Today we will look at some of the best JAM Transit Wireless Headphones.

Wireless headphones and earphones has been a great addition for audiophile communities who seemed to have been pretty hassled with the constant tangled wires of regular headphones. That is the reason when wireless earphones made a mark in the market, they saw a huge surge in sales due to its style, functionality and social status.

Being untethered from a device feels great; and once accustomed to such a habit, it is difficult to give up afterwards. And that is what the American company JAM audio seems to be tapping with its innovative wireless headphones. Today I have picked out quite a few and exciting JAM Transit Wireless Headphones that are stylish and ergonomic in design – hoping that these will help you make choose a pair of wireless headphones for your daily use.

JAM Transit HX-HP420 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

JAM Transit HX-HP420 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are simple on-ear headphones that come with integrated speakerphone for hands-free talking. It makes a good choice for commuting and is available in 4 different colors. The design though simplistic has a very beautiful classical appeal to it which can still remain timeless with changing fashion.

Made from high quality material, the parts are durable with a smooth finish. It comes with a carry pouch and the headphone has a good padded cushion for comfortable hearing. This JAM Transit Wireless Headphones has a large rechargeable battery that lasts up to 11 hours and takes about 2.5 hours to charge it to maximum capacity. For charging the headphones come with a USB cable as a part of the package.

Pairing these headphones to a smartphone or tablet is a hassle-free experience via Bluetooth signal and can be used upto 30 feet away from the device. The audio quality is extremely good and the accessory successfully cuts out outside noise, delivering well-balanced mids, highs, and lows. Overall this wireless JAM Transit HX-HP420 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones is a very good companion for your day to usage and can be used in a gym while working out or at home while working in the kitchen.

JAM Transit Micro Wireless Sport Buds

JAM Transit Micro Wireless Sport Buds are an in-ear set of Bluetooth headphones that have been developed especially for athletes and sportsmen. The headphone is available in pink, green and blue colors and is robust enough to withstand outdoor conditions and movement due to mobility.

The earbuds have small modules where the Bluetooth and battery are neatly fixed with minimal use of space making the entire headphone slick and small, with just a single wire that runs between your ears. Though minimalist, they are highly effective for cutting away outside sound. Another aspect that shows that the headphone is made for runners is the reflective cord intended to provide an extra safety element for those running at night.

This JAM Transit Wireless Headphones are comfortable to wear and fit into the ear rather well – thanks to the gripes with in-ear headphones. The micro sports buds come with more than one tip that suits the correct size of the user’s ears and the over-ear holds the headphones in place while moving around. It has a reliable Bluetooth connection and does not compromise the sound quality. The highs and lows are prominent while the mid-highs and mid-lows are delivered quite perfectly without any distortion which is exactly what an athlete wants when engaged in physical activities. The battery lasts for upto 10 hours and provides a solid 8 hours of music playback before they begin to show signs of faltering which is indicated by a blue LED light on the earbud.

JAM Transit Evo Buds

JAM Transit Evo Buds comes with Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smart phones. Wireless connectivity means that you can plug in the earphones to your ears and pair it with your phone before going for a run or work out in a gym. They are sweat resistant that means you do not have to worry about them getting soiled, smelly or sticky while you work out.

JAM Transit Evo Buds has a 7-hour battery life on a full charge. The complete pack comes with a headphone, a micro USB charging cable, multiple size ear tips, ear hooks and a manual. It has a nice built quality as compared to the price and other headphones in the same segment in the market. It has a flat cord that connects the headphones and there is lesser possibility of them getting tangled while carrying around. It has automatic shut-off feature which basically shuts off the earphones within 2 minutes of them not being in use. This is a great feature to conserve battery life.

Speaking of sound, the Evo Buds JAM Transit Wireless Headphones have a great balance between the crispiness and bass of the vocals and music. The earbuds fit in very comfortably and cancels ambient noise giving a good punch and audio delivery. These earbuds are a great companion for day-to-day usage by people working out in the gym, runners or commuters.

Jam Transit Mini Buds Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Jam Transit Mini Buds Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds comes in three colors and has fairly small driver chambers attached to larger housings. These housing holds the battery and Bluetooth circuitry, which when in use, sits inside the ear comfortably-all credits to the angled nozzles and detachable ear hooks for a better fit. The long cable is outfitted with an adjustable cinch that can be tightened as needed. The Transit Buds has a pair of magnets built into the sides of the housings which holds the left and right earpieces together making the headset more convenient and secure to wear around the neck when not in use.

The Mini Buds Bluetooth JAM Transit Wireless Headphones has a power button, multi-function button, and combined volume up/next track and volume down/previous track buttons. A micro-USB charging port is located under a cover on top of the right side of these sweat-resistant earbuds. The sound quality has deep bass with balanced mid- and upper-bass causing the unit to sound a little sluggish. The bass of the midrange is a little boomy but the soft treble compliments the overall audio delivery making is a good hearing experience. On the whole, the sound of Jam Transit Mini Buds Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is very warm and smooth especially with the deep, powerful and hard-hitting bass.

Last but not the least, the built quality is good and can be paired with any Bluetooth device almost instantly. It is a great accessory and provides good value for money and can handle rough outdoor situation like being used on treks and marathons. Geared to appeal the sports community, JAM Transit Wireless Headphones are a great addition to their routine.

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