I usually like full-cup headphones but those are not suitable for working out in the gym – especially when there are rigorous movements involved. So, I looked for some wireless, lightweight design ad I found some pretty good options with Monster wireless headphones.

Below are some of the best sound Monster wireless headphones that you may want to try for their incredible sound while working out in the gym!

iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Monster Wireless Headphones

Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones has a lightweight construction and the sweatproof design with water-resistant ear clips ensures that these headphones stay in place irrespective of the type of workout and its intensity. The headphones have an excellent sound delivery that is clear, dynamic and packs in a lot of punch and power thanks to the angled tips that are designed to stay in your ear perfectly. And with the Universal ControlTalk hands-free controls, you can take calls or adjust your music with one touch. The Bluetooth on the iSport lets you connect wirelessly to your compatible mobile device up to 30ftso you can listen to music, hear audio in movies as well as make calls.

The iSport Monster wireless headphones gives you 90% of noise isolation allowing you to focus all your attention on your personal goals in the gym. The tangle-resistant cable keeps the complete package in order without grouping in knots here and there and its low-profile fit allows you to wear it with a helmet, goggles, beanies or any other type of headgear.  It has an awesome 5+ hours of battery life and is easily chargeable via the micro-USB connector.

Monster Clarity BT Designer Series High Definition Wireless Headphones

The Monster Clarity BT Designer Series is one of the stylish and better-known headphone on this list. Plus they sound great. The headphones come in three different colors — red, black, and gray and are largely built from a high-grade plastic with solid built and lightweight design. They have touch controls which can be controlled by swipe motion to turn the volume up and  down or to play/pause your music. On the right earcup, you will find the power button.

The complete package has a 3.5mm aux cable and a microUSB charging cable. These headphones are relatively boomy at loud volumes with some noise isolation. When it comes to connectivity, the headphones offer a generally standard Bluetooth connection and I found them to be a pair of street-sounding headphones to listen to music on your daily commute that comes highly recommended by all music lovers.

Monster Elements Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

The Monster Elements Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbud Headphones are a bit flashier with big shiny earpieces in rose gold color. The comfort provided by the memory foam on the cups and soft rubber pad on the headband is generous. Sound isolation is remarkably great and the controls and inputs, including the on-off switch, micro-USB charging port, and connectivity light are easily located on the Elements’ right earpiece. They headphones also include touch-based playback controls that can be tapped or swiped to control volume, take calls or skip songs.

These Monster wireless headphones have impressive battery front with 24 hours of runtime at moderate volume and 20 days of standby time. Bluetooth wireless connection is consistent and quiet with about 50 feet of range even around corners. With Monster Elements Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbud Headphones, each element of the audio is just where it needs to be with sounds of sub-bass and stereo interludes sounding just about right. To conclude, the Monster Elements Wireless Over-Ear are a solid street-styled headphones without blatantly bass-laden sound. The headphones’ easy connectivity and solid battery life are well worth considering with great sound supplemented with excellent controls, easy syncing and multiple source options.

Monster iSport Intensity In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport Intensity In-Ear Headphones are a pair of fancy, hard earbuds molded with removable rubber coverings called OmniTips.  Thanks to the design, the earphones are quite comfortable and come with a few different sizes of “wings” to accommodate different ear shapes for a secure fit.

The Intensity earphones sound incredibly clean or smooth in the gym. They sound decent and measure up to other competitors from the same segment. They are UV-protected and sweatproof suited for aggressive workout. The tangle-resistant flat, linguine-style cord has a sturdy L-shaped plug at its termination point and also features an integrated ControlTalk remote/microphone for users of Apple’s mobile devices. These headphones are comfortable, secure fit, are easy to slip in and out of your ears, and they seem to be fairly durable. The sound quality is decent, particularly in quieter environments with detailed audio, which is surprising on an open-designed sports earphone.

Monster iSport SuperSlim Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The last in the list is the Monster iSport SuperSlim Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones from the iSport series. It is a powerful, bassy sound in a design that’s built to withstand your sweatiest workouts.

The SuperSlimhave tangle-free cord that connects the two earbuds together, sits behind the neck and has an iOS-friendly ControlTalk mic. It can be used for skipping tracks adjusting volume and the larger buds accommodate the built-in battery and the USB charging port. You get six hours of wireless playback with a 50ft range which can be activated by pressing the central button on the remote.

As for sound quality, the detail and finesse of the headphone’s treble and mid are great. Moreover, it has a washable and a secure design at an affordable price.

Best suited for gym goers and people who like to sweat it out a lot, Monster offers a good quality product in the above models. They are handpicked after rigorous testing and I found their performance to be satisfactory for day-to-day use. I will be back with more on products from other brands. Until then stay tuned for my updates. Ciao.