaged in world-class designs, their products are exciting with innovative features, quality and affordability. Here are a few top of the line iLive Wireless Headphones from the brand:

iLive IAHB64 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headset

iLive IAHB64 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headset is a premium range wireless headphone and comes with a decent quality build. The headphones are foldable and therefore are easy to carry around with ease. Made for daily use, these headphones are durable and are a good outdoor companion. The drivers are covered with soft padding that allows good comfort while wearing them in the long run.

This iLive Wireless Headphones comes with a 3.5mm wire-cable if you choose to use the headset as a wired option to save battery. Pairing is fairly simply and can be connected to a single smartphone or any other Bluetooth devices instantly at a time. Calls can be received via a built in microphone and music can be resumed once the call is disconnected.

Audio quality is great with distinct highs and lows and moderate bass thanks to the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. Classical music and hip hop music are much sharper in these headphones and provide a great battery life. The entire package comes with a 3.5mm audio wire cable and a charging cable that can be used to recharge the headphone when you run out of juice.

iLive DUO Bluetooth Headphone

iLive DUO Bluetooth Headphone has outer cups that swivel flat for compact storage and have foam cushioning for ease and comfort. It has a powerful mic that offers clear transmission of voice to the receiver on the other end. The headphones can be paired with devices running on both Android and iOS. With the noise isolating headphones, bass is quite prominent and the voice quality is exceptional for receiving calls as well.

The rechargeable battery allows the user to use them for almost 6 hours of powerful audio experience and also receive calls. The sound quality is incredible with noise cancellation and gives the on-ear headphones unparalleled stereo sound. Ideal for travelling or commuting to work daily, the Bluetooth headphones filters away ambient noise and helps you listen to your favorite songs without external hindrances. This also helps in having clear conversations on call without any distortions.

iLive DUO Bluetooth Headphone has a good improvement over its predecessor and the audio system is elegant with a well-rounded design. Audio quality is remarkably good for music, videos and gaming purposes. The over-ear headphone has incredible sound with mids and lows with deep bass that provides a perfectly equalized audio output giving the best music experience. The headphone can be folded for compactness while storing or travelling.

iLive iAHP46B Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

iLive iAHP46B Wireless Bluetooth Headphones has a sleek design combined with comfortable, memory foam ear pieces with crystal-clear sound on the Platinum wireless headphones. The iLive Platinum wireless headphones has memory foam that surrounds your ears, along with an adjustable headpiece, provides a relaxed fit for an extended period of use. It can be used at a maximum distance of 33 feet away from the tablet, computer or smartphone. Pairing is instant and can be used with all types of smartphone without any latency issues.

The iAHP46B iLive Wireless Headphones has a built-in microphone for clear conversation and the adjustable padded headband adds to the comfort of listening to conversations clearly. The over-the-ear styling is retro and has a Micro-USB port for battery recharge. The volume, play/pause/phone answering/power/pairing etc. are on the earcups and has a Li-ion battery that gives maximum 5 hours of use on a full charge and that too on maximum volume.

Speaking of sound quality, these are Platinum grade headphones that deliver impressive sound quality for the price. Apart from this, the headphones are decent and have a good built quality with incredible sound that does not disappoint the user. The mids and highs complement with the lows playing clearly without stepping over each other; in other words, the vocals and music has a distinct registry that is pleasurable to hear.

iLive IAEB25B Bluetooth earphones

iLive IAEB25B Bluetooth earphones have an around-the-neck design which is lightweight with retractable earbuds and a solid build quality along with an attractive look. On the left side of the wireless headphone, there is a volume control and button for answering phone calls.

With in-ear buds this iLive Wireless Headphones provide excellent noise isolation while on-the-go and feature an in-built microphone for receiving calls. Bluetooth connectivity is good and smooth while in range and gives a great way of enjoying music while travelling, running or working out.

Made for everyday use, this wireless headphone is built for rugged use. The in-ear headphone is fits snug in your ear in place while running or working out in the gym. The bass is rich without getting too muddy and the mids are balanced out for vocals. It has a battery life of 4 hours usage in one complete recharge and offers good clarity and a fairly natural sound with a wide variety of music.

That’s it for now guys. Hope you had an insight about the brand and the headphones that I picked out for you today. For more updates please stay tuned to my posts on brand information and latest news on exciting products