As the countdown to the biggest sale of the year has begun, there is a sales frenzy everywhere – both in online and offline brick and mortar stores. Arguably the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is the best time to get your hands dirty with some amazing deals as online retailers compete with each other to get you your most desired product. So I wanted you to check best list of wireless headphones Black Friday Sale.

So, here is the best list of Wireless headphones for this Black Friday!

  1. HiFi Elite Super 66 Best Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & Microphone

The Super 66 looks pretty substantial, with a brushed-metal band that can be folded for easier storage and heavily cushioned earcups. I could really vouch that the earcups are definitely among the most comfortable I’ve ever worn or seen. The HiFi Elite Super 66 is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune for great sound quality. The headphones sound superb, with rich and detailed tones with no distortion. The volume up-down buttons, although oversized, are blissfully easy to operate.

The design is futuristic with a combination coupled with brushed aluminum finish, which definitely speaks about the aesthetic sensibilities of the makers. The headphones are also lightweight and portable, and the generous amount of memory foam on the ear cups makes long hours of music rather easy on the ears. The right earcup has a total of five buttons which are used for phone calls and music playback control. You can also plug in any 3.5mm audio cable and turn these headphones into a wired masterpiece. This monster is available at discounted rate in wireless headphones Black Friday Sale. Check the amazon link we provided.

  1. Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

These supra-aural headphones with a fun yet futuristic design are like this party you are wearing all the time. And to top it all, you can also share your music with a friend with the help of the dual analog ports. The musical experience is immersive, and if you like bass, these DNA headphones will bowl you over.

The ear plates sport a triangular shape that will easily grab your eyes from other headphones on the market. The shape is highlighted by a trinity of triangles. There is a 3.5mm audio port is placed discreetly at the bottom of each ear plate, for those times when you want to save on the power and switch it to a wired headphone. Although made from plastic, the Monster DNA headphones don’t look cheap or sleazy, and they have managed that really well. As far as the sound quality is concerned, there are no annoying creaking sounds or unwanted resonance. A pair of large hinges lets you fold these easily and keep it in the included soft carrying pouch. You can check the latest price in the link we have given for wireless headphones Black Friday Sale.

  1. AUSDOM M07 Foldable On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

The Ausdom M07 is a dream-come-true for all the workout fanatics out there. Excellent sound quality, a punchy bass and super-comfortable and easy control buttons are some of the coolest features of these wireless headphones. Available in three colours – green, blue and black, these headphones are made entirely of plastic, but are quite stylish at the same time. They are foldable and the hinge is reinforced with metal parts, making it quite durable.

The control buttons placed on the left side  allows  you to play and pause your music, skip tracks, turn the headphones on and off, and adjust the volume quite seamlessly once you get used to them. There’s also a special button which can be configured to take selfies using your smartphone. But that’s entirely your choice, as the button can be configured to do something else. The overall sound reproduction is clear and detailed, and the earpads isolate a decent amount of ambient noise.

  1. iDoo Bluetooth 4.0 Wired / Wireless Headphones with Built-in Microphone

The iDoo wireless/wired headphones give you a good value for money, with a Bluetooth 4.0, good quality hardware and 100% stress-free wireless music experience. The headphones can be used both as a wireless and with a 3.5mm audio jack. You will get a standby time of 250 hours and up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music. The special speakers emits a high fidelity sound, and the advanced microphone system lets you take your calls even with a noisy ambient noise quite efficiently. This is why I have picked this one as one of the best of wireless headphones Black Friday Sale.

With a carbon fibre stylish design, the headphones gives a full range of audio spectrum for deep bass, all the way to crystal clear high frequencies. Custom t supra-aural soft earmuffs, and their artificial protein leather feels rather comfortable to the skin, giving you comfort for long hours of music. The ear cups can be rotated for easy storage.

  1. Canbor Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 Wireless Earbuds with Mic

The Canbor Bluetooth wireless ear buds have a built-in microphone and offer a great noise cancellation, perfect sound isolation and a unique sound control structure. The ear buds emits premium sound with Hi-Fi stereo sound quality bass and a crystal clear treble.

Equipped with the most recent Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and apt-X support, these hands free earbuds are easy to use. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge these and then can be used for about 8 hours. Bluetooth signal is powerful with up to 33 feet operation distance. With features such as a voice prompt notification for incoming calls and phone numbers, you will never miss a call again with these. The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds can be used with all Bluetooth devices, and compatible with most iOS and Android smartphone – including iPhones, iPad, Tablets, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and Other smartphones, Bluetooth adapters and MP3 players. No wonder why this got a place in my best list of wireless headphones Black Friday Sale.

So these are the best I have picked for wireless headphones Black Friday Sale. As your one-stop shop for the latest on wireless headphones, be sure to check back for some more trending updates on these little wonders.