Pitch Perfect: Match your headphones to your lifestyle


Looking for some personalized headphones? From gym junkies to frequent flyers, everybody loves to listen to music. But depending on your lifestyle, you probably listen to very different music to the person sitting next to you on the train on the way to work.


Your music listening experience should be as personalized as you are. That’s why we also know that there’s not just one perfect pair of headphones. Actually, it depends completely on the type of person you are what your everyday routine is.


We’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite personalized headphones that are perfect for all kinds of personalities. Don’t see one you love? We’d love to hear from you what kind of headphones you’ve picked and why they make your life awesome!


Personalized Headphones #1 – Gym Junkie

So you like to pump iron and get active on a daily basis? We admire your dedication to sweating it out and feeling the burn. We’re also going to take a guess that you need a pair of headphones that are durable and don’t move around easily. Check out a few of our favorites here.


Personalized Headphones #2 – Frequent Flyer

From the boardroom to the airport, you need something slick and minimalistic. Quality is important when your high in the sky and size matters when you’re on the ground (so you can fit your headphones into your briefcase we mean). Take a look at a few good options here.


Personalized Headphones #3 – The open office resister

Maybe you work for a hip new startup in a coworking space, or your office has decided to try hotdesking. You bet it’s going to get loud at work, and you really need to focus on your busy project ahead of you. We love these.


Personalized Headphones #4 – Dressed to impress

Fashion and the latest trends are important to you? Then you absolutely must be seen sporting a pair of B&O headphones. Have a look at a few great choices here.


Personalized Headphones #5 – The eco-friendly warrior

Saving the environment is important to you? Going plastic-free is your goal this year? Have a look at some of these good-for-the-environment options.


These are just a few of our favorite headphones to fit into any lifestyle. But we can’t wait to hear more about what kind of headphones you are rocking – from walking down the street to when you’re in the studio finishing up your latest mix. Let us know in the comments below.

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