JBL Duet Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphone Review


JBL is known for making amazing headphones that last and give you crystal clear sound. These headphones fit over-ear and can help keep outside noise at bay when you are commuting, working out, or trying to study . Lets dive into the JBL headphones a little more so you can see why these headphones are great for everyday use and how they can work for you.


The JBL Duet Bluetooth wireless headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers that promise amazing sound. Sound can easily be switch between the ear cups with the touch of 1-button on the universal remote or by pressing the ear cups. JBL is known for their signature sound and can provide you with crisp sound, a beaty bass, and great mids. The volume of your music can easily be fixed with a touch of your ear cups, The frequency response sits between 20Hz-20kHz and the headphones weigh around 183.3 grams.

Coming in with a 4.0 Bluetooth type, you can easily pair these headphones to any of your Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth allows you to seamlessly switch between devices using one for music, but switch to a phone to take a call. If you don’t have a Bluetooth capable device, you can use the 3.5mm mini-jack to plug your headphones into your device and still be able to use them

Battery Life

When it comes to a good pair on headphones, battery life is very important. One of the top features that comes with the JBL Duet BT wireless headphones is the battery. The headphones have 16-hour battery life perfect for busy people or commuters. If you begin to get low on your battery or they die, it only takes two hours to rapidly recharge the JBL Duet BT wireless headphones and it gives you another 16-hours of audio playback. There might be some factors in the length of your battery life, like how high the volume is when you’re listening to music, that could lessen the battery life a bit.

Appearance and Comfort

The headphones feature an aluminum touch and leather ear pads. Due to the aluminum, the headphones have a sleek and stylish look. If color if a thing for you, the headphones come in a variety of colors so they can match your style any day. The headphones weight under one pound, making them comfortable to wear for a long duration, some people can even sleep in them. The leather ear cups fit snug to your head but aren’t too tight to cause any discomfort. The tight fit also makes it harder for sound to escape in, giving you a good listening experience. At the end of the day you can fold your headphones up and easily store them as well.


The JBL Duet Wireless headphones are a decent price for Bluetooth wireless headphones. On the official JBL website, you can purchase the headphones for right under $150. But people who are looking to save some money can actually head over to Amazon. Currently the JBL headphones sit at .99 for the set in black. The price on Amazon can change if you decide you want a different color. For under $100 these are a solid pair of headphones to own especially for over-ear and Bluetooth.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the JBL Duet BT Wireless headphones are a great pair of headphones you can invest in. The battery life is one of the headphones top features and typically the headphones do last 16 hours. The rapid charge time is also desirable especially if you’re in a rush and want headphones. Besides the battery life, the over-ear headphones are similar to the competitors. The sound is great and the Bluetooth is reliable but that is like other headphones. It’s nice that the headphones can come in an array of colors to match your style. One downside is they don’t support aptX which could hinder some user’s listening experience.


Last update on 2020-11-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


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