When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Headphones? 101 Guide For Headphones Cleanness


Sit back for a moment and think about the last time you took a second to clean your wireless headphones properly. Can you remember doing it? If you did it, was the right cleaners used? Cleaning your headphones is essential for numerous reasons. One clean headphone help protects you for germs and keeps your ears from getting infected. Two, proper cleaning will help your headphones last longer.

Did you know that earbuds can have 119,186 colony-forming units (bacteria) found on them? That’s just plain gross, and it’s more bacteria then what is located on a kitchen cutting board. If you are strictly again sharing headphones, do yourself a favor and keep yours clean just for you.

So where do we go from here? What needs to be done to ensure your headphones are properly clean and sanitary for their next use? We are going to break down the easiest, safest, and best ways to clean your wireless headphones. Read on to learn how you can adequately clean your headphones fast and efficiently.

Wipe them down

The best bet to keep your headphones clean and sanitary is to wipe them down after every use. You can take a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe the whole earbud or headphone down. Rubbing alcohol can be found usually in the first aid section at any grocery store, and sometimes they come in single-use wipes.

Get Detail Orientated

A simple little wipe might seem easy and straightforward to do, but you don’t want to miss specific parts of your headphones. Make sure to focus on the holes on your headphones too. If there is ear wax build-up, grab a toothpick to help clean it out. You can even use a Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol to carefully swap each hole to ensure it is clean and sanitized.

How Long Until I can Wear Them

To keep your ears safe, make sure your headphones and buds are completely dry before wearing them again. You also don’t want to store them if they are in the process of drying. Alcohol tends to dry quickly, so you won’t have to wait a long time for them, but keep an eye on them until they’re ready to be used again. The best time to clean your headphones is right after you’re done using them. This allows them to dry as you go about your day.

Keeping Your Headphones Protected

When cleaning your headphones, you want to make sure they’re not doused in alcohol. Keep the alcohol to a minimum, and don’t soak the headphones. Instead, gently wipe away any one surface of the headphones. Soaking them in the alcohol could lead to damaged headphones, especially if they’re not waterproof.

Deep Cleaning

Now let’s say you want to clean those headphones. A deep clean is a great option. You can remove the ear tips or the ear pads and get those suckers cleaner than ever. You can still use rubbing alcohol to ear these areas of your headphones; you’re just able to get a better clean since they’re not connected to your headphones. Once again, let them completely dry before securing them back onto your headphones. 

These are just quick and easy tips so you can ensure that your headphones are clean and safe to use. Taking the time out of your day to clean your headphones will only take a few moments and benefit you greatly. Now, go grab your headphones and start cleaning.


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