Before I start talking about today’s topic BÖHM wireless headphones, let me tell you the story how I ended up buying one of their models.

Last week I was at the airport going on a business trip. And in my haste, I forgot to pack my ‘recreational’ kit, which usually includes my video game, favorite magazines and my wireless headphone. As my flight was delayed by 3 hours, I was jittery and tired and all I craved was for a hamburger and some of my favorite music.

In my desperation, I decided to check out the electronic lounge in the airport for a cheap headphone after biting down on a Subway. As I ventured in, I saw BÖHM wireless headphones on display and decided to test them. The counter had some sample pieces and I tried a few of them. Eventually, I brought the BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones for myself and walked out of the store. My business trip was good and I love these new headphones. As a reminder to my trip and for my viewers who would like to buy decent and affordable wireless headphones, I mention here the wireless headphones from the brand which I liked while I had a test run with them.

So here are my selections:

BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones

BÖHM brings in the most advanced active and passive noise cancelling technology in its B76 headphones. Its Bluetooth 4.0 helps you enjoy music at a distance of 10 meters away from your phone or music device. The wireless headphone features a multifunction button that includes the power, volume and playback controls, Bluetooth indicator, noise cancelling button and indicator in the headset.

Made from premium quality material the B76 BÖHM wireless headphones has a strong construction, soft leather and brushed metal finish giving it a unique and classy appearance. The cushioned earcups have soft pads and an adjustable headband for comfortable positioning. The ear pads are soft and really snug and keeps your ears free from any fatigue while listening to music for long periods. The entire headphone can be folded and placed in a carry case that comes with the package for easy storage while travelling.

Sound quality gives a premium feel with crystal clear vocals and notable bass. The mids feel prominent without any distortion even when the bass is high. The lows are cleverly tweaked to provide a good feel for classical music. Speaking about the battery, the B76 have upto 16 hours of playtime and 8 hours of noise cancelling and can be charged completely in a short period of 2 hours. Connecting to any smartphone is easy by pressing on the MFB and the headphone can be paired easily with your phone. The entire package consists of the headphones, Charging Cable, 3.5mm Aux cable, carrying Case and User Manual with operating notes.

BÖHM B66 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

B66 BÖHM wireless headphones is similar to the headphones from Beats and Bose headphones but less than their price.

The B66 looks completely gorgeous and is of premium built quality with aluminum driver housing, aluminum buttons and protein leather for earcups and headband. However, they are lightweight but at the same time sturdy for daily use. They come with a sturdy zippered case with a Micro-USB cable and an auxiliary stereo patch cable providing a wired option too.

The active noise cancellation feature on the headphones is great as it helps to reduce the noise while travelling in the subway or on a busy street without increasing the volume, which is a really nice feature. The sound quality is superb and the B66 does not disappoint; the bass is distinct and does not come as boomy. It also does not overpower the mids and lows and manages to deliver an all-round sound that is pleasant to hear.

Simply put, these BÖHM wireless headphones are of premium quality that offer immense value for your money and can prove to be a great companion in the long run. Do try them today and experience a good audio with incredible looks.

BÖHM S10 Wireless Earbuds

BÖHM S10 Wireless Earbuds is the smallest wireless in-ear accessory on this list. It is very compact and surprisingly powerful with its incredible sound and distinct bass. The ear tips are soft and fit right into the ear canal. The headphones have a multi-function button on both the ears and take only a few seconds to pair to any Bluetooth device.

The audio quality is great and if it has to be compared with some other brand, then the S10 meets the quality of LG Tone Infinim at its best. For fitness freaks and gym lovers, these earbuds are especially a treat since you would not notice its presence. Even activities like jogging and running can be performed without the fear of them falling out of your ear lobes. The sound quality has a distinctive sound signature with ultra-clear bass and treble in the right proportion without any sound distortion.

The S10 comes with a carrying case and acts a battery backup cradle. The S10 comes with a 2.5 hour battery life and takes 2 hours to charge completely and the cradle offers another four of charge. The earbuds have good microphone and gives a clear audio transmission. You don’t have to worry about yelling since the microphone is away from the mouth as it catches sound even in crowded trains and noisy roads.

Overall, these small earbuds are great way to work out without any interference and worth every penny spent. Compared to the premium and expensive earbuds, wireless headphones, the S10s are cheaper and does work at par with the premium brands too.

There you have it guys, the best from BÖHM. Check them out and order them today. Music is always a personal thing for me; going wireless only enhances the experience. So dive in and choose the best you like from the list.

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