Sennheiser is known to be one of the leading brands when it comes to Bluetooth wireless headphones. Their headphones always offer crystal clear sound, impressive battery life, and exceptional durability. Seeing that most of them also come with a hefty price tag that can make it difficult buying. Although some people can quickly drop $200 on a pair of wireless headphones, others may want to be a little more frugal with their purchase.

We are going to show you three fabulous wireless Bluetooth headphones from Sennheiser, all at three different prices. That way, you can see which headphone works best for not only your budget but your everyday life as well. Each headphone will have its own special features, but they will also be similar in a lot of ways. For today’s review we are solely focusing on over-ear headphones as well. Take a look.

1. Sennheiser PXC550 Wireless

If you’re a person who is always on the go, then you might want to consider these Sennheiser headphones. The headphones are designed for people on the go, being foldable, and making them easy to store and bring along with you. They have an active noise-canceling feature so you can tune out your surrounding noises and have a triple microphone for excellent sound quality. With the triple microphone, you also get a clear sound when you speak, great for business calls. They offer voice control, so no need to take your phone out of your pocket to use the headphones. Besides voice feature they have intuitive user control and touch controls, so you can simply change tracks with the press of a button.

They have an uncompromising sound with a deep, crisp, and authentic sound, regardless of your volume level. With 30-hour battery life, you don’t need to worry about the headphones dying mid-flight or during an urgent call. A USB cable is included with the headphones that you can only a plugin for an easy charge as well. If your headphones are close to dying, it comes with cables that you can use to plug in and still listen without being interrupted. The headphone is also lightweight and designed for long listening periods. With all these fantastic features, these headphones also come in at the top of our price range, selling for $349.95.

2. Sennheiser RS 160

The Sennheiser RS 160 is a great headphone to look into, especially if you love home entertainment. The headphones are versatile and come with a transmitter for easy home listening. The transmitter is a compact size, so you can easily store it around your television or computer and installs easily. The headphones and transmitter are wireless and have a vast range of 60-feet for audiophile-grade sound. They have a traditional over-ear design with a matte black finish if you’re into style. A standard 3.5mm stereo input mini-jack is included so that you can connect to hi-fi, a computer, or MP3 player easily with the cable.

The headphones do have a smaller battery life than other Sennheiser headphones. These ones offer a 24-hour battery life when fully charged. The battery life can alter depending on the volume you chose to play at. They are comfortable to wear and feel very lightweight. The headphones are adjustable, so they can be made to fit anyone’s head size but beware that after a while, your ears might get a bit toasty in them. No wires can connect to the headphones, so you can’t use them while on planes, and they don’t come with a noise-canceling feature.

The headphones are also equipped with Kleer instead of Bluetooth A2DP. Kleer delivers full-bandwidth, 16-bit, 44kHz, uncompressed, CD-quality sound. They also have two significant drivers included, making the sound quality different then if they had Bluetooth. Sennheiser says the sound has a more in-depth and more accurate bass response, as well as, a crisp and clean sound with high frequencies. Since the Sennheiser RS 160 doesn’t have Bluetooth or the fancy features the PXC550 has, it comes in at a little lower of a price, $199.95.

3. Sennheiser RS 120 II

This lightweight headphone gives you the freedom of moving about without the hassle of wires. They come with a recharging station that is also used as a transmitter base. To use the transmitter plug it in and connect the audio cable to an analog output and you’re ready to go. The transmitter comes with an automatic on/off circuit and it will power off without any issues or buttons. The wireless range is impressive with these headphones as well, promising 328 feet through walls and ceilings, which is a reasonable distance for a wireless headphone.

The sound quality is also excellent, giving you warm and detailed sound with strong bass response. The headphones have an open-aire design, perfect for hi-fidelity audio. There are volume buttons located on the headphones for easy access. They are lightweight so you can wear them for a TV show binge. A unique feature is the replaceable ear pads you can always replace your worn-down pads and still keep your headphones.

The headphones are not noise-canceling but still have a ton of great features with them. For the price of $99.95, these headphones are a low price and a great headphone in general. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, over-ear headphone, these are them.

Those are three of Sennheiser’s over the ear, Bluetooth wireless headphones that are great for your wireless headphone need. All these headphones have similar features but also unique features of there own. The best thing is that each is priced in a different range, perfect for choosing.