In today’s world, people opt for the latest technology for convenience and agility. For instance, earlier, gyms used to have huge music systems blaring out some music that would suit the work out environment. However, not everyone liked the music that was being played. Then the era of mobile phones and mp3 players with headphone came in, which was later replaced by iPod and android devices.

Today, it is the generation of wireless accessories that has caught the attention of the masses, both for its functionality and aesthetics. However, there are lot of information available and companies just ‘hawk’ their product with inaccurate information online. It is only after testing you realize which one is best suited for you. Here are a few Bluetooth headsets that I have personally tested and recommend for people on the lookout for a good wireless headset with mic.

LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

The LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset is an around-the-neck band Bluetooth in-earheadphone with in-built mic. The sound quality is great with crisp audio with mids/mid-highs that makes conversation without any distortion possible and the mic is good enough to convey clear sound. For music lovers, there is a 3-mode selectable EQ that allows you to choose between “Bass Boost”, “Normal”, and “Treble Boost”. It can be activated by double pressing the play/pause button quickly. These options make it a versatile wireless headphone with a solid range from the mids to the highs giving crisp sound without making it sound boomy. Connectivity with other Bluetooth devices is easy and takes only a few seconds by using the power button and it automatically goes into pairing mode. It has an average distance of about 15-25ft depending on obstructions such as walls or distance from source devices.The LG TONE Pro headset offers voice alerts including“power on/off”, “battery high/low”, “vibrate on/off” and much more. It can also read messages and alerts from social applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

The around the neck headphone has all the buttons and features usually available on an on-ears solution. On the left side there is an on/off switch, answer/disconnect button for calls, volume up/down sliding toggle which also acts as a battery level check or vibration on/off toggle by sliding and holding it for a few seconds in either direction. It also has a micro USB charging port on the left side. On the right side, the play/pause button and a sliding toggle for next/previous track is present. There is also a text/time option available only to Android devices currently and can be operated with an app called “Tone and Talk” from the Google Play store. Additional features such as designated contact, favorites, logs and more can be used by downloading the app.

The lightweight headset is comfortable around the neck and the earbuds dock away into the bottom two sides of the headset and stack into place via magnets. Available in 5 colors to choose from LG Pro Tone is available in black, white, powder blue, gold and red.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

The XB in the beginning of Sony XB950B1 stands for “extra bass,” offer some tremendous low frequency rumble while you play your songs on the headphones.The Bass Effect button boosts the lows considerably and delivers a bass-forward listening experience. The design is quite comfortable and has balance and accuracy with the on-ear design.

Available in black, blue and red models, the headphones is always available in two-tone, brushed metallic texture on the earcups and headband.It has a powerful mic that offers clear transmission of voice to the receiver on the other end.

The outer panels of the over-the-ear earcups swivel flat for compact storage and have memory foam cushioning and leatherette-lined earpads. The padding makes it quite comfortable to listen to audio for long hours and the headband adjustor has detents, allowing you to get a precise, ideal ear-to-ear fit.

There are buttons for Power and Bass Effect on the left earcup’s outer panel as well as a micro USB connection for charging, a 3.5mm jack for the included audio cable, and a pinhole microphone. On the right ear’s outer panel, there are dedicated controls for volume up/down that work in conjunction with any smart device’s master volume levels. It has a multi function button that controls playback and call management and also acts as a rocker-style switch with which you can push forward to skip a track, or back to navigate backward. Please note that this headphone also comes with a 3.5mm jack in which a audio chord can be inserted making it a wired headphone whenever you need.

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones has improved fit design, good sound for a Bluetooth sports headphone, easy operation and a strong battery life of 12 hours because it has the Apple’s W1 chip. The headphones can be paired with both devices running on both Android and iOS. Comparing to its predecessor, Beats has altered the design of the earbud post by lengthening it a bit and altering its angle to improve the fit of the headphones and allows getting a tight seal.

The headphone is equipped with Apple’s new custom Bluetooth chip, the W1 which happens to be the biggest USP of the headphone.Because of the W1 chip, the headphones have a good battery life, easy pairing with smart devices and incredible sound.The in-line remote is handy and useful, and the microphones in both buds are excellent for phone calls. The in-line mic and controls are great for both for phone calls and music. There are magnets on the ends of the earpieces, so the two buds snap together when not in use into your ears.

The new Powerbeats3 have a bigger, more dynamic and accurate sound and is extremely lightweight. The new model is more durable and is a major upgrade over the Powerbeats2 Wireless and the adjustable ear hooks bend to your liking without any problem keeping these headphones on your ears all the time during working out or running.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

The Bose SoundSport Wireless is a very comfortable in-ear wireless Bluetooth sports headphone that fits securely in your ears thanks to winged tips. The earbud slips comfortably into the ear canals and completely seals off any external noise which makes it sound great. They work decently as a wireless headset for making cell-phone calls and also have an auto-off feature to save battery.

The wire of the SoundSport headphone is thin and the right earbud has a single button for pairing and powering them on. The in-line mic and remote can be used for playback controls and the control module has a good construction that keeps the headphone from swinging while running. The mic also offers good sound transmission and is clearly heard by the receiver.

It has a battery life of 6 hours and the sound quality is incredible. The lows are very prominent in this headphone and the mids and highs are average. The sound is better than most fitness headphones stays in ears without any problems. Bluetooth connectivity is easy and the sound clarity outdoors is commendable. All in all, it is a good choice for a wireless audio headphone.

Now when you work out indoors or outdoors, you can choose the music that suits you and enjoy the session with the above wireless headphone