iHome, the brand is well known and happens to be one of the most trusted electronic product manufacturers in the world. They have a huge array of products that include keyboards, mouse, computer ancillaries, wired and iHome wireless headphones from their range of products.

Today, I present a few of their wireless headsets after numerous trials. Many of them had extremely good sound quality and surprised me with their design and modern appeal. Out of the models which I tried, here are a few selected ones that you may find appealing to your style and use.

iHome iB88B Bluetooth Rechargeable Headphones

iB88B Bluetooth Rechargeable iHome wireless headphones is an incredible pair that provides detailed sound with amazing clarity. Available in impressive colors, the on-head headphone is a great wireless accessory for your daily use. It provides upto 18 hours of battery on one single charge and comes with a standard micro USB cable. The audio delivery is dynamic with enhanced bass and provides good sound clarity when it comes to pop songs.

With the voice activation feature, you can access Siri and Google to make phone calls and listen to music. You can also set reminders and play music from iHeart radio, Spotify and other channels too. Bluetooth connectivity is good and you can stream live music as well as listen to mp3 from your device within a range of 33 feet. Overall, this is a great way to enjoy music and be free from wired headphones while traveling.

iHome iB29GC Wireless Bluetooth Metal Earbuds

iHome iB29 is a wireless and noise isolating metal earbuds. They are sleek and minimalistic in design with a brushed metal look. The metal casing extends until the ear cushions attach and have external plastic on the earbud itself. It has a flat cable, roughly 18″ long, for connecting two earbuds by a flexible rubber piece. The earbuds attach to each other magnetically for easier storage and we get great sound and enough bass with incredible clarity. The earbuds have a decent range between highs, mids and lows and is suitable for all kinds of music.

iB29 iHome wireless headphones gives you around 4 hours of battery life with each charge and can easily pair it with your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. Available in grey/black, blue/black, red/black, gold/white, or pink/white, these earphones are perfect for tablets, laptops, cell phones, portable game devices, tablets, MP3 players, etc. With the Noise isolation feature in this earphone, you can be assured hours of clear music for undisturbed listening.

iHome IB73BLC Water-Resistant Bluetooth Sport Clip Earbuds

Sports enthusiast will be very happy to have this earphone in their kitty when they decide to go out in the rain or work out rigorously in the gym. The IB73BLC  iHome wireless headphones is one of the toughest water& sweat-resistant earphones that you could lay your hands one. Just because they are sports headphones doesn’t mean that they lack audio qualities. These small earphones pack in a lot of punch with detailed dynamic sound and have an enhanced bass response.

With Bluetooth 4.0, you can enjoy audio streaming at 30 feet away from your device and still listen to a lag-free voice. It has an in-line microphone remote that allows user to adjust track, play/pause, answer/end calls & control volume. With the detachable ear cushions and rubberized earhooks, these earphones stay in place without any problems with their soft flexible ear clips. Now you can ensure your workout to be full of powerful music and motivation. Also, with the wireless earphones, you can enjoy music without any wires.

IB90v2BRC Bluetooth iHome Wireless Headphones

IB90v2BRC Bluetooth iHome Wireless Headphones gives you rich, detailed sound with enhanced bass response. It is one of the best affordable on-ear headphones available in the market without cables and cords for a genuine wireless experience. With Bluetooth, you can listen to audio from any Bluetooth enabled device from a range of 30 feet away. The accessory is well-built with padded headband and ear cushions that help you listen to music for extended periods of time.

It has a rechargeable battery that provides 10-12 hours of continuous music time and the built-in echo-cancelling mic allows you receive phone calls wirelessly. The remote control on the earcup enables the control of tracks, play/pause, answer/end calls and volume control with ease. The feature of voice prompts guides you in easy Bluetooth pairing also lets you access Siri and Google Voice to make phone calls, listen to music, set reminders, etc. For the people who are keen on having an affordable wireless companion with them for a long time, this device is a great accessory to add to your daily list of usable.

iHome IB72BUC Bluetooth Earbuds

The sporty wireless headphone from iHome is a wireless piece meant for sport enthusiasts. Simple in design, the lightweight earphone has an around the neck design. With sot ear cushions for long hours of listening, the iHome IB72BUC offer excellent noise isolation and concentrated audio delivery. The bas response of this small earbuds is commendable and provides detailed dynamic sound when it comes to music.

With Bluetooth, it is possible to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and listen to music for long hours. The in-line microphone remote allows you to answer calls, control play, pause and tack selection easily. The flexible wear clip proves to be a great support while performing rigorous movements and ensures the earpiece does not fall off from the ears. Now you can go running or jogging outdoors with these earphones without the fear of losing them.

This covers the list for today. Test them out and choose the one that fits for you. Amp up your style and performance with these elegant headphones and bring about a change in the way you listen to music.

Stay tuned for more updates in my further posts. I will be back with more exciting news from other brands soon. Until then, take care and good bye.