Samsung does not require an official introduction. The brand is world-renowned and has a good market value. Today I have picked out some of the best Samsung wireless headphones that can be your companion for listening to your favorite music with a good usage life.

One of the notable features about Samsung is that their designs are clean and articulate as compared to other brands. The use of different colors and curved aesthetics does bring in a different appeal to these headphones. So, do check them out below – I have picked a few, and these are available on Amazon.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones

Level U Bluetooth Samsung Wireless Headphones have dual-mic noise reduction to prevent outside noise from interfering with music or calls. This helps, but the open design of the earbuds also gives a little sound to leak like on the streets or on the subway. Battery life is rated for 10 hours of music playback and there are voice prompts to inform that the headphone is on and in pairing mode while the back of the neckband also vibrates while alerting you of incoming calls.

On the right side of the neckband is the pause and play buttons for music, answer/end calls, skip tracks forward and back and also to raise and lower the volume. The buttons are well placed easy enough to operate by feel itself. The Level U Samsung Wireless Headphones comes with large 12mm drivers that deliver high-quality, clear sound with decent sound isolation and bass. The low frequencies are distinct without distortion at both low and high frequencies. The treble is also smooth at high volumes with the clear and pronounced mids. It is a fairly well balanced headphone with stable Bluetooth connection while listening to any Bluetooth enabled devices and I available at an affordable price.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Bluetooth Cord-free Fitness Earbuds

The new IconX measures 21.8 by 18.9 by 22.8 mm, compared to the 2016 version at 18.9 mm by 26.4 mm by 26.0 mm. Thus, Samsung was able to go from a 47mAh to a bigger 82mAh battery. Samsung also shrunk the charging case, which incorporates a 340mAh battery vs. the 315mAh battery found in the previous charging case.

This is the second-generation Gear IconX 2018 from Samsung minus the heart-rate monitor from its predecessor which greatly improved its battery life. It also made the headphone smaller and more comfortable and when used with Samsung phones one can take full advantage of its features.

The buds fit snug with a tight seal and the included fins to help keep the earphones securely in your ears. These Samsung Wireless Headphones have a noise-isolating design and the earphones’ touch controls can be used for raising and lowering volume with a swipe down or up motions. The Icon X 2018 now has 5 hours of battery life when streaming audio from a phone, and the battery case itself is chargeable with an included USB-C cable for a full recharge to the buds. Apart from this, it has quick a charge feature that gives you about an hour of battery life from 10 minutes of charging in the case.

Sound quality is decent for this type of wireless headphones with a cleaner and more open ambient sound delivery. These are a style statement for Samsung and does not disappoint – I am absolute fan already.

Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Earbuds

Samsung Level Active is in-ear headphone that is lightweight with an attractive design. There is an in-line mic with power controls including volume buttons and call receive/end button. The left earplug opens up for microUSB charging whereas the right earplug is used for switching on or switching off the device. The Level Active has wing tips that are the flexible hooks with splash-resistant P2i coating for protection from sweat and rain. It comes with Bluetooth Version 4.1 and in-built Li-ion that can last up-to 5.5 hours and up-to 250 hours of standby.

Level Active in-ear Samsung Wireless Headphones give a good audio output for peppy, upbeat music and the call quality of the mic is reasonable. The device weighs only 18.2 grams with balanced highs and lows and moderate bass. There is a bonus feature with the in-ear headphones as it lets you track workout regimes through an app and thus eliminating the need of an extra fitness band.

Samsung Level On Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Level On Wireless Noise Canceling Samsung Wireless Headphonesis a fairly on-ear model with a full sized around-the-ear cup.It folds up to fit in its included carrying pouch and it has an attractive and durable plastic design. This Pro version has touch controls on the outside of right earcup to pause and play music or swipe to raise and lower volume or skip tracks forward or back. The headphone works well as a headset for making calls and offers decent noise-cancellation. Battery life is rated at 10 hours, which is great for a Bluetooth device with sound quality that seems decent for Bluetooth, with a strong bass and good detailed audio output.

Great for high quality lossless streaming the Level On Pro both as a wireless and wired headphone with an included cable does not disappoint.Very few Bluetooth headphones accomplish what Samsung Level On Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones with EQ settings in the rock and classical setting can do.Overall, it is actually quite decent headphone and gives the user ample of time to listen to good quality music without wires.

Samsung as a brand does not fail to deliver. They woo you with some innovative products and has a unique market value due to its innovate offerings. Do try these out and let me know your experiences. Stay tuned to my new posts on different brands about various accessories also.