Optoma has been in the market for quite some time. Their products are cool and trendy not to mention a little too stylish. But, do not let style fool you for performance. They score in every department –be it audio or battery life, Optoma wireless headphones are really a deal breaker.

I have had an opportunity to test their wired headphone earlier, but recently I was able to get my hands on some of their best wireless counterparts. And I am glad I did, thanks to their performance and quality.

I have picked a few today, for you to listen and enjoy. So here we go –

Optoma NuForce BE2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Optoma NuForce BE2 has angled drivers, flat ribbon cable, and water-resistant remote control and come in white and black options. For fitness buffs the BE2 Optoma Wireless Headphones is IPX5 rated, which means they are water and sweat-resistant so you can enjoy your workout as well as a run in the rain without any worries.

The Optoma BE2has a Qualcomm codec widely used for higher quality Bluetooth streaming and has the ability to deliver solid audio fidelity with its sound signature. It has a consistently warm sound, with enough detail and impressive punchy bass. The BE2 ear wings to anchor the buds in your ears and provide a good isolation from external noise. The SpinFit ear gels make it easy for the buds to stick on to the ears and are more adjustable to use.

Battery life is good, offering around 10 hours of playback time and the build quality of the BE2 Optoma Wireless Headphones is very good for an all plastic and rubber headphone. Overall, compared to its more expensive siblings, the Optoma NuForce BE2 offer great sound and build quality for the money; something that must not miss out on.

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones  comes with a carrying case and a carabiner clip, a very short micro-USB charging cable, ear tips and SpinFit Twin Blade ear gels in three sizes. The BE3s are designed to be of robust quality for the wearer and can keep up during a punishing workout.

The earpieces are magnetic to tie it around your neck or keep it neatly in the carrying case. The wings fit into the top of your ear to hold the buds in place and are indented with L and R symbols on the inner side of each bud. The buds are connected by a fairly long cable that easily wraps around the back of the neck and has an inline three-button mic piece with playback controls on the right side of the cable. The main button powers them on or off and a single press plays/pauses music, or accepts or rejects a call. The volume buttons of these Optoma wireless headphones can also skip or go back a track by holding either one down for about two seconds. The buds have IP55 rating and holding down the main button on the inline mic piece for six seconds until the LED blinks red and blue pairs the headphones with another device.

These Optoma Wireless Headphones sounds good particularly the lows for the bass-loving crowd and matches many other brands with the audio quality. All in all, a really nice headphone and does not disappoint in the sound department.

Optoma NuForce Be Free5 Truly Wireless Earbuds

The design of the NuForce BE Free5 is a better version of the NuForce BE Free8 that came out previously. The matte black color and textured plastic of the BE Free5 is of high quality and glossy. The earbuds have textured black enclosure and a glossy end-cap that functions as a button for each earbud. Each earbud houses a LED to indicate if they are connected, pairing, or running low on power.

The BE Free5 case is made from sandblasted plastic and the hinge is magnetic. The lid case has a LED light to indicate the current charge of the case. Charging is done by a microUSB port on the rear and comes with four pairs of ear tips, as well as three sets of ‘wings’.

The NuForce BE Free5 earbuds sound excellent and are tuned with a meaty low-end with controlled bass and offers good impact to help drown out ambient noise. Mids are well with some mid-bass bleed and the highs are extended. Battery life is rated at 16 hours total listening time and overall the wireless connection is pretty good. The earbuds are a good deal breaker if you find yourself looking for freedom and audio quality.

NuForce BE6i Bluetooth Optoma Wireless Headphones

The earphones comes with a small, zippered carrying pouch with five extra pairs of silicone tips in a variety of sizes, two pairs of Comply foam tips in medium and large sizes, a small cable divider, and a pair of silicone wings.

The BE6i Optoma Wireless Headphones has a brushed silver aluminum plating with the left and right buds connected via a thick cable. On the right side, there is an inline microphone with three buttons which helps you control various functions. The backs of the earpieces are magnetic, and use 10mm drivers that support Quallcomm AptX. Handling phone calls is simple with a single tap of the Power/Play button to answer or ends calls. The buds are IPX5 rated for water and sweat protection so you can work out in the gym without any problems of being damaged.

Bass is strong, punchy and the overall sound signature is well-balanced. The BE6i offer a well-rounded soundscape and you can listen clearly to small details in the audio. Highs are clear, warm and create a full-bodied overall audio structure. While using Spotify, you can tweak the app’s equalizer for the best sound profile you need. The buds feel sturdy, so it should last a long time and few wireless in-ear headphones can match the BE6i’s sound quality in the same price segment.

Hope you like what I picked out. Be sure to check our blogs for articles on different wireless headphone’s brands.