Lypertek Tevi vs RHA TrueConnect: Review


The tech industry is ever-changing with innovation being its key driving force. Right now we are at the age where technology is evolving into trying to become completely wireless. And this is most prevalent in the headphone market, where manufacturers are slowly shifting from wired earphones towards wireless earbuds. And the LypertekTevi and RHA TrueConnect are excellent examples of this new era of wireless earbuds. So let’s take a closer look at these products and see how they stack up against each other. 

It is quite obvious where both the LypertekTevi and RHA TrueConnect draw their inspiration from, which is evidently Apple and their innovative AirPods. The LypertekTevi and RHA TrueConnect are both excellent wireless Bluetooth earbuds, where both are Bluetooth 5 certified to give the best connectivity possible. They are also IP certified which means they are water-resistant. And they come with a fast-charging carrying case. As a matter of fact, both of these earbuds are quite similar to each other when it comes to specs.

But one good thing about these earbuds is you don’t have to break the bank in order to get them, unlike the more expensive Apple AirPods. However, that also means that both of these earbuds lack in certain areas as costs need to be cut in order to meet its price tag. So let’s take a deeper look into the differences between these two earbuds and figure out which one of them would better suit you.

Features of Lypertek Tevi vs RHA TrueConnect


The design and aesthetics of these two earbuds are by far the most subjective aspect. However, there are still a few differences that the user should consider before picking one of them up. 

Let’s start with the LypertekTevi. The Teviearbuds come with a matte black finish which is a good design choice as it feels nice to hold in your hands and is also very aesthetically pleasing. The earbuds are made of plastic though which may be a con but the build quality is good enough to make it durable. The case however has a very interesting design as it chooses to use a grey textured fabric rather than the conventional use of plastic or other materials which makes the case feel grippy and good to hold in the hands. 

It definitely stands out and by no means does it look cheap, giving you that premium look and feel to it. The case also has magnetic hinges which further adds to the premium feel of it. And to further add to that, the case and earbuds are also very durable and would definitely last you a while before you would need to replace it again. However, one aspect of the case that may be a downside is the size of it which can make it a bit difficult to put it in your pockets. But the lightweight and scratch-resistance of the case and buds definitely make up for any of its cons. 

As for the RHA TrueConnect, when it comes to design and aesthetics, these earbuds definitely take the cake. With a sleek minimalistic style and a premium looking matte black finish, these earbuds come the closest when it goes down to trading blows with the design of the Apple AirPods. Even though these earbuds are also made of plastic, but there really is no equal to RHA’s design philosophy. 

As for the case, it comes in a very compact and lightweight form factor which makes it very portable to carry. But where it loses a few marks is in the design of the case. The TrueConnect case is made out of metal and aluminum and has a matte black finish to it in order to keep both the earbuds and case aesthetically similar and provide that premium feel to it, but the case can become smudged up by fingerprints and will need constant cleaning for it to look good. 

Although both these products have an excellent design for them, I would give this round to the LypertekTevi because of its overall design choice. The TrueConnet is astonishingly beautiful and minimalistic and the case is made out of metal which feels really nice in the hands, but the case loses some points as it can become easily smudged up.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the LypertekTevi is superb. With a very high range of volume scalability and with no reduction in the quality of the audio in that range, the Tevi holds up really well. The Tevi also has a really good bass when playing music but it isn’t gonna blow your mind with its deep bass. The Tevi delivers an extremely well-rounded experience when it comes to the audio quality, though it does feel a bit lacking in the bass department. As for the call quality, it definitely does hit that out of the park as well providing very good audibility from the other end. However, the mic of the Tevi does feel lacking quite a bit especially when you are outdoors in a very noisy environment, but other than that it does its job well.

As for the RHA TrueConnect, the audio quality is very similar to that of the LypertekTevi, meaning that it is not too bass-heavy either. But where it does shine is in the overall clarity and tone of the audio where you can pick apart each element of a track. Simply put, whatever the Tevi does well, the TrueConnect does it better. And this goes further into the call quality as it does not only clean up any residual background noise very well but the mic quality is also much better than the Tevi as it functions really well even when there is background noise.

So this round goes to the RHA TrueConnect for its excellent audio quality when compared to the LypertekTevi. 

Accessories, Connectivity, Battery life, and Environmental resistance

Both the TrueConnect and Tevi come packed with a charging case with USB-C and a cable which ensures fast charging. They also come with a selection of buds to suit your size and preference, but this where the TrueConnect takes the win as the assortment of buds it has to offer is much greater compared to the Tevi giving the user the ability to pick the best size to suit their needs.

Similarly, both the devices come with Bluetooth 5 to ensure great connectivity, however, this is where both of these devices fall flat as it can have issues maintaining this connection over medium distances causing distortion in the audio quality.

As for battery life, the LypertekTevi sustains a full charge for about 9 to 10 hours with the case being able to recharge the earbuds an additional 6 times, ensuring longevity you can’t simply beat. Compare this to the 5 to 6 hours of charge in the RHA TrueConnect with an additional rechargeability of the case being only 4 times, it is very easy to see which device is the winner.

The LypertekTevi is also IP7 certified while the RHA TrueConnect is IP5 certified, meaning that the Tevi can be fully submerged underwater while the TrueConnect cannot. That doesn’t mean the TrueConnect is not resistant, because it does offer water, sweat, and dust protection, but the Tevi is more resistant to environmental hazards compared to the TrueConnect. 

Final Verdict on Lypertek Tevi vs RHA TrueConnect

There is no shadow of a doubt that both these devices are excellent and provide some of the best value for the buck when it comes to delivering an exceptional wireless earbud experience. Speaking of value, the LypertekTevi comes in around at $100 while the RHA TrueConnect is priced at $150. Honestly, you cannot go wrong without either of them and you should decide on which product is the best based on your own needs and preferences. But in summary, if you want a wireless earbud that packs all the latest features at an affordable price then the LypertekTevi is the one for you. However, if you want premium quality wireless earbuds that not only look and stunning and perform excellently but that also provides excellent value, then the RHA TrueConnect is the one for you.

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