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JBL has its hands all over the wireless headphone game. They are now marketing the JBL Free X as a truly wireless earbud that is picture-perfect for everyone. We are here to take a look at the JBL Free X wireless earbuds and see if they are worth buying and exactly what type of lifestyle they would fit into. These JBL wireless headphones are almost identical to the JBL Free, so if pricing is a concern for you, just buy the JBL Free which will be a better price.

Unboxing and Fit

When you purchase the JBL Free X, you’ll get 3 earbud tips, 2 rubber earbud sleeves, a charging case, micro-USB charging cable, and the manual. This is pretty standard for any wireless headphone and earbud. The 3 ear tips are nice to have, so you can get the best fit possible with your earbuds. The charging case is also a nice feature. You can easily charge your headphones on the go if they need a little juice. For stability, these headphones are good. If you’re a runner or sports player, you don’t have to fear one of them popping out. The earbuds come in a unique shape that helps grip your ear and give you a tight fit. Since these are earbuds, you might have to stop from time to time to adjust. If you’re looking for the best fit when it comes to running, you might want to consider an ear hook option.


When it comes to controlling your JBL Free X, they have two buttons on each earbud. The right earbud will allow you to play or pause your music, answer calls, and trigger your voice assistant. The left earbud allows you to skip tracks or go to the previous track. The controls are simple to use and nice to have. The one downside to the JBL Free X is the volume control. You cannot control the volume on your earbuds with the earbuds. The only way to change your volume is by pulling your phone out.

One pleasant thing that you can do with your earbuds is your phone’s voice assistant. Not all wireless headphones allow you to access your voice assistant but JBL Free X does. With the press of your right earbud, you can control your voice assistant, or you can simply say “Hey Siri” into your bud.

Battery Life

The battery life for these headphones is nothing to brag about. The earbuds alone have around a four-hour battery life, which is almost standard with earbuds but not impressive. The charging case can offer an additional twenty house of playback, but that’s if you keep it fully powered before leaving the house. The battery life can also fluctuate depending on how long your music is or what you’re using the headphones for. You can also do a quick 15-minute charge with your headphones and get an additional one hour of playtime.


The JBL Free X has the same size and feels as the JBL Free. The earbuds are thick but narrow enough to fit comfortably into your ear. The earbud is dense and durable, so if you drop them a few times they will still survive. There are premium earbuds that have a little better of a look and style then the JBL Free X but there is nothing wrong with these ones. If you like the sleek and sporty look of Apple Airpods, these aren’t your headphones. JBL has a more rugged look and isn’t as polished as Apple’s products.

The carrying case is a circular charging case. The case is small and not too bulky, great for transportation. The cover of the case is transparent, so you can easily see when your headphones are done charging without having to open your case. The headphones do come with an IPX5 rating, meaning they can have some resistance to water, let’s say in case it rains.


The headphones are lightweight and easy to wear. The various tip sizes make it easy to get the right fit for you. You can wear earbuds for a long period of time without getting any ear fatigue. One thing to note is the design of the earbuds is a little unique and they might not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a premium feel and fit, these headphones don’t rack up compared to the Bose SoundSport Free, but they are better then more wireless earbuds.


Sound is one of the most important things when it comes to wireless headphones. The balance with these headphones is great and they perform well with a different variety of music. The latency can be a little high, which doesn’t make them ideal for television or movie watching. The headphones do come with a microphone if you need to voice talk at any point, but it isn’t the best for business calls. If isolation is your thing, these do pretty well. They aren’t a noise-canceling headphone but due to the fit, they do give you noise isolation. Once again though, there is no volume control on the actual earbud.

Overall Thoughts

Overall these are good headphones to invest in if you want the truly wireless feel. The downsides aren’t the worse when it comes to a wireless headphone and it has a lot of good features that come with it. For $150 you could get a little better of a headphone that features noise-canceling or volume controls though. Another downside is the headphones are almost exactly the same as the previous model, the JBL Free. They are a comfortable headphone to wear and the charging case is simple to carry around with you.

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