Top Stylish Wireless Headphones in 2020


Headphones are a travel necessity, and a travel companion too with the perfect pair. Any outfit can be cooler with a sleek and trendy style while keeping you entertained with high quality sound. These headphones combine convenience, strength, and an immersive experience with an old-fashioned, over-the-ear variety. They, too, can be very trendy when built well. If the headphones sound good and they are comfortable, they run the controls well, designed with a beautiful design, you are in the right place, from the quality craftsmanship to sleek versatility. 

With the numerous styles, features, and feedback, you’ll be overwhelmed. If you are a new student entering university, a successful executive going back to work from a long holiday, or a recent graduate trying to enter the workforce, we have pairs of headphones that certainly suit your style and budget. Your day can be made or ruined by the right pair of wireless headphones. The problem is there’s a lot to choose from and that’s why we’ve been carefully trying new and old styles and trying to clarify what pair you may be interested in. To see what we might learn about current technology requirements, we sifted through the guidelines and best headphone reviews; we looked through their choices to gather data about comfort, sound quality, and more. 

When we had an idea of the best choices from established brands, we searched for up-and-coming brands across the online marketplace, just to see if there was something new and exciting on the horizon. We had a clear understanding of the best options on the market after that. The list has it all from modern stylish headphones to vintage ones. You can find an option to have the advantage of top-tier audio output, no matter what you need. We’ve got you covered, from the best headphones for listening to music to the best wireless noise-canceling headphones.

Beoplay H8

On the market, there are few headphones that sound as well-crafted or as luxurious as the Beoplay H8. The use of materials is what gives the premium feel to it and either metal or leather is everywhere you look. They somehow don’t feel bulky or bulky in spite of this. With that comfortable leather that is equally soft and absorbent, the contact points with your head are all flowing with luxury. The cost of the B&O H8 is steep, costing $500, but then it is a premium product in the hand and more luxurious than the options of Bose or Sony. For what we want in a pair of portable wireless headphones, the Beoplay H8 ticks too many boxes. 

Features of the Beoplay H8

It’s well made, on the head it feels fantastic and works well with respect to sound. A wireless Bluetooth headphone that also features noise canceling is the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8. The H8 is beautifully built with a durable metal and leather headband and soft sheepskin earcups that are fitted with memory foam, as you would expect from a B&O product. It is reasonably lightweight, 255 grams in weight, looks nice on your head, and is comfortable for an on-ear model as well.

Another notable feature of the headphones is the rechargeable battery, which is rated for an ample 14 hours of Bluetooth music playback, and if you switch off Bluetooth, the battery life significantly increases as you can get up to 35 hours in wired mode with noise cancellation.

A touch interface is the outside of the correct cup, with simple motion controls for answering calls, adjusting volume, and changing songs. The touch controls work well and the B&O H8 is a beautiful pair of headphones that sound very very good and look amazing.

A roundabout metal plate on every ear cup fits the excellent plan brief perfectly, with the correct one pressing an earphone jack for wired use, a miniature USB space for charging, and a flip switch for on/off/Bluetooth matching. 

Oblivious to the eye are contact touchy playback controls as well: run your finger in a roundabout movement to change the volume; swipe left/option to change tracks; swipe up/down to turn the commotion dropping on/off, and tap once to play/stop a melody. A clarified sticker stimulates the expectation to absorb information, and once remembered activities become natural. Tasks are instinctive and quick, and we are never made to rehash ourselves. 

The controls are repetitive during wired use, in spite of the fact that commotion dropping is still acceptable – and for as long as 35 hours on a solitary charge. An entire three-hour charge ought to get you 14 hours of playback with Bluetooth and clamor dropping enacted, or 16 hours utilizing Bluetooth alone. 

Over to one side ear cup and you’ll see a compartment for the battery-powered battery, which is helpfully replaceable (£34 is by all accounts the going on the web rate). Having an extra could see the finish of your end of the week outdoors hardships, keeping you listening twice as long when you’re away from an electrical plug. You positively won’t need the H8s blending with the scraps at the lower part of your pack or being caught in your sweat-soaked exercise center unit, so we’d exploit the provided delicate drawstring sack.

B&O can be hit-and-miss with regards to getting you enough solid for your pound, however, we’re glad to report this time it’s a hit. 

Putting their mouth where their cash is, the H8s are clear, adjusted, and full-bodied with not a trace of murmur to part with their ‘wirelessness’. From detail to elements, it’s a decent all-around execution and one we appreciate shaving ceaselessly an evening in the workplace with. It just takes one play of Mercury Rev’s Holes to acknowledge how amazingly strong and nitty-gritty mids are. Each vocal murmur is imparted, while raspy woodwinds, crying melodic saws, and taking off trumpets are washed in lucidity and surface. 

They hand fair planning and elements to the venturing console musicality as well, and keeping in mind that the H8s can’t layer the opening ethereal coordination just as the more straightforward Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wirelesses, nor figure out how to sound very as firm or exact, there is a liberal knowledge to appreciate. 

The high pitch doesn’t allow the side to down, with shakers and cymbal strikes gnawing and characterized. It’s bass that demonstrates their shaky area: however certainly profound, it’s a little on the tubby side in examination with the Sennheisers and B&W P5 Wirelesses, not exactly as tight or punchy as we’d like. Tuning in through the wire brings a bit of refinement and exactness yet honestly, there’s very little in it, which in the event that anything is a good representative for its string cutting execution. 

Noise-canceling is so viable (it took care of the work hushing diving planes and office chatter) we end up going after it on virtually every event. Be that as it may, the ear cups give a sufficient seal to keep outside commotion to a base for general use in calm spots.

Pros and Cons of the Beoplay H8

Effective noise-canceling Bass a little fat
Balanced, full-bodied listen Slight thud when walking
Good dynamics and detail


Audeze LCD-XC

Among the first full-size planar magnetic headphones fitted for reference portable personal listening is the beautiful Audeze LCD-XC. The closed-back LCD-XC is worth your consideration if you are in the market for a high-end headphone that will function as both an audiophile experience and a brilliant studio headphone. You would expect these to be virtually indestructible and designed like a Ferrari for approximately two grands, which I can confidently say they are. The polished outer maple and leather earcups just scream luxury and elevated style. As a result of metal and wood construction, they are heavier than others (720 grams). 

Features of the Audeze LCD-XC 

Not only do they sound great, but they also look the part, suitable for any finely designed studio or home listening lounge setup. A high-quality, well-sealing, closed-back headphone provides you with nearly 100% uninterrupted music space. It’s like stepping into a world-class opera house with a noise level close to zero. Since the noise level is close to zero, even the most subtle sound waves produced from the instrument can be heard. The Audeze LCD-XC is not inexpensive, it’s a team tested headphone with a price tag of a referral system. With a hefty price of $1799, the XC can be bought, but for a reason it is pricey. The LCD-XCs, as you might imagine, is extremely well built. They exude comfort in a way most headphones don’t, from the butter-soft leather to the beautiful wood earcups. 

For approximately two thousand, you would expect these to be impenetrable and constructed like a Ferrari, which I can certainly say they are. The cleaned maple outside and cowhide earcups simply shout extravagance and high plan. They are heavier than most (720 grams) due to the metal and wood development, yet the headband assists with reducing the bigness somewhat, yet don’t think you will be going with these, in any event, not something we would suggest. 

Numerous makers and in-your-face audiophiles will just utilize open-back earphones, regularly with low impedance levels, which require an amp to make them go. The huge potential gain for the shut back LCD-XC is that in the event that you need to utilize it for easygoing tuning in, you can do that with no irritating encompassing clamor spilling in. These earphones strike a balance well overall and work for both studio and individual tuning in with an amazing point of interest. So in the event that you are searching for something somewhat more adaptable, particularly at quite an exorbitant cost point, you should be content with these. 

In the event that you appreciate profound rich bass, at that point, we are beginning on the correct foot in light of the fact that the LCD-XC conveys enormous here. This isn’t dopey over tuned bass, this is the smooth, rich kind that just feels right. It nearly sneaks up on you if that bodes well. The mids and highs are additionally lively and fresh and truly sparkle when you are tuning in to complex electronic music like Autechre, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, and much more surrounding stuff like Brian Eno’s Music for Airports. 

While dealing with tracks, and attempting to get the mixdown smooth and adjusted, the XC conveys those fundamental unpretentious subtleties. With organizations that have a great deal of adjustment, tests, and live instruments, this makes the cycle a ton simpler, so we were very content with the studio. 

This is a pretty thick subject, so I’ll leave the unpredictable subtleties to the specialists and simply limit my response to the fundamentals! The short form is that our planar attractive drivers include zero discernible twistings up to 130dB, and have a very quick transient reaction, which permits them to create profoundly exact consistent with live sound. This all begins to bode well when you take a gander at the physical and mechanical contrasts between planar drivers and dynamic cone drivers. 

Rather than a weighty and bulky cone being moved from a voice curl appended at the main issue, our planar stomachs are more slender than a human hair and have the voice loop carved onto the surface. Since they weigh not exactly the air they dislodge, and in light of the fact that the voice loop is spread equally across the whole surface, we’re ready to accomplish more uniform stomach development instead of a cone stomach which has a great deal of uninvolved huge that is hard to move consistently, altogether decreasing bending and all the more steadfastly duplicating the sound sign.

Pros and Cons of the Audeze LCD-XC

High-Resolution Sound Q Slightly bright and Slightly clinical
Wide Spacious Sound Heavy

Parrot Zik 3

The Parrot Zik 3.0 are good headphones with a stylish and well-engineered design and quality for most purposes. They sound good and look top-notch. Parrot’s Zik 3 Wireless Headphones are masterfully designed by renowned French designer Philippe Starck. Parrotlets artists integrate their imagination with innovation. Not only are those headphones fashionably-made. Their advanced features transform your world into a whole new dimension of music. With these adaptive headphones by Parrot, be either immersive with your tunes or remain linked to the world. The Bluetooth headphone Parrot Zik 3 has a slick, eye-catching interface and excellent build quality, plus a variety of features, including wireless audio streaming, powerful noise cancellation, and right earpiece touch-sensitive controls. The sound is also very good for Bluetooth, the battery is replaceable, and an optional Qi accessory can be used to charge the headphone wirelessly.

 This latest model, which also features active noise cancellation, is definitely the most high-tech headphone you can get for $400, packed with features. The new colors and textures, including “Croco” and “overstretched” effects, are the main improvements on the outside. Also, in an attempt to enhance comfort, the headband has been widened for those of you with big heads. And while it’s not as comfortable as its contemporaries, it’s still a comfortable headphone, and it’s lighter than the original Zik at 9.5 ounces or 270g. On the ear cups and on the headband, the soft leather lining is still made of a metal that is both durable and flexible enough to slip over your head comfortably. They also offer a sweet, exciting sound with the Parrot app that is customizable.

Features of the Parrot Zik 3

At the point when the 2.0’s were delivered, it was anything but difficult to see that they were a move up to the firsts. With regards to these 3.0’s that is not the situation. Indeed, on the off chance that you own the two sets, we wouldn’t reprimand you for going after some unacceptable one preceding your take off from the house. They are fundamentally indistinguishable in plan with a delicate calfskin cushioning on the ear cups and on the headband, which is as yet made of a metal that is both sturdy and adaptable enough to handily fit over your head. 

The possible issue I had was when attempting to change the earphones as you need to give them somewhat more power than I’m utilized to get the correct fit. One other issue is the point at which you’re changing the earphones the music will in general interrupt on the grounds that the Zik’s can detect when they’ve been eliminated from your ears and stop playback naturally. It’s useful when attempting to converse with somebody yet it’s excessively touchy and I ended up asking why playback arbitrarily halted excessively frequently. 

The correct ear cup has a touch-touchy interface, so with a couple of light signals like tapping and swiping you can control volume and even skip tracks. It took around 5 minutes to get the signals down however from that point forward, it was going great. On the lower part of the correct ear cup is additionally the force button, 3.5mm information, and miniature USB input. The earphones don’t actually skim on your ears, however, they are agreeable. The battery really kicked the bucket before my ears got awkward (more on that later). I didn’t generally encounter any issues in solace while wearing them, likely in light of how slender they are for a couple of over-ear earphones. 

This is truly where the Zik 3.0 beat their archetypes, with Bluetooth 3.0 and the capacity to interface through 3.5mm to your gadgets or USB to your PC. The Bluetooth association is solid and following a couple of long stretches of testing, I just noted it skipping once. The swipe controls additionally work impeccably, the lone thing that requirements becoming accustomed to is the manner by which frequently you will incidentally stop it by tapping the side of the earphones. 

Minor equipment redesigns aside, the genuine superstar is as yet the going with the application. It allows you to change various things going from how solid the dynamic clamor dropping is to EQ settings. The EQ settings are entirely useful however the ANC change, not really. At the point when you transform it right down, it goes into “road mode” which allows you to hear what’s happening around you, however, when you take out your telephone, discover the application, and turn it down, it’s simpler and speedier to simply remove the earphones.

All things considered, changing the EQ and sparing your own presets merits the free download since you can make the earphones sound essential more however you would prefer. The underlying amplifier was additionally shockingly acceptable and individuals couldn’t advise that I was conversing with them from a couple of earphones. 

Battery life is somewhat in a way that is better than the Zik 2.0’s, yet just barely. We had the option to get about 7.5 long stretches of playback with both Bluetooth and ANC turned on. On the off chance that you truly need beyond what you can generally get an extra battery since it’s removable, or use them in standalone mode. In the event that you wire them to a gadget and just use ANC without Bluetooth Parrot claims it can last you around 18 hours, which is ideal for long flights. You can likewise accuse these remotely of any Qi remote charger you could conceivably have to lie around. 

The Parrot 3.0’s is fundamentally the same as the past variants so in case you’re searching for a major update in sound quality you will be frustrated. We did most of our testing remotely with ANC on max, yet there was additionally some wired testing tossed in since you can connect them through USB to a PC.

Pros and Cons of the Parrot Zik 

Design Price
Sound Quality Battery Life
Intuitive controls Smart controls too sensitive

No products found.

Grado GS2000e

The GS2000e doesn’t look like any other headphones on the market. The blended mahogany and maple wood-style brings the vitality of nature to its customers. As these headphones have got the theme, bedazzled with just one look. Part of this amazing reaction is down to how the Grado is built. The wood is not only decorative in the GS2000e. More precisely, two distinct kinds of wood are in use. Grado incorporates the maple for a lighter sound by mixing mahogany and maple together while utilizing the mahogany to keep the tone precise. It utilizes design concepts that are slightly different from any other open headphones at the same price. Grado thinks they can build an enclosure that is stiffer than almost anything and more inert. The headband is also extremely simplistic in its construction, but it does a decent job of correctly distributing the headphone’s weight.

Features of the Grado GS2000e

They first put great focus on the headband, which is literally softly resting on the ears as the key point of contact with the head and the enclosures. The other is that the enclosures are the point of touch and are clearly held relative to each other by the headband. With outstanding tonal balance across the maximum frequency spectrum, the sound is very transparent. With a very good depth and isolation, the sound stage is very open and wide. Within that sound space, the various instruments and sounds are well-positioned, defined, and easily identified and offer a pleasant three-dimensional effect. The sound is also very complex. It was a sound and presentation that was very addictive and fit well with any type of music we tried. With the Grado Statement Series GS2000e Mahogany and Maple Wood Headphones, the blend of nature and technology will place you in a melodic reverie.

The Grado GS1000 arrangement has the essentially been ruler of the earphone slope, refered to by one analyst as “The best power to-sound transducer on the planet”. Grado might have halted in that general area however this month they discharge the GS2000e, hoping to put considerably more space among themselves and the opposition. 

Wooden earphones and phono cartridges are murdering it in the computerized age. Grado Labs of Brooklyn creates the best on earth, yet they are additionally prominent for what they don’t deliver publicity. We got a couple of their new GS2000e earphones with minimal in excess of a short portrayal and a few specs. 

Grado Labs is a little family-run organization established during the 1950s by sound lobby of-Famer Joseph Grado. The organization is currently headed by Joe’s nephew John, with a help from sibling Rich, and participated lately by his child Jonathan. With several small bunches of representatives concealed behind a signless spray painting loaded entryway in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park these displaced people from the simple age play David to the Goliaths of the sound business. 

The GS2000e are to some degree likened to instruments. Tone-woods are called such in light of the fact that various assortments of wood reverberate with their own characters. Maple is known for its incredibly brilliant, exact tones with tight lows. Mahogany’s tone is warm and offset with a decent nibble. These two sorts of wood are oftentimes utilized together in guitars to exploit the best apparent properties of the two sorts of wood. 

Grado is doing precisely that by imparting a super spotless sign into a 50mm driver to resound in a deliberately made tonewood space. Maple is utilized for the inward chamber, close to the driver, and Mahogany frames the bigger external chamber which makes a ‘listening room’ around your ears. An extended recurrence scope of 4-51,000 Hz is conveyed through 12 transmitter super unadulterated copper link and gold plated connectors.

Pros and Cons of the Grado GS2000e 

Sound quality  Limited accessories
Ease of Drive


Final Verdict on the Top Stylish Wireless Headphones

Whenever we purchase headphones, we prioritize audio performance the most. But these headphones have you covered in both performance and design. They might not be the absolute best when it comes to audio but these are the best looking and the coolest headphones available in the market. If you want to stand out in a crowd and also get the full experience of your favorite song that you are listening to, it would be a wise choice to buy one of these beauties.

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