Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for PlayStation 5: Review


The PlayStation 5 is here finally, regardless of whether it is practically difficult to get your hands on one. In case you’re adequately fortunate to have one or plan to get one eventually, putting resources into a decent gaming headset is an extraordinary method to improve the gaming experience. In case you’re thinking about what probably the best PlayStation 5 headsets are that you can get at the present time, at that point this rundown is for you. 

Sony didn’t simply deliver the PlayStation 5 last November. It additionally turned out PS5 frill, including a media far off, a camera (probably for PlayStation VR), and a headset. The Pulse 3D is Sony’s new, first-party PS5 remote gaming headset, a smooth looking arrangement of earphones that conveys a $99.99 sticker price. The Pulse 3D sounds very great, with a lot of basses, and it utilizes the PS5’s encompass sound blending admirably. Tragically, its pinhole amplifier can’t rival a legitimate blast mic. 

Don’t overthink it. The PULSE 3D Wireless Headset from Sony is an awesome go with. Its plan was specially crafted to coordinate the PlayStation 5, and it even offers a similar shading plan. It isn’t only the shadings that make it the best headset, it’s additionally the amplifier’s commotion dropping, solace, and above all else the 3D sound similarity. This is a major component that Sony has been pushing to upgrade the gaming experience.

The Sony Pulse 3D Design 

The Pulse 3D headset looks particularly Sony, with a highly contrasting plan that praises the PS5. The earcups are round with matte dark plastic, associated with a bending headband that is white outwardly and dark within. The headband includes a springy, cushioned suspension that naturally fits most head sizes, and the fake cowhide covered earpads are pleasantly padded. Nonetheless, we found that the round earpads squeezed my ears apiece; be attentive on the off chance that you have enormous ears. 

All controls and ports are found along the edge of the left earcup, alongside pinhole amplifiers. The force switch, mic quiet catch, volume rocker, visit/game sound rocker, and voice observing switch are thin fastens and switches that sit close by the USB-C charging port and 3.5mm aux port. The controls are small, however, orchestrated to be not difficult to recognize with your fingertips: The volume and sound rockers are isolated by the clicky observing switch, the mic quiet catch underneath the volume rocker stands out a touch more than different controls, and the force switch is securely wrapped upfront of the headset’s ports where you will not coincidentally move it.

Features of the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The large thing that makes the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset stand apart from the rest is the full similarity with Tempest 3D AudioTech. This is the innovation Sony utilizes for object-based 3D encompass sound. It’s fueled by a chip inside the PlayStation 5, and the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset can exploit the spatial preparation without expecting to connect it. This is not the same as the 360 Reality Audio that Sony advances with its earphones, yet the final product is pretty much the equivalent. 

There are likewise controls for changing your amplifier and game levels, and even a devoted catch for observing your voice. This tells you how you sound to your colleagues. Another component of the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset is the clamor dropping receiver framework. It has two receivers for getting your voice and is viable with the PlayStation 4 also. So on the off chance that you don’t yet have a PlayStation 5 yet realize that you’ll, at last, get one, it may in any case merit your opportunity to get this headset. 

The Pulse 3D is intended to work with the PlayStation 5, utilizing the included remote USB transmitter. It’s additionally viable with the PS4, and PCs, and Macs. The 3.5mm port allows you to associate the headset to the PlayStation 4 or any cell phone with an earphone jack. 

The 3D piece of the Pulse 3D’s name doesn’t come from the actual headset, yet from the 3D sound, it’s fit for when associated with a PS5. The headset depends altogether on the associated gadget’s 3D sound handling for any mimicked encompass impact. This isn’t an issue on the PS5, which gives a similar impact to any associated, viable headset. In the event that you utilize the Pulse 3D with a PC, however, it’ll just capacity as a sound system headset and any 3D impact should be added through programming. 

Like the past Sony headsets for the PlayStation 4, the Pulse 3D doesn’t have the blast mouthpiece most gaming headsets use. All things being equal, it depends on pinhole amplifiers situated before the force switch or more the talk/game sound rocker to get your voice. This outcome in ordinary voice execution. 

Test accounts produced using the Pulse 3D outcome in discourse that can be plainly heard with regards to a discussion (or in-game voice talk), yet they sound empty and somewhat inaccessible, as is average for pinhole receivers incorporated into earphone earcups. A blast mic like the ones on the Astro Gaming A20 or Razer Nari Essential (an Editors’ Choice pick for gaming headsets) would have delivered a much cleaner sound. Your voice will come through on the Pulse 3D, however, you shouldn’t depend on it for genuine chronicle or streaming. Obviously, we suggest a committed USB mouthpiece in the event that you plan to truly catch your voice.

Pros and Cons of the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for PS5

Strong sound, with good bass A pinhole microphone doesn’t sound as good as a boom mic
Works with PS5, PS4, PC, and Mac Slightly weak in the higher frequencies
Stylish design Uncomfortable fit for people with large ears



Ghost of Tsushima sounds incredible through the Pulse 3D headset. The game’s frightful soundtrack comes through obviously, and the broad nature sounds are layered and brimming with the surface. The headset gives pleasant directionality its reproduced encompass blending through the PS5, allowing me to hear when my pony is dashing up from behind me to one side or left, and when close by foes are yelling to one another while I send them into a frenzy. 

The Pulse 3D headset is a decent sounding, bass-forward headset that ought to satisfy PS5 clients. It isn’t especially agreeable around the ears, however, and its pinhole receiver lingers behind the blast mics on most different headsets. The Pulse 3D is Sony’s interpretation of a PS5 remote gaming headset. It sports a jazzy plan and fulfilling sound, yet it shuns a quality blast receiver for a pinhole mic. 

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