Jaybird Upgrades Their Truly Wireless Headphones With The Vista


Jaybird has been trying to break the mold when it comes to wireless headphones, trying to create a headphone that is truly wireless. Once again Jaybird is back with a new wireless headphone, the Vista, which is a redesign model which is similar to Jaybird’s Run and Run XT models. The benefit of the new Vista earbuds though is the reliable connectivity, lighter feel, a much better battery life, and a USB-C for charging.

This isn’t the first set of wireless ear buds that Jaybird has released. Earlier this year they released the Run XT, which was an updated version of the companies Run model from 2017. The earbuds are the same design and honestly, they had the same issues that the Run came with.

Jaybird decided to up their game with their new set of headphones and actually fix the issues that the Run and Run XT had. The Vistas now have no connectivity issues since the headphones have a new JBS1 chipset and connectivity system. In the past Jaybird tried to use two Bluetooth connections for their wireless headphones. Once connection was for the right earbud to a phone or computer and the other was to communicate between the headphones but the design didn’t work and the headphones were not in sync. Now the Vista headphones are using two independent connections to the user’s phone. This also means that you can use the headphones independently if you only want to use one earbud instead of two.

The second fix for the Vista headphones are the lighter feel of them. The headphones weight six grams each and they are rated for IPX7 waterproofing and feature a new waterproofing system. The company released a statement about the new hardware components that are completely sealed off in an internal capsule, which will help make them more resistant to sweat, instead of coating parts in a waterproof material.

The carrying case that the headphones come with is also smaller and lighter then the previous model. The case uses a USB-C instead of a Micro-USB to charge the wireless headphones. Even though the ear buds and the charging case is smaller, the battery life for the headphones are a lot better then the precious model. Jaybird is claiming that the Vista ear buds can last six hours and another ten hours with the case.

The earbuds offer a secure fit within the ear and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They come with three different-size ear tips and sports fins so you can get a tight seal and secure fit. The headphones are  noise canceling and although they work great as a headset, they don’t cut out ambiance sound, so that could be an issue if you’re in a noisy area. If you’re listening to music with the headphones, there is no way to listen to your surroundings. That means if you’re listening for announcements or walking late at night you need to listen on a  lower volume. They are also equipped with physical buttons so you can control the volume but you also need to use the app in order to program certain button functions on your earbuds.

The price for the Jaybird Vista are the same price as the old model, $179.99, and they are available on the market now. Currently the headphones only come in black with a yellow carrying case but more colors will be released this fall.


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